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SCO Mueller - Manafort Subornation of Perjury

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Posted on June 05 2018


Special Counsel Mueller

Document 315 

Case 1:17-cr-00201-ABJ (DDC)

filed on June 4, 2018


U.S. Special Counsel Mueller says ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has attempted to tamper with potential witness. 


...evidence set forth below and in the attached declaration of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent Brock W. Domin establishes probable cause to believe that Manafort has violated 18 U.S.C. § 1512(b)(1) by attempting to tamper with potential witnesses while on pretrial release and, accordingly, has violated the conditions of his release.

That violation triggers a statutory presumption that no conditions or combination of release conditions will assure the safety of the community and of others. See 18 U.S.C. § 3148(a)-(c).

The government therefore requests that the Court promptly schedule the hearing called for by the statute to determine Manafort’s release status. See id. § 3148(b)





FBI Agent Domin should ring a bell. Why? On December 8, 2017 Agent Domin submitted a declaration in Support of the Government’s Opposition of Modification of Manafort’s Release. Where the FBI Agent noted the various changes to the Kiev Post Op-Ed. Open Source Link to Document # 123 can be found here.



I mean it’s NOT like Special Counsel Mueller’s Office and FBI Agent Domin didn’t file numerous documents and exhibits that drilled down on the “track changes” and Meta-data. Oh wait...YES they did. When they filed document # 123 they ALSO filed Exhibit A that was 33 pages of painstaking detail. 


And yet somehow Paul Manafort thought he could “out” 007-James Bond our FBI and Special Counsel Mueller’s Office? No really when I say the FBI Agent went in to detail about the Kiev Post Op-Ed. See 33 page Exhbit A, here.

Back Special Counsel Mueller’s filing, document number 315. On page 3 there’s a pretty important piece of information. We are almost 8 months from the original Bond Hearing. And in that time there have been dozens of motions filed about Manafort’s $10 million bond. Yet Manafort has been unable (possibly unwilling) to secure package that the Court & Prosecutors deem satisfactory. Which has frustrated the Court and  Prosecution. Page 3 reads in part:


Manafort’s inability to satisfy the financial conditions necessary to ensure his release have, to date, prevented him from securing the modification he seeks. Like the October 30 Order, the Court’s December 15 Order provided that Manafort’s pretrial release must, in accordance with the Bail Reform Act, be “subject to the condition that [he] not commit a Federal, State, or local crime.” Doc. 95 at 1 (quoting 18 U.S.C. § 3142(c)); see also Doc. 95 at 2 (determining, as a necessary condition of release, that “Defendant must not commit any federal, state, or local crime”).

February 23, 2018, the grand jury returned the operative Superseding Indictment of Manafort. included new allegationsmconcerning a part of Manafort’s lobbying scheme that is alleged to have violated the Foreign
Agents Registration Act (FARA), 22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq.

...Manafort and his co-conspirators as the “Hapsburg” group, this part of the charged illegal United States lobbying scheme involved the secret retention of a group of former senior European politicians who would act as third-party paid lobbyists for Ukraine. Manafort was alleged to have funneled to the

Manafort stated that a “goal of the program . . . is to educate
western media, expand the media awareness of what is really happening and establish mechanisms to maintain a constant flow of information into Europe and the US,” including “Washington.”

...Manafort noted in a “conference call agenda” that one deliverable of
Persons D1 and D2’s work would be “Print/electronic media coverage in European [sic] and US,” and that Ukraine’s contract with Persons D1 and D2’s company would “cover the EU and the US



 You can read last nights Twitter Thread below... the thread includes the 18 page motion and Exhbits A-N and yes I tweeted the corresponding Open Source Links to the filing. Also since my twitter account continues to be targeted for mass reporting, I’ve taken the liberty of archiving the twitter unrolled thread, it maybe easier to read in that format too. Archived link found, here




🇷🇺DMP International FARA 6/2017🇷🇺


2014 FARA Revenue & Expenditures 

Unsurprisingly it’s a rather anemic filing but it I’m guessing the 2014 dates referenced in SC Mueller’s motion actually pertain to this work. See pages 10 & 11, link to FARA Report can be found, here 



🚨2013 FARA Revenue & Expenditures🚨 

So let’s go ahead and look at DMP International FARA filing, shall we? I know refer you to DMP International’s FARA AB/Exhibit Supplemental Statement, specifically Pages 4, 7 and so me this is going to be a lot of fun.

Do you see the language I highlighted? Why YES that’s the same quoted language in Special Counsel Mueller’s June 4th Document 315 Page 4 where I added the note “see FARA filing” well this is WHY I made that note, read the FARA filing.


So we know based on page 4 of the Exhibit AB Supplemental Statement FARA filing DMP International met with (this also matches SC Mueller’s Exhbit G filed last night 

3/19/13 Meeting with Paula Dobriansky, Kennedy School of Government

3/19/13 Meeting with Nadia Diuk, National Endowment for Democracy

3/19/13 Meeting with Rep. Rohrabacher


Because there are several data points that are in fact Public Record and oddly if you take the time, you can actually construe the Who and What business Entities that have either been redacted or remain “unnamed”. I now draw your attention to pages 10-12 of the AB Supplemental Statement that DMP International filed on 6/27/2017 at 04:52:45PM

page 10 details the monies paid to Paul Manafort & Rick Gates, that’s a lot of money, no?


And now moving along to Page 11 of the Supplemental Statement Filing of DMP International FARA filing:

  • Fabrizio Ward Associates LLC
  • Steven J. Brown
  • Konstantin Kilimnik


Because I am NOT a reporter and I -think- my research speaks for itself, I’m also a fan of the sharing is caring doctrine. Go ahead and double check my work I promise it won’t make me mad. Here’s the link to the particular DMP International FARA filing, I have zero problems showing my work product so it can be scrutinized because I genuinely believe that knowledge is power, ergo I like to share knowledge. FARA link can be found here.  


2012 FARA filing for DMP International

I refer you to pages 1, 4, 10 and 11.

DMP International was paid $12,109,500.00 for work in 2012 per page 10 of their FARA filing. The following business entities and individuals are listed on page 11 of the FARA filing. You can read the Supplemental Statement for DMP International 2012 FARA filing, here.

  • Rabin Strasburg LLC
  • Fabrizio Ward Associates LLC
  • Clear Dialogue LLC
  • Christopher Spence 
  • Steven J. Brown
  • 10/30/12 Email to Ambassador John Tefft regarding U.S. statement on Ukrainian elections.
  • $2,500 Vernon Parker - Arizona State Office donation 



My point is, once you know the FARA number and you’ve taken the time to actually read the various legal motions, you can easily make a deduction of the Companies and Persons. Provided you take the time to do the research.

 I feel like I need to say this, this isn’t me trying to make a name for myself or the PAC nor do I want to unwittingly screw up the Special Counsel’s Investigation, I’m simply making a few observations. Such as the same FBI agent filed a declaration in Dec 2017 and June 2018...I don’t know why on earth AFTER the December 2017 Kiev Post Op-Ed Fubar why Manafort would risk his freedom by attempting engage in subornation of perjury... I can only conclude Manafort doesn’t know for sure that Trump will pardon him. So Manafort opted to take the matter in to his own hands and in doing so, he is likely going to be remanded into Federal Custody until his EDVA and DDC trials. 

As I see it, even the hardest and toughest of men will refuse to flip until they are remanded and are locked up. If perchance Manafort is remanded (FYI it was procedurally correct that the Judge ordered Manafort to respond before the hearing) into Custody I’ll bet Manafort will flip like iHop flips pancakes on a Saturday morning. -Spicy Out

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