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Saudi Arabia the DC Lobbying SWAMP & Trump

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Posted on October 25 2018



In the past I wasn’t a laser focused on Saudi Arabia or its prolific lobbying efforts. That stops now. It wasn’t until I decided to search my previous research did I discover that in May I posted a twitter thread and blog entry. It’s ironic because at the time Avenatti was super interested in my research and often liked and/or retweeted said thread. My have things changed. Since May 2018 my opinion of Avenatti has drastically changed, nonetheless data and facts should withstand the test of time. See May entry here,


Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦FARA & Lobbying🇸🇦


For the purpose of this entry I’m going to focus on the various FARA and Senate LDA filings. At all times I will endeavor to link to the original data source. Thus giving you the ability to verify the authenticity of the documents/reports contained in this entry. In general I am a fan of showing your homework. If you’re a decent researcher you should be willing to provide original data sources. Moreover I believe verifiable data helps separate facts versus opinions.

Below is a brief list of criterion of search 


Payments over $200,000.00

January 20, 2017 to Present

REIT and other Infrastructure Projects

Congressional Bills and/or 

FARA #5483 

MSLGROUP Americas, Inc. d/b/a Qorvis MSLGROUP

About a week and a half ago, I created what seemed to be a never ending twitter thread of Qorvis’ FARA Filings. Because at the time Saudi Arabia wasn’t particularly high up on my list of what/who to research. And then the barbaric premeditated murder of Washington Post reporter Mr Jamal Khashoggi. 



Based on a targeted search of MSLGROUP FARA Filings, it is clear that Saudi Arabia by its FARA “agent “ had upwards of 83 individuals lobbyist registered in October and November 2016. This FARA link will take you to each FARA Short-Form Filings.



I would like to draw your attention to Qorvis’ May 2016 FARA Supplemental Statement Filing. Specifically see pages 25 & 26, based on this filing from November 2015 to May 2016. As noted eight separate payments were made to a well known and super pricey firm: Targeted Victory, LLC. The payments totaled $289,000.00

If you’re a bit confused about the money trail, this should help clear up any confusion:


Saudi Arabia hired Qorvis.

Qorvis hired Target Victory, LLC.


For those of us in the Beltway many of us know “Victory” was largely adopted by GOP Operatives in late 2008. Ironically it was none other than the late Senator McCain who essentially branded this moniker. Henceforth most GOP PACs, Candidates, SuperPACs etc all have some iteration of “Victory” in their filings. Which is why I found Qorvis’ FARA disbursements to Targeted Victory, interesting because this is a highly visible poltical campaign company that specializes in digital marketing.



Who is Targeted Victory LLC?

Based on some limited research, this Company was created in 2009 by two former Republican National Committee Staffers, Michael Beach and Zac Moffatt. Targeted Victory’s niche is they marketed themselves as a digital focused agency that uses data management & analytics on a variety of “platforms to deliver targeted campaign ads to help sway voters”. From 2010 to 2015 their clients were: Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Joni Earnst. Here’s a 2012 Video of Targeted Victory Interns, it’s interesting particularly the part of “I can turn 30,000 emails into $50,000 in political donations”

2013/2014 Disbursements paid to Targeted Victory, FEC Report, it’s interesting that in this election cycle Thom Tillis once again proves to be one of their largest customers, I refer you to pages 843 & 844 of Tillis’ FEC report found here.

2015/2016 Disbursements paid to Targeted Victory, FEC Filing. Similarly in this election cycle Nevada Republican Central Committee (NVRCC) was one of their largest customers. (See further down for Targeted Victory FARA Informational Materials, it appears Solar Energy did in fact have a few cross overs with their campaign). The one thing that caught my eye was the “service” of GOTV - Digital Outreach. I now refer you to pages 145-149 of NVRCC FEC report


 What’s also interesting is Targeted Victory responsible for Joni Earnst “squeal” campaign, see AMA article here.

Targeted Victory fed more digital ads to the 400,000 viewers who had watched the “squeal ad” on the campaign’s website and YouTube, and created “squeal”-themed memorabilia including rally towels (pictured above), T-shirts and a Joni Ernst Pork Rub to add to the effort. “Because of the earned media it was getting, it had a multiplier effect,” Adams says. “The entire squeal campaign led voters to connect with Joni.” 


On June 1, 2017 Targeted Victory and WPAi issued this joint press release announcing their newly formed partnership

the agency has served over 700 campaigns and organizations, managed more than $200 million in digital advertising, and raised over $350 million for its clients, including Mitt Romney for President, American Crossroads, Marco Rubio for Senate, and nine of the most competitive winning Republican Senate campaigns over the past two cycles.



From what I can tell Targeted Victory was paid nearly $1M dollars to tweet, yes you are reading that correctly to tweet. See the twitter thread below



 📌Targeted Victory LLC, FARA # 6281 intital registration statement, link found here.

 📌Targeted Victory LLC FARA, informational materials, link to all 54 tweets, it’s incomprehensible to me that the Government of Saudi Arabia via Qorvis paid Targeted Victory nearly $1M to tweet the following.  

📌This is the October 28, 2015 FARA Filing for Targeted Victory LLC. This link will take you to what appears to be the actual contact between Qorvis & Target Victiry LLC, see pages 3-10. 

📌Targeted Victory LLC, FARA Amendment to Master Agreement, Link. It appears the monthly fee of $40K was re

📌Targeted Victory LLC, June 2016, Exhbit AB, is an Amendment to the previous master service agreement. It appears the monthly contract fee of $40+K a month appears to have remained flat, but that is based on the combination of the adding the monthly fee and promotional content fee. link to filing here.


 📌Targeted Victory April 2017 FARA Filing, shows they “terminated” their contract with the Saudi Arabian Embassy but 



 As noted in the above FARA Filings Targeted Victory LLC (based on their contract with Qorvis) main responsibility was managing the @ArabiaNow twitter account. I was a bit suprised that no one else has archived this twitter account. I’ve taken the liberty of archiving the aforementioned account. Below are a few notable tweets, for example this January 11, 2018 tweet with Energy Secretary Perry caught my attention given Saudi Arabia aggressive push in late 2015 to present regarding Oil Prices and nuclear materials.



And then of course there are a litany of MbS tweets. Highlighting what a “great” leader he is and how he’s a visionary. Odd given that he almost undoubtedly knew about the 15 person hit squad that carried out the premeditated murder of Washington Post reporter Mr Jamal Khashoggi...



In each of the aforementioned tweets, contains a URL to Arabianow What you may not know is this particular URL was disclosed in a previous Qorvis FARA Filing, NOT Targeted Victory. This is why it is important to actually read every single page of FARA Filings, now refer you to page 8 of Qorvis November 14, 2016, link found here.



Most notably it is bonkers that an average tax payer has to literally hunt for information and facts, that the only “read out” of official or unofficial meetings we get from the Trump Administration of Senior Advisor Jared Kushner can only be found in FARA Filings.



With respect to digital ads, placed by Targeted Victory on behalf of Saudi Arabia by way of a subcontract from Qorvis to Targeted Victory. This link will take you to ALL the digital ads placed, it’s a 42 page FARA “Informational Materials”, filed nearly one year AFTER the ads and digital campaign wrapped up. I made that deduction by looking at the dates of each tweet, the vast majority were sent in late 2015 and 2016 with only a handful in 2017, whereas Targeted Victory submitted the Informational Materials Disclosure on September 11, 2017 so yes years after the fact.


As you might recall in May of 2018 I wrote about SCL Group’s FARA Filing, found here. You may have overlooked the last part of that entry, I linked to numerous FARA filings, current Facebook Pages and the sophisticated digital anti-Qatar campaign. Should you be inclined you can read the seven previous entries, here


Personally speaking the Rep Ed Royce entry is the best place to start because it builds upon Russia Qatar World Cup, the Elliot Broidy 4-part series, found here, where I walked you through Broidy’s questionable past, the 1MBD and the 2014 UAE contract



August 2017 FARA Registration, SAPRAC also registered on behalf of Bahrain, I refer you to page 5, paragraph # 13 paid $1,200,000.00 for 30 days:


Which means the following “verified” twitter account is actually the Government of Saudi Arabia run by SAPRAC 

See SAPRAC FARA “information Materials” filing found here.


According to the Cebter for Responsive Poltics, Saudi Arabia:

2015 $14.3Million in Lobbying & Consulting

2016 $7.7Million in Lobbying & Consulting 

2017 $13,857,765 Total Government Spending and $4,200,153 Total Non-Government Spending, see Report here.

2018 $5,839,171 Total Government Spending and $165,800 spent in Non-Government Spending, see Report here.

my point? Careful of what your read on Twitter and MSM articles as it relates to Saudi Arabia there’s a strong likelihood it’s carefully worded propaganda being passed off as “reporting”

But you can take this literally to the Bank, Donald Trump never sought or obtained approval from Congress to violate our Country’s Constitution, applicable to both Foreign and Domestic Emoluments. Last year alone Saudi Arabia via Qorvis MLSGroup paid hundreds of thousands to Donald Trump’s businesses. Party of Rule of Law my ass, Trump and his ilk truly believe they are above our Country’s laws and constitution.


The Trump Administration, his unqualified and ethically challenged son in law actively participated in the cover up of Saudi Arabia’s premeditated murder of Washington Post Journalist Mr. Jamal Khashoggi. That’s not being hyperbolic that’s looking at the words and actions of Donald Trump & MbS Response after being caught in the barbaric murder of a reporter. Oh you think I’m being over the top? My two word retort: BONE SAW

-Spicy Out

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