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Sanctions for Russia’s 2016 Election interference? NOPE

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Posted on April 09 2018

Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act



Mic Pro Tip:

  • always read the fine print, always
  • verify and THEN trust, particularly if it’s coming from Trump
  • when the White House releases a “statement” ALWAYS fact check it before you provide the media a quote...



  • 7/24/2017 HR 3364 Introduced
  • 7/25/2017 The House overwhelmingly passes
    • Yeas 419 Nays 3, House Roll Call Vote 
  • 7/27/2017 The Senate overwhelmingly passes,
    • Yeas 98, Nays 2, Senate Roll Call Vote 


  • 8/2/2017 the president signs, Became Public Law No: 115-44 
    • Trump then attaches this “signing statement

I suppose you could say, Trump’s signing statement pretty much stated:

Dearest Vladimir,

I still love you and you’re still my number one boo.

*wink* XO XO ‘the Donald”


CAATSA has several mandatory reports and actions the Administration MUST take. These are crystal clear. For example on October 1, 2017 the Administration was required to send a report to Congress. On September 28th, Senators McCain & Cardin sent this 3 page letter to the Trump Administration.

The letter reads in part;

  • ”The delay calls into question the Trump administration’s commitment to the sanctions bill which was signed into law more than two months ago, following months of public debate and negotiations in Congress. They’ve had plenty of time to get their act together.
  • “In addition to the administration’s lack of responsiveness on this deadline, there does not appear to be a significant diplomatic effort to engage our allies in Europe and lead an effort to increase pressure on Moscow.  Congressional intent was clear, reflected in the overwhelming bipartisan majority in favor of the legislation. 


And then this brings us to the January 2018 “report unclassified Russians”, whereby it was obvious that Sec Mnuchin had in fact cribbed Forbes list of “wealthy Russians”. To that end Forbes published this article and a Treasury Spokesperson later confirmed that the unclassified report was "derived from open sources," 


Late last week, I randomly tweeted the following, after publishing this blog entry about the long awaited and nearly 6.5 months delayed sanctions.



My tweet wasn’t that random, at all.

If you had read The White House Statement or watched the Press Secretary (whom, I personally loathe, she’s a nasty vapid biting viper), who by all public records lies more than Trump. Swampy-Sarah once again said Trump is tougher on Russian than any other administration. The fact she spends everyday gas lighting and verbally abusing the Press. She and Trump have ZERO credibility...




White House and President Trump’s Statement on Russian Sanctions 



Simply put, the White House, Sarah Sanders and Donald Trump LIED. This statement is nothing but a rancid word salad drowning in its own desperation and regret. 

(sorry for yelling)

NOTHING IN THE NEW SANCTIONS CITE THE 2016 ELECTION INTERFERENCE. The Treasury Releases clearly show these sanctions were enacted due to Russia’s aggressive encroachment into the Ukraine..  




Again it is listed on the Department of Treasury’s own Sanctions Webpage as Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. So once again. Always READ the fine print and when it comes to the White House and anything from the Trump Administration, never TRUST it, until you actually verify their statements. Not to belabor the issue but the Main Stream Media and Members of Congress should stop taking what the Trump Administration says a face value...more often than not, it’s a lie, a blatant nasty lie.

🇷🇺NOT Russia’s 2016 Election Interference🇷🇺

  -Spicy Out, for now

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