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Posted on July 18 2018



Senate Committee on Armed Services

CyberCommand Committee 



I’m certain you’ve heard the phraseology of: hybrid-war. The easiest way I think I can explain this incredibly complex and sophisticated “warfare” is: it’s a marriage between aggressive cyber-criminal acts (hacking, stealing of Personal Identifiable Information, Compromising information) and actual military force.

Meaning it is the absolute weaponization of “information” and twisting said information enough that it butresses with boots on the ground. I perfect example of this is the Ukraine and the unlawful “taking” by Russia of another Sovereignty’s land, Crimea by use of Military Force coupled with the cyber-war that Russia launched. 

On February 27, 2018 the US Senate Committee on Armed Services (SACS) held an extensive hearing. I think many of us forget the significance of this particular hearing and the long lasting unintended consequences of Donald Trump’s equivocation and capitulation regarding  Russia and their unabated & aggressive  cyber war. As always I will link to original data source, so you are able to read the data at your own pace and hope that knowledge gives you more information to be better informed.


I now refer you to page four of Admiral Mike Rogers written Senate Testimony, link found here. His testimony reads in part:

Our greatest concern, of course, remains that of actions by state-sponsored malicious cyber actors and the states behind them. We find that many states now seek to integrate cyberspace operations with the plans and capabilities of their traditional military capabilities.

Indeed, several have mounted sustained campaigns to scout and access our key enabling technologies, capabilities, platforms and systems as they are developed and produced by cleared defense contractors. As the Secretary’s new National Defense Strategy emphasizes, the states of greatest concern are Russia and China, with their advanced technological bases, powerful conventional forces, and nuclear arsenals. We watch them not just because they are big and well-armed, but because they practice coercive diplomacy against their neighbors, and their strategic intentions remain unclear. These two nations also count as peer or near-peer competitors in cyberspace. 


I now refer you to pages 5 & 6 of Admiral Rogers’ written testimony, where he takes great pains to particularize what our Advesaries are up to, specially singling out Russia, North Korea and Iran:


Russia represents a different sort of problem in cyberspace. The Intelligence Community concluded last year that Russian actors, with the knowledge of senior decision-makers, employed influence operations to interfere with the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

In recent months, Congress has heard testimony from leading social-media companies explaining that their business records had logged an even wider pattern of Russian cyber meddling before the election - one that matched malicious cyber activities seen by several other nations.


And remember that Russia plays both sides against each other.

Kremlin has used hackers to steal personal communications that Russian operatives then parceled out in targeted leaks, and created fake social media personas and news items on all sides of controversial issues in the hope of stirring discord in the West. The idea is to make Western electorates distrust all news outlets and ultimately one another.


The February 2018 Hearing link can be found here, where you can watch the full hearing and download Admiral Rogers’ written testimony. That said I would urge you to watch the following 5 minute exchange with Senator Reed & NSA’s remarkable.

Senator Reed & NSA Rogers exchange:

NSA Rogers: ‘..if granted the authority, I don’t have the day to day authority to do that..if GRANTED the authority”

Senator Reed: So you would basically need to be directed by the president, by the Secretary of Defense

NSA Rogers: yes sir, as mentioned in my

Senator Reed: “have you been directed to do so, given the strategic threat that faces the United States..and the significant consequences you’ve recognized already”

 NSA Rogers: “no I have not”


I am going to be blunt, this is NOT a Republican or Democrat issue, this is an AMERICAN issue.

As former FBI Direct Comey once said: they are coming after America 


Last Friday, ironically the SAME day that Special Counsel Mueller’s Office unsealed the Indictment of 12 Senior Russian Military Officers who attacked the heart of our Country’s democracy, the Washington Post published this article, link found here 



Again at what point will Congress finally call Trump Out? It’s not like there isn’t a massive body of evidence of how Russia continues to attack our Country, no really there’s so much evidence in the public domain that it’s not a stretch to question: WHAT DOES VLADIMIR PUTIN HAVE ON DONALD TRUMP?


Remember this June Senate Intelligence Hearing?



Because some of us know that Russia never stopped. They never went away. And that our current occupant of the White House actually uses Russian Active Measures on us everyday and sometimes multiple times a day.



Trump I mean come on, we have a Russian in federal custody, the evidence proves that she spent years cultivating relationships with the NRA, GOP and yet Trump refuses to acknowledge Russia is attacking our County.



Special Counsel Mueller - Trump Russia by the Numbers:

40 Russians Indicted

5 guilty pleas, 4 of which are cooperating witnesses

over 129 charges

1 prison sentence served, van der Zwaan, see here.

Campaign Chairman Manafort sitting in jail awaiting two trials, found here.

Most likely cooperating, Stephen Calk, found here.

NRA Kline Preston, found here.

NRA is in it up to its dirty Russian Money Laundering found here.

Honey-Boo-Boo Maria Butina found here

Russia’s Disinformation Campaign found here,

Do you see where I am going with this? Trump does NOT believe Russia attacked our election, he never will so there’s no point in trying to make him believe. Trump continues to gas-light America, the Trump Administration lies on a pathological level. They do not have one iota of credibility. That’s not me just capriciously throwing around baseless accusations, in May the Washington Post published this article.


I mean seriously last night a sitting House Republican said this:



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