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Posted on July 02 2018


Dear E. Scott Lloyd,


What happened  in your childhood that made you grow up to be such a callous, calculating  and heinously cruel man? No really did you not get enough Mommy and Me Cuddle Time? Did your Mommy not show you what unconditional love is?Or how to be compassionate and empathetic Catholic? Did your daddy berate you everyday and now as an adult you have this insatiable need to prove to your Daddy what a tough and awful human being can be?  

As a fellow Catholic, I guess you could say, I am you keeper and I can tell you unequivocally your actions offend me. Scripture says and God commands us as Catholics to treat the poor with love and compassion. To welcome them in to our Hearts and Home. Yet at every opportunity your actions run counter to Catholic Values. It’s offensive. 

Leviticus 19:34:

“You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.”


On June 13, 2017 Pope Frances said:

“God created the heavens and the earth for all; yet sadly some have erected barriers, walls and fences, betraying the original gift meant for all humanity, with none excluded,"


The Pontiff went on to say;

“If you want to honor the body of Christ, do not scorn it when it is naked; do not honor the eucharistic Christ with silk vestments and then, leaving the church, neglect the other Christ suffering from cold and nakedness."

“Poverty has the face of women, men and children exploited by base interests, crushed by the machinations of power and money,"

"What a bitter and endless list we would have to compile were we to add the poverty born of social injustice, moral degeneration, the greed of a chosen few and generalized indifference."


Maybe you should take a moment and read the Pontiff’s Word of the Day, here is the Vatican link to his homily.


Our Pope, Pope Francis has unequivocally stated his objections to the Trump Administration Immigration Policy, the same policy that placed thousands of unaccompanied minors in the care of ORR.



There has to be something that occurred in your childhood that could, perhap some how rationalize the cruelty in which you treat these unaccompanied minors are your play toys. Where you demand weekly reports and you alone decreed that you need to personally sign off on each unaccompanied minor, specifically girls like teenage girls. It’s just super creepy and weird. Especially in the context of what I know about you.

Up until now, I have watched every decision you have made, in utter abject horror. You have violated numerous Federal laws, stomped on our Constitution all of which  creates an inhospitable environment for the VERY same children that you are supposed to advocate for.

Furthermore I have watched your Congressional Testimony, you do know: “thou shall not lie” is one of the Ten Commandments, right? And lying to Congress is actually a very big deal. I’ve watched you thumb your nose at women and under aged unaccompanied minors, specifically teenage girls. No really show me on this doll where you were hurt because it’s time to drop:



Edward Scott Lloyd dossier...

 For example did you know E. Scott Lloyd is listed in the Republican National Lawyers Association?

Say hiya to Member No 5582. FTR this entry is at least 5 years out of date, given he now has six children and no longer lives in Vienna, VA, RNLA member info, found here.


See the Red Box above? Let’s go ahead and drill down on that:

LegalWorks Apostolate, PLLC

VA SCC ID: S3217645 status: delinquent 

Office: 4 Family Life Lane Front Royal, VA 22630

Phone: (540) 622 8070
Fax: (540) 622 2247
Web Site:

The -interesting- thing about LegalWorks Apostolate, PLLC is: business enitity and pursuant to Virginia Law, a business shall register with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and subject to registration dictated by local (County and/or City) registration as well. They haven’t paid their annual VA SCC licensing fee since February of 2016, here you can see for yourself via this VA SCC link, found here.


I suppose you could say, well LegalWorks Apostolate, PLLC isn’t an active business. Yet I can quickly disprove that “false narrative”, this “law firm” is clearly operational...


    • Step 1 Call LegalWorks  Phone: (540) 622 8070✔️
    • Step 2 Run a Lexis Nexis Search✔️
    • Step 3 Run a secondary VASCC query✔️ 
    • Step 4, Wash. Rinse and Repeat until your computer screams...

PolicyWorks Forum

: 07212707

Status: Delinquent 

 2016 VA SCC Annual Report, found here. Oh hiya Scott


And then of course their 2011 Annual Filing which is signed by Scott Lloyd, see link here.

But let’s go ahead and drill down on the physical location because it’s rather curious the various businesses associated with:


4 Family Life Lane:


HumanLifeInternational—Pro-Life Missionaries to the World.

HLI defends both the God-given life and dignity of all human persons from conception until natural death, and the natural family based on marriage—the  fundamental human institution defined by a lifetime union between one man and one woman that is open to life. As followers of Jesus Christ and members of the Catholic Church, our goal is to build a Culture of Life and of Love around the world through education, outreach, and advocacy.


LegalWorks - 

...headquarters building of Human Life International, where our full time attorneys and staff have daily access to the sacraments and the graces that ensue. We also employ attorneys located throughout the country on a contract basis so as to provide assistance in a growing list of jurisdictions and practice areas. Attorneys seeking to contact us to explore joining our team are encouraged to submit a resume and writing sample, provided that all candidates for employment should be dedicated to providing legal services from the perspective of fidelity to the Magisterium in all respects.


Chelsea-Academy (Founded in 2008):

Committed to academic excellence and the fullness of the Catholic faith, Chelsea aims not just to transmit the intellectual and cultural heritage of Western civilization. We seek to develop students whose courage, growing knowledge, and blossoming talents will enable them to make their own contributions to this tradition and to the world.



Launched in 2010, we became the first Professional Services Automation (PSA) partner of FinancialForce. Our expertise implementing FinancialForce in the Enterprise space is unmatched.

We constantly improve, share ideas and provide crafted solutions to our clients from our collective experience. Simply put, we are a firm hopeless


Paladin Financial Group, InvestProLife,  Run by James Kelly

James Kelly is co-founder and current principal of Paladin. For 18 years, he has enjoyed working with pro-life Catholics and organizations in meeting their financial needs. He  began his career at Merrill Lynch, where his father worked for over 30 years. James serves as an officer for the Donald J. Kelly Foundation, a private foundation that assists in funding Catholic pro-life educational causes. He is a Charter Member of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants.  He resides in Front Royal, Virginia with his wife and children


CornerStone Construction, see VA SCC filings, found here


WitnessWorks Foundation for a Culture of Life, link found here.

do you see the pattern emerging? Multiple “companies” required by State Law and County Law to file with the State Corporation are currently delinquent, ergo they are precluded from conducting ANY business. Moreover there are zero filings that show Scott Lloyd has exited his numerous roles on various organizations. See WitnessWork’s Foundation VA SCC 2011 filing here.

WitnessWorks VA SCC current status can be found here.



My point about 4 Family Lane? I have a lot of questions and you should too given that nothing in the public filings show that Scott Lloyd has exited the LegalWorks or PolicyWorks Forum.

Let’s go ahead and look at Mr Lloyd’s “professional career” in 2011 he was hired to represent multiple Idaho clients regarding the FCC...FCC determination notice found here.


Fast Forward to 2016 Scott Lloyd CPAC Speech, you really should watch Lloyd’s 2016 speech in its entirety. It’s chilling..

We are ALL infidels now...


 In the fall of 2017 the ACLU received an anonymous tip that ORR Director Scott Lloyd was likely breaking federal law and forcing unaccompanied minors to carry their pregnancy to term or in at the minimum delaying to the point that the minor would exceed the time frame to obtain a lawful abortion. The ACLU essentially blew the whistle and thus a monolithic legal fight commenced. Unsurprisingly Scott Lloyd capitulated, delayed and essentially broke the oath he took as an “officer of the Court”...


The WatchDog Group: Campaign for Accountability filed a 7 page Virginia Bar Complaint:

Director Edward Scott Lloyd violated the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.  Mr. Lloyd deliberately violated the U.S. Constitution and other federal and state laws to prevent unaccompanied pregnant immigrant minors from obtaining abortions.

In some cases, Mr. Lloyd personally contacted girls in shelters around the country and forced them to receive “counseling” at so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” which offer biased, misleading, and inaccurate information about abortion, and frequently proselytize in an attempt to dissuade women and girls from having abortions.  Mr. Lloyd also directed shelter staff to notify the parents and immigration sponsors of girls about their pregnancies despite requests that the information be kept confidential.


Mr. Lloyd’s position was that ORR grantees “should not be supporting abortion services pre or
post-release; only pregnancy services and life-affirming options counseling.”



The Campaign for Accountability went on to note:


Mr. Lloyd’s actions appear to have violated the U.. Constitution, the Anti-Deficiency Act, state contempt law, and the terms of a settlement agreement that lays out the rights of unaccompanied immigrant minors.  Virginia bar rules prohibit interfering with the administration of justice, but Mr. Lloyd appears to have done just that.


You can read the entire Campaign for Accountability VA Bar Complaint, here.

Also of note the Campaign for Accountability also submitted a formal complaint with the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General, citing the newly adopted Director ORR policy to personally review and sign off on all unaccompanied minors seeking a lawful abortion. Link to CfA’s HHS-OIG Complaint here.



Which brings us to Scott Lloyd and his super creepy & unlawful actions regarding unaccompanied minors in ORR custody. There have been considerable rumors that Lloyd required his staff to provide weekly reports as it relates to pregnant unaccompanied minors in ORR custody. Fact: these are NOT Rumors.


December of 2017 the ACLU obtained and submitted HHS ORR internal documents

And there you have it, Scott Lloyd personally signed off on preventing an unaccompanied minor from obtaining a lawful abortion. No fuzz. No ambiguity, right there in plain black and white text. You can read the full 8 page ACLU exhibit here.



Remember how I said that within hours of Scott Lloyd being tapped to be the new director of HHS-ORR he issued (an unlawful) directive? I wasn’t being hyperbolic, multiple Federal Judges have deemed Lloyd’s Actions and Directives as unlawul




Facts matter and I have many questions why Scott Lloyd hasn’t been removed from his position. How many Court Orders does it take for the Trump Administration to comprehend:

WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS and No One is about our laws and/or Constitution 

Last week alone HHS-ORR Director Lloyd and the Trump Administration has three judges drop the hammer, yet we are no closer to having these unaccompanied minors reunited with their parents. 



And it’s NOT like Congressional Democrats aren’t sounding the alarm, they are and continue to. For example this June 22, 2018 to HHS ORR Dir Scott Lloyd from Senator McCaskill. Link to her 5 page letter found here.


 At some point I hope Congres or others in the MSM will dive in to WHY Scott Lloyd currently writes for The Federalist while “working” for the Trump Administration. Here go read some of his “articles” they are...disturbing

Scott Lloyd’s Federalist Articles, link found here

Scott Lloyd’s “a reflection on the Dissenters of Roe & Doe”, found here

Scott Lloyd “joins Hate Group panel” you should read this April 2018 Rewire Article, it is probably one of, if not THE most comprehensive article about Lloyd & ORR, link Found here.


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