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SCL Social & Cambridge Analytica

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Posted on May 13 2018

Originally posted March 25, 2018

updated May 12 2018 - to fix broken code



In general I am in the habit of repeating myself, but it seems like I always do. I suppose it’s partly due to the fact I’m a snarky a-hole & persistent AF.  I’m also super bossy-pants but I am always wearing fancy pants. Or I’m just getting old and I can’t remember what I just said..One narrative I keep seeing and hearing over and over is Cambridge Analytica is out of Business. And listen if you want to believe that “narrative” that super  awesome. In fact I have a bridge for sale in Alaska that has the added bonus of you want “walk to Russia” versus just seeing Russia from Alaska. OMFG Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps giving

🚩SCL has many iterations of their Companies🚩


Thus far I’ve confirmed the following business entities in previous entries:


  • SCL🚩
  • SCL Group🚩
  • SCL Social🚩
  • SCL Social Limited🚩
  • SCL Defense🚩
  • SCL Analytica🚩
  • SCL USA, Inc 🚩
  • 🚫Cambridge Analytica.🚫




politicians are struggling to thread  the needle by saying:


my campaign never ever had any business with Cambridge Analytica”


What they fail to mention is they likely had or have a business/lobbying relationship with SCL or one of their irriterative businesses. For the sake of this blog entry, I’m going to walk you through various FARA filings. Hopefully with the following data & links to open source documents, you will ge able to see what appears to be a discernible pattern, that I see.


This  December 2016 Sydney Morning News Article, largely overlooked by the American MSM


SCL & Cambridge eye big move to Australia

‘Data science is not a panacea," Mr Nix said, contending that it is a powerful tool allowing a political campaign to boost a "really good candidate with clear, sound policies that are well articulated, that resonate with the electorate".

”Cambridge Analytica is a recently established offshoot of the SCL Group, a behavioural communications company that has operated in over 100 countries since the 1990s. As well as political and commercial campaigns, the company has worked extensively with governments on "psychological warfare" and the use of soft power in armed conflict.

“Clearly in countries like the United States, you pick a side and you back it," Mr Nix said. The company also worked for Republican contenders Ted Cruz and Ben Carson and was reportedly backed by Robert Mercer, a hedge fund billionaire and prolific conservative donor.‘




So let’s go head and drill down on Andreas & Associates, SCL Group’s various FARA filings, shall we? Again when you are attempting to search the Department of Justice FARA database I found the most efficient & reliable search parameter is focus on the one data that never changes. In the context of the FARA database  focus on the “uniquely” assigned FARA #.

see universal search for #6371 and YES SCL is CURRENTLY lobbying and placing social media ads.  Link Here




SCL Social  
FARA #6371 Client 🇷🇴Romania🇷🇴



9 Page FARA Filing here: SCL Social FARA #6371-Romania

  • SCL Social “research and communications firm focused primarily on elections and campaigns
  • see Page 2, Section 9: “SCL Social is owned by SCL Group”
  • client for this FARA Filing is: Romania
  • Statement & Scope of Work (SOW) “educate Congress”
  • See Page 5 (Terms of Agreement), I SERVICES (green box)





“The Registrant will provide government relations, communications counsel, and public affairs services for SCL Social relating to their anti-corruption efforts in Romania.



The Registrant's activities may include communications with members of Congress and their staffs, and/or members of the Executive Branch relating to anti-corruption efforts in Romania, as well as supporting potential meetings by the foreign principal. The activies may include communications with representatives of various media organizations and/or other individuals or organizations on behalf of the foreign principals.’





Services SCL Group for 🇷🇴 Romania🇷🇴


1. Public affairs strategic counsel and advisory services;
2. Educating members of Congress and the Administration on issues of corruption in Romania;
3. Providing research and notification on efforts in the USG that affect anti-corruption efforts in Romania;
4. Identifying and arranging speaking engagements locally and nationally for Client to discuss state of corruption and efforts to counter in Romania;
5. Maintaining and forging alliances with other interest groups whose goals are similar to the Client;
6. Working towards balanced and neutral way



FARA #6371 SCL Group  🇷🇴 Romania🇷🇴


Supplemental Exhibits A & B

I refer you to page 4, where it’s discloed on March 20 & 21, 2017 Senator Jeff Sessions was contacted by emial -cough- FOIA that sh*t really FOIA it.

I then refer you to page 7, where Representative Steve Scalise’s “Leadership Fund” received a (albeit small) $100 donation. Which is ironic. Pursuant to FEC Statutes donations <$100 do not require reporting. I mean hell if Romania & SCL are handing out cash.. I’d ask for >$1M without even batting an eye, go big or go home.  So this $100 donation to Scalise’s fund is a double bird salute. Supplemental FARA filing, here 




SCL USA & SCL Limited FARA#6473 – Client UAE 


Below is a screenshot of the various forms filed by SCL Social Limited. What caught my interest was who the client was, UAE=Anti-Qatar. Did you notice the dates? (-cough- after Kushner met with Qatar) #6473




The registrant is responsible for developing and: executing a global social media campaign on behalf of the foreign principal.


Part of that campaign included social media activity focused on NGO's, foreign diplomats, and certain reporters in New York City during the 72nd Regular Session ofthe United Nations General Assembly.


Please note: U.S. government officials and members ofthe general public may have.all been incidentally exposed to electronic corrrmunicattons disseminated by the registrant. However, the intended primary target audience includes NGO's, foreign diplomats, and certain reporters.


Like I said, this particular “campaign” was a Anti-Qatar campaign. Yet oddly Facebook and Twitter still have this page and ads up. You can download the filing to read the >$64K in ads placed on Facebook and Twitter. 

FARA #6473 See Page 7 for Facebook & Twitter Ads


SCL created as part of this “campaign” archive of  SCL’s Facebook Page Anti-Qatar


Based on the October 6, 2017 FARA Registration Statement filing of SCL Social Limited:


A total contract value of $330,000 was agreed to, which encompasses a wide range of services specific to a global social media campaign, including activities that fall outside the scope of FARA.,

A budget of $75,000 was allocated for social media activities during certain days coinciding with the 72Regular Session ofthe United: Nations General Assembly in New York City. Only a portion Of the allotted $75;0OG, namely $64326.19, was spent on FARA-related activities covering the period of September 19 - 22.


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