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Sam Patten (Sentencing April 12th)

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Posted on April 08 2019

UPDATE BELOW and at the bottom of this voluminous entry


 In what appears to be Twitter acting like Twitter, I discovered that the last tweeet on the supporting document thread magically disappeared NYET. So to ensure you see what I think is pretty important (ps DOCUMENT 37-1 is A PUBLIC DOCUMENT) I have taken the liberty of reposting, archiving and now placing the “letters from” Mrs Patten # 1 and Mrs Patten #2 at the bottom of this entry 



W. Samuel Patten


Before we dive into the particulars of Patten’s sentencing memo, I should remind you that this is the Defendant’s memo, as such he is trying to paint himself in the best possible light. This is a known strategy by Defendants to curry favor with the Court prior to said Defendant’s sentencing hearing. Essentially I’m reminding you to hold your opinion until you read both the Government’s & Defendant’s memos.


However below are a few datapoints you should know:


  • The Government will file a 5K1 letter
  • The Government has only filed 1 other 5K1 letter, Flynn
  • DC AUSA acknowledged this case was a referral from the SCO
  • The Government’s Sentencing Memo is sealed, ongoing investigations, yes plural.
  • Defendant Patten began cooperating months before his August 2018 Guilty Plea
  • Defendant Patten met with the SCO & other Justice Department investigators at least nine times.



Let’s not forget that in 2015 Patten and Klimnik created Begemot Ventures International, Ltd (see DC Corp Filing found here



Their Company website is still very much active.


I did find the following article (you’ll have to hit the translation button) Interesting. According to Proekt, Konstantin Kilimnik’s known nickname during his time at three Russian Military University of the Ministry of Defense was “Cat” or “Tomcat” ...this is the only known interview that Konstantin Kilimnik ever had.


And while some of you might be willing to give Sam Patten a pass, I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for that. If you look at his website, experience



FARA # 6207 (circa 2014)

Before the media goes off the rails again about how wonderful W. Samuel Patten is. I think you need to understand you are probably being gas lit AF. No I’m not kidding but seeing how the “new” articles extolling the patriotism and virtue that is (NYET) W. Samuel Patten allow me the opportunity to burst that “fake bubble”


Office of Sam Patten, LLC FARA #6207 Registration 

Also do NOT dox him. Doxxing is bad. Doxxing is criminal. Only bitter losers (or clinically insane bored housewives) dox. or re-dox people...<snickers>

In 2014 Patten registered for his Iraqi Client:


Did you ever wonder why I use W. Samuel Patten? Also I don’t know about you but if you are putting together what appears to be a highly sophisticated media campaign and the language is in “Arabic” wouldn’t the next question be: what language(s) is Mr Patten fluent in?


FARA #6207 Supplemental -  I’m not a reporter, what I can’t figure out is why won’t the media go to www...DO. YOUR. DAMN. aka DOJ FARA


FARA #6801 (circa 2011)

No really in 2011 Patten Registered for his Client:

BGR Gabara, Ltd. (for the Free Democrats)

BGR Gabara, Ltd. (for Bidzina Ivanshvili)


I mean it’s not like this FARA “stuff” is hidden in some super secret database...

Seriously it is super easy to find his FARA filings. It took me less than 10 seconds while I was multitasking:

See super easy:


And I hate the fact that hours (too many to actually enumerate) of my pro bono research on Twitter is gone because...well you know. I’ll bet you this though not a single one of you linked Patten to the Trump Patriot Defense Fund & Trust, found here.

However if you had paid attention to a late night Senate Session, you would have known about SR628 and the very strong likelihood that Patten was the catalyst for this particular Senate vote for production of documents to the Specual Counsel’s Office



Samuel Patten Sentencing Memo

Page 1 - in summary Patten argues that his criminal FARA case is distinct from others (Manafort, Gates et al) because Patten did not engage in a complex web of subterfuge, specifically attempting to conceal his activities. I would argue that’s a pretty clear and important distinction:

“...during the course of a long business relationship where Mr. Patten advised his clients on matters related solely to Ukrainian politics and elections, he did a few favors for his clients that crossed the line into FARA-registrable activity.


Page 2 

There is a lot to unpack on this page, but it’s pretty clear that Patten was/is a valuable witness for investigators and “provided substantial assistance” and “earned the trust of Investigators”. However I now direct your attention to the black arrow. This is in a passive voice and could be construed as in the past tense


He agreed to cooperate with the ongoing investigation without any guarantee of how his own potential case would be resolved

It is there in black and white. That the Government’s Filing will be under seal. Here reread page 2, 2nd paragraph, which reads in part:


...Mr. Patten admitted his offenses and took full responsibility for his actions. He agreed to cooperate with the ongoing investigation without any guarantee of how his own potential case would be resolved. And, over the course of that cooperation, which will be described in sealed pleadings, Mr. Patten earned the trust of the government and became a reliable and valuable resource.


But. But. But. I thought Attorney General Barr letter and the. Donald Trump said that Special Counsel Mueller’s Team “fully Exonerated him” 

The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. As the report states: "[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activitie


So can someone please explain to me, why would the Government’s pleadings concerting W. Samuel Patten’s cooperation, more precisely the “extent” of his cooperation be filed under seal?

Also because tiny details matter, I now refer you to page 4,

Item #1 entitled: The Nature and Circumstances of Mr. Patten’s Offenses

Item # 1a entitled The FARA violation

Mr. Patten, who has lived an honorable life marked by substantial contributions to furthering his country’s interests, finds himself a part of one of the largest and most high-profile investigations in our country’s history and, ultimately, before a federal judge for sentencing.



Again Patten does have a point, unlike Manafort, Patten did not make any attempt to conceal his activities nor did he violate his plea deal. By all appearances W. Samuel Patten was a kind of witness the prosecution wants because he fully and forthrightly cooperated. Which means Patten’s defense counsel is effectively highlighting the stark contrast of their client versus other defendants. While striking a contrite tone.


If anyone tells you they saw the following highlighted sections of Patten’s Sentencing Memo coming, they are lying to you. Because I certainly did not see Patten “voting for Trumo’s opponent” coming, at all.

Which also makes me wonder why some in the media amplified the “Patten was a straw donor”. Although I might take umbridge to the current argument Patten took responsibility...

 And then Patten (in my view) makes one of the most reckless and arguably arrogant mistakes, he responded to the Senate Intelligence Committee sans advise of Counsel. This isn’t a viable excuse. Patten has been a political operative in DC for several decades, this entire page is a farce and frankly absurd 

 And now we get to the “fine” lawyering, where Patten now Discloses he had a transcribed (waves hiya depo) and he produced some documents but withheld others. And with a new attorney Patten sought to clarify and distance himself from any potential wrong doing but what’s overlooked is it appears the FARA violation was referred from the Senate to the Special Counsel’s least that’s how Page 9 reads:


So let me get this straight, Patten retained Counsel, after his first production, he hired new Counsel but then told the Senate his “former, former” Counsel conveyed to him that he had fulfilled his obligations so go ahead and delete all the emails. Although on the flip side Patten did give the Senate >200K emails. 


Although having Patten’s ex-wife (along with dozens of others, including Patten himself) write a letter to the Judge, that’s um...I have no words...none.


 Government Filing

 I really do not understand why the Government is bending over backwards to portray Patten as some kind of American Hero. Because contrary to their assertion Patten has a pretty robust (although neatly organized) skeletons in his closet.

For this criminal violation, Patten faces a maximum sentence of 5 year’s imprisonment, a fine of not more than $250,000, and a term of supervised release of not more than 3 years.

This case was originally investigated by the Special Counsel’s Office before being referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Consistent with the practice of the Special Counsel’s Office, the government does not take a position with respect to a particular sentence to be imposed.

 This is why I said it would have been prudent for the media to wait anc see what the Government has to say. Given this isn’t the boyscout Patten attempted to portray himself as. Also I’m disappointed that the Government only referenced one foreign FARA client of Patten....he had TWO FARA #s



purpose of FARA is:


22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq - United States Code

Title 28 C.F.R. Part 5 - Judicial Administration

“to protect the national defense, internal security, and foreign relations of the United States by requiring public disclosure by persons engaging in propaganda activities and other activities for or on behalf of foreign governments, foreign political parties, and other foreign principals so that the Government and the people of the United States may be informed of the identity of such persons and may appraise their statements and actions in the light of their associations and activities”


And now you have concrete proof to my previous assertions, see page 5 but specifically page 6. It’s all right there. Patten was going to testify against Manafort. Patten gave the Government “useful information as it relates to investigations”, yes plural. The Government states in part:

Specifically, Patten was a potential witness in the case of United States v. Manafort, No. 17-cr-201 (ABJ), and he was willing and able to testify about Paul Manafort’s work in Ukraine for the Opposition Bloc and related matters.


Patten has served as a valuable resource for the government in a number of other criminal investigations, providing helpful information about additional individuals and entities. In total, Patten has met with government investigators, in person or by phone, a total of nine separate times to answer numerous questions and explain various documents.


The Government’s filing recites other similar cases but repeatedly cite Patten’s substantial assistance to the government. But on page 8 the Government actually quantified Patten assistance. They also note that while Patten was ROR’d he had one failed called check in, Patten was given an oral warning and that’s the only tiny blip.


“...his cooperation and substantial assistance are critical distinguishing factors from the cases and sentences identified above. In the above cases, none of the defendants successfully cooperated with the government, nor did any of them receive from the government a recommendation for a downward departure pursuant to U.S.S.G. 5K1.1 for providing substantial assistance.”


The Government concludes their filing by striking a balance between the “severity” of Patten’s crime juxtaposition to his “substantial cooperation”


 However I would like you to watch this April 22, 2010 interview with W Samiuel Patten. He was in the House hearing room and was interviewed about the Manas Fuel Shortage (also go re-read his ex-wife’s letter...I have a hunch). Also you should probably read my February 2019 write up about Manas...



And before you rush to extol the virtues of one William Samuel Patten, I’d urge you to look back to 2008 thru 2012. Better yet read this article, where Patten sure seems to know a thing or three about this region...can we talk about his Rhodes PreCast Concrete LDA Filing too?

 “One of the reasons that base is on tenuous grounds is because there’s been a failure by the U.S. to communicate the benefits to the residents of Kyrgyzstan,” said Sam Patten, senior Eurasia program manager for the Washington-based Freedom House, a nonpartisan watchdog group that promotes democratic values. “The United States offers them a better option than some of these other countries looking to influence them.”


Oh and remember that LONG Twitter Thread from August 2018? Yea those were fun times.  Listen if I have to keep redoing my research BRING IT becuase having to redo it is me recalibrating my research methods to be faster and more accurate...




Sam Patten House LDA Registration

Committee to Destroy ISIS Rhodes PreCast Concrete 

  • Q3 2016 Patten was paid $50,000.00
  • Q3 2016 Patten was paid $50,000.00
  • Q4 2016 Patten was paid <$5,000.0p


And lastly I ran a FEC query astonishingly while on ROR Patten made a $100 donation via ActBlue earmarked for Mike Eapy. What’s weird is when you try to drill down on the FEC receipt it takes you to a strange error on the FEC website it might be a buggy glitch on the FEC’s backend server 

 Any who....this ends your data dump...snort

Update # 1:

It is unclear to me why Twitter would either hide or delete the last tweet in my thread from last night. See Thread app, found here and archive...went to re-read it this morning because I had addition information that I wanted to draw your attention to:


Again it really is not lost on me that I’m a constant target on Twitter. It’s also not lost on me that unlike some on Twitter, I almost always provide you a link to the original document or data source. Because according to some, I’m just a bored housewife who sits my phat ass on a chaise lounge and eats bon-bons while watching the lifetime network. NYET.  So let’s go ahead and dissect why I believe you (and the media) should drill down on Mrs Patten #1 and Mrs Patten #3 letter to the Judge (document 37-1 is a public document and I embedded the link above under Sam’s ex-wife’s letter) but it’s Mrs Patten # 2 that twitter seems hell bent on you not reading:

Data Point # 1:

You don’t have to take my word for is a 2013 Marine Corp bio/fundraiser for a one Mrs. Laura Patten. She wrote this so I’m assuming it’s accurate. Also for the umpteenth time, Federal Court filings are public documents unless otherwise noted on the docket. There is nothing impermissible or unethical about reading and posting public documents...but apparently Twitter and my Twitter stalkers are at it again.

Mrs. Laura Patten’s last government position was: “a senior Counterintelligence Officer...detailed to the Federal Bureau Of Investigation’s Criminal Investigation Division, Transnational Organized Crime (East)”


Data Point # 2 

If you had read the highlighted portion of Patten’s Sentencing Memo, through Counsel Patten purports to have used his “time” post August 2018 plea to volunteer and spent a significant amount of time “deep digging” in to what caused him to “make the decision he did”...


The reason I keep harping on the 2013 marriage, see Patten’s Sentencing Memo Page 14, which reads in part:

Now let’s move to page 2 of Mrs. Patten # 2 letter to the Court...I had to re-read this section because I swear I thought my brain had short circuited and somehow I landed in the Twilight Zone. I’m literally at a loss for words. The subterfuge here is just remarkable, especially when you overlay Mrs Patten #2 over Mrs Patten # 1 letter and Sam Patten’s Sentencing Memo. I am genuinely vexed why would Sam discuss Montenagro, NATO and the Balkins in his Sentencing Memo?


Data Point # 3

Mrs Patten #2 then proffers up a new detail that I d argue none of us were aware 2016 both  Mr & Mrs Patten traveled to Russia and both thought they had been poisoned. To that end Mrs Patten signals to the Court that there are pertinent FBI records of their “poisoning” 



Data Point # 4

It strains credulity that Sam Patten did not know Konstantin Kilimnik was “linked to Russian Intelligence”...because Patten readily admits he and Kilimnik formulated political polling questions surrounding Ukraine (enter Manafort)

 Data Point #5:

Again as I’ve previously stated that when reading Sam Patten’s Sentencing Memo you should read it in the correct context that he’s trying to stay out of prison and that the motives are entirely self serving...but Patten dropping everything because he was so determined to “ensure Roy Moore wasn’t elected”... this is 31 flavors of dystopian bull____



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  • Brigid Berry: April 09, 2019

    Just wanted to say I really appreciate the way you source EVERYTHING. Facts matter and the documents back up everything you state. Thank you for your countless hours of work!!!!

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