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SCL Group, SCL Social Limited, Govt Contracts?

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Posted on May 12 2018

Originally posted March 20, 2018

Updated on May 2, 2018  -  to include a more exhaustive twitter thread of various SCL Corprate & subsidiaries 




Strategic Communication Laboratories

SCL web of Companies

Cambridge Analytica parent company:

SCL Group, SCL Social Limited, SCL Defense,

SCL Analytics, SCL of London LTD…


SCL Group, SCL Social Limited, website SCL Group

Seems relatively innocuous, no? Trust me, it’s NOT.

What if I told you that SCL Group, SCL Social Limited, SCL Defense have been awarded numerous contracts with:

  • The Pentagon
  • Dept of Homeland Security
  • the State Department
  • NATO


In March 2017 BuzzFeed published this article…you should read it.


 BuzzFeed SCL & DOD Contract

The BuzzFeed Headline should give you pause, as long as SCL Group and their web of subsidiaries are up and running, so is Cambridge Analytica...all SCL will do is re-brand Cambridge Analytica 


Cambridge Analytica’s work on the Trump campaign inspired conspiracy theories about electoral mind control. So what is its parent company doing at the Department of Defense?”


“The close ties between the company, which specializes in data-driven communications strategies, and the Trump team have also attracted attention. According to two people who did business with the data analysts, Steve Bannon, Trump’s senior advisor, was an active member of Cambridge Analytica’s leadership. Rebekah Mercer, one of Trump’s top donors, is a co-owner. Neither SCL Group nor the White House responded to questions about Bannon’s current connection to the the company.“


So let’s go ahead and drill down on that $500K DOD Contract:


SCL 3/2017 State Dept $500K Contract

  • Contract #SAQMMA17C0115
  • this contract was NOT competed
  • it was a straight award from State to SCL via GSA ebuy.
  • there’s a standby BPA for this contract but somehow the database won’t let me drill down on the date SCL was “added” to the BPA.
  • I want to know why the State Department spent $500 on Public Polling




Congress should pass a law that PROHIBITS any FEDERAL Money from being appropriated to ANY company linked to SCL and/or Cambridge Analytica.


This isn’t personal SCL has quietly injected itself into multiple Countries and have done so largely under the radar since 2005. Yes you are reading that correctly, Sind 2005. Archived Gaurdian 2005 article, here 

The U.K. is all about transparency, so imagine my delight finding what appears to be a massive database of nearly ALL Corporate Filings and it allows you to drill down on the Company, the subsidiaries and Officers of said companies.



link to U.K. database below:


UK Database SCL Analytics



SCL Social Limited


Link to U.K. Database below


SCL Social Limited Corp Filings U.K. Database



I mean, once you drill down on the data in the UK database you can really uncover some amazing data. Of course, it’s all publicly available data too.

For example here’s SCL’s December 2016 Financial Filings. And you all know that I’m a fan of the “sharing is caring doctrine” so here’s the link to the U.K. database for SCL’s public business records:

SCL Social Limited UK business records


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