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Scott Pruitt meets Congress

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Posted on April 25 2018


Trump’s Thursday Pruitt watch...

Edward Scott Pruitt, EPA

House Commerce & Energy Committee Hearing

April 26, 2018 Hearing 10AM


Exhibit A Pruitt’s signed & submitted his Truth in Testimony form. 

Exhibit B - Sec Pruitt’s 7 page written testimony.

I am going to rip Pruitt’s written Congressional testimony to shreds, because...1) liars willfully misleading Congress & the Public, not okay. 2) the EPA impacts ALL of us, from the air we breath to the water we bathe and drink 3) Pruitt is, in my opinion an Environmental neophyte and a proven ethically bankrupt individual who has repeatedly misappropriated millions of tax payer funds, colloquially known as stealing...


Page 1 & 2 proposed FY 2019 budget.

Pruitt estoles his Strategic Plan, litterally Published in February 2018, link here.


First Goal:

”Deliver real results to provide Americans with clean air, land, and water, and ensure chemical safety.‘


Counter Argument

Sec Pruitt’s 1st Goal:

he broke the law, again


Judge found Pruitt broke the law. Link to the Judge’s Order & Opinion, here.


Second Goal: “Rebalance the power between Washington and the states to create tangible environmental results for the American people.


Below are numerous blog entries, where I discussed the GAO determined Sec Pruitt violated two laws regarding his privacy booth, his misappropriation of Tax payer funds, his unlawful acts...

🚨Pruitt’s false “death threats” FOIA records say no death threats, here

🚨Pruitt gets the Spicy Mic exam, literally a running list of his offenses, here

🚨the GAO finds Pruitt violated two federal laws. Privacy booth, here


Third Goal:

 “Administer the law, as Congress intended, to refocus the Agency on its statutory obligations under the law.”... refocusing on the Rule of Law and Process, the Agency will enhance compliance with the law, create greater consistency and certainty for the regulated community, prioritize robust science, streamline and modernize the Agency, and improve efficiency and effectiveness...EPA’s highest priorities with federal funding for core work in air and water quality, contaminated land cleanups, ensuring the safety of chemicals in the marketplace, and compliance with the law.”


🚨if a member of the Commerce Energy Committee could ask Sec Pruitt about his #2 assigned to EPA SuperFunds sights, Albert “Kel” Kelly about these FDIC consent decrees...I would be ever so grateful.

👇🏻 bloop👇🏻


Twitter thread - Sec Pruitt’s 2nd Kel Kelly archive, here



🚨sidebar🚨 Instead of me reposting the dozens and I literally mean dozens of lawsuits filed against Sec Pruitt, of which I can not find one where a federal judge sided with Pruit or the EPA, you should read this incredible report by American Progress

Link here


Administrator of EPA my top priorities include:

  • infrastructure improvements to our Nation’s drinking water and wastewater systems;
  • accelerating the remediation and revitalization of the most contaminated land in our communities; improving air quality through significant reductions in the number of areas not in attainment with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS);
  • and meeting all the statutory deadlines outlined in the amended Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). In my testimony, I will highlight how the budget directly supports these top priorities.  ‘Improving America’s Air Quality  ‘By funding air quality work at $410 million..”


Pages 3-4 Clean Water & Air & NEW User Fees

Pruitt proposes a NEW user fee for the immensely popular Energy Star program. Which means more than likely, you and I will pay more for appliances, #thankstrump.

“fee-fund the ENERGY STAR program by establishing user fees for entities that participate in the program. ENERGY STAR”

“2019 budget includes $2.3 billion to capitalize the State Revolving Funds...SRFs equivalent to the FY 2017” 👈🏻 Pruitt is touting the new budget, yet he’s predicting the SRF’s budget funding on Fiscal Year 2017 (budget adopted in 2016). 

“2019 budget also includes $20 million for the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) program to address water infrastructure needs. The $20 million provided for WIFIA could provide up to $2 billion in credit assistance, which, when combined with other funding resources, could spur up to an estimated $4 billion in total infrastructure investment.” 👈🏻  Is this Trump University Math? Clearly Pruitt appears to offer zero proof to support his assertions as it relates to water infrastructure projects. Oddly nothing in Pruitt’s testimony offers insight on safe water, especially for Flint Michigan, nor does he address the relaxed regulations on fracking or how those cocktails seep into the ground water table.



Pages 5-6, READ’s important

“Ensuring the safety of chemicals used in commerce and sold in the marketplace is a top priority. Resources are needed to support efforts to minimize Americans’ exposure to pesticides, help maintain a healthy food supply, and address public health concerns.”

FY 2019, $59 million is requested for the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Risk Review and Reduction Program to support the Agency’s significant ongoing and new responsibilities for ensuring that new and existing chemicals in commerce do not present unreasonable risks to human health or the environment.

The Act authorized a new TSCA Service Fee “to help provide funding for EPA to carry out its new responsibilities. The Agency recently released a proposed TSCA User Fee rule and anticipates collecting fees in FY 2019...The new fee will help defray cost of carrying out new sections of the law and better support pre-manufacture notice reviews.”

‘Federal environmental laws have been essential to the growth of American prosperity and improvements to public health and environmental quality. EPA remains focused on assisting the regulated community in attaining and maintaining compliance with our Nation’s environmental laws and, where necessary, punishing bad actors who shirk those laws.



🚨 if any members of the House Energy and Commerce Committe would be ever so kind, to asked Sec Pruitt the following questions about enforcement:


  1. how many civil or criminal enforcement hearings have you had?
  2. how many meetings with executives or lobbyists representing Dow Chemical, ExxonMobile, Pebble Mine, Smithfield have you had?
  3. how many EPA enforcements officers are currently employed?
  4. of those officers how many are assigned to your protective detail?


Page 7, Pruitt & Budget:

“As careful stewards of taxpayer resources, we will examine our programs for those that are unnecessary, redundant, or that have served their purpose and accomplished their mission or are outside EPA’s statutory mandates. The FY 2019 President’s Budget identifies and eliminates programs to save taxpayers approximately $620 million relative to the FY 2018 enacted budget.”

“With this budget, we are committed to fulfilling our mission of protecting public health and the environment. With support from our state and local partners, and by working with each of you and your colleagues in Congress, we can make a real difference for communities across America.”

Secretary Pruitt does know, lying to Congress is bad, like super bad, right? 

Secretary Pruitt needs to RESIGN, like yesterday 


See various watchdog and media reports concerning Sec Pruitt and pesticides:

EPA Chief Scraps Scheduled Ban of Pesticide That Harms Kids’ Brains Article here 

Pruitt canceled the Chlorpyrifos Ban, here 

Last month 28 senators sent an urgent letter to Sec Pruitt questioning his reversal of pesticides Ban. He never responded to lawmakers letter.

Link here 


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