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Run Ryan RUN...GTFO DC...UPDATE 2.0

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Posted on April 11 2018

 🚨Update 4/16/2018 🚨

ALL New Jersey House GOP seats, in play...


According to the Monmouth Poll released today: 


  • “Democrats have a formidable 19 point advantage in the statewide generic Congressional ballot test.”


  • If the election for the House of Representatives was held today, 54% of registered voters in New Jersey say they would vote or lean toward voting for the Democratic candidate in their district compared with 35% who would support the Republican.


  • This gap is significantly wider than the generic House vote edge of 9 points (50% Democrats to 41% for Republicans) measured in a national Monmouth University Poll last month.


  • “In the five House seats currently held by a Republican, voter preference is split nearly evenly at 46% for the GOP candidate and 44% for the Democrat.”


  • ‘...the seven seats currently held by Democrats – 59% Dem to 28% GOP – is in line with the average 30 point advantage Democrats held in these districts in both 2016 (65% - 32%) and 2014 (62% - 36%).”

Based on the 17 page report, it appears the GOP Tax Scam, I mean Plan appears to be a heavy drag. You can read the full Monmouth Poll, via this 👉🏻link👈🏻

GOP Member of Congress:


retiring, resigning or not seeking Re-election...


I don’t know if the calculus is:

  • holy hell Trump is ruining the Grand Ol’ Party, or
  • traitor-tots know the walls are closing in, or
  • its members of Congress throwing in the towel, rhetorically shouting:


that’s it, DC is too broken, take your job & shove it”


Regardless of the resason(s) here we are less than 7 months before the mid-term elections and members of the GOP are dropping like flies. It’s a well known fact that mid-terms are rarely favorable for the current “party in power”.

The last example of a mid-term (figuratively speaking) blood bath was 2010. This was the “insurgence” of the “Tea Party”. In July 2017, The Brookings Institute published an interesting Report, entitled: 

“Does the opening predict a wave?”

👉🏻link 👈🏻to report 

The 2010 MidTerms resulted in the GOP

  • Gained 63 House Seats
  • Picked up 6 Senate Seats

Current State of the GOP, who’s in and out


GOP Senate as of 4/11/2018:

  1. Bob Corker, TN
  2. Jeff Flake, AZ
  3. Orrin Hatch, UT
  4. William Thad "Thad" Cochran, MS- resigned 4/1/18
  5. Jeff Sessions, AL. Confirmed as Attorney General on 2/7/17 


House GOP as of 4/11/2018:

  1. Speaker Paul Ryan, WI 🚨OUT -NOT SEEKING RE-ELECTION🚨
  2. William "Bill" Shuster, PA-9
  3. Robert William "Bob" Goodlatte, VA-6
  4. Charles W. "Charlie" Dent, PA-15
  5. Darrell Issa, CA-49
  6. David G. "Dave" Reichert, WA-8
  7. David Trott, MI-11
  8. Edward “Ed” Royce, CA-39
  9. Frank A. LoBiondo,  NJ-2
  10. Gregory "Gregg" Harper, MS-3
  11. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, FL-27
  12. Jeb Hensarling, TX-5
  13. Jim Bridenstine, OK-1
  14. Joe Linus Barton, TX-6
  15. John J. Duncan, Jr., TN-2
  16. Lamar Seeligson Smith, TX-21
  17. Lynn Jenkins, KS-2
  18. Patrick “Pat” Meehan, PA-7
  19. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, NJ-11
  20. Ryan Costello, PA-6
  21. Sam Johnson, TX-6
  22. Ted Poe, TX-2
  23. Thomas J. "Tom" Rooney, FL-17
  24. Trey Gowdy, SC-4
  25. Randolph Blake Farenthold, TX-27 resigned on 4/8/18
  26. Jason Chaffetz, UT-3, resigned 6/30/17
  27. Patrick J. Tiberi, OH-12, resigned 1/15/18
  28. Trent Frank, AZ-8, resigned 1/31/18
  29. Tim Murphy, PA-19, resigned 10/21/17
  30. Dennis Ross, FL-15, announced retirement 4/11/18


GOP House members who were appointed to Trump’s Cabinet 

  1. Thomas E. Price, GA-6, confirmed HHS 2/2017, resigned 9/2017
  2. Michael Richard "Mike" Pompeo. KS-4, confirmed as CIA Dir 1/23/17
  3. Michael "Mick" Mulvaney, SC-5, confirmed 2/16/17 OMB
  4. Ryan Zinke, MT-2, confirmed 3/1/17 DOI


GOP House members running for Governor (potentially vacating seat)

  1. Diane Black, TN-6, announced gubernatorial run 8/2/17
  2. Raúl Rafael Labrador, IA-1, announced gubernatorial run 5/9/17
  3. Ron DeSantis, FL-6, announced gubernatorial run 2/12/18
  4. Kristi L. Noem, SD-at large, announced gubernatorial run 1/29/18
  5. Stevan Edward "Steve" Pearce, TX-2, announced gubernatorial 7/7/17



Blue wave in 2018 MidTerms?

 As astutely observed by Rachael Maddow in her December of 2017 segment. You can rewatch her original segment via this 👉🏻link👈🏻

By the numbers. Maddow’s graph shows:

  • 2009 (for 2010 midterms) the GOP had 78 v Ds 40, almost 2 times as many
  • GOP viable House candidates, who raised >$5.000.00 


June 2017

data source The Brookings Institute & FEC


👇🏻September 2017👇🏻

391 Democrats v. 71 GOP 


The Question is: how many seats do the Democratics need to pick up in the 2018 MidTerms? 

Going in to the 2018 Midterms;

  • Republicans hold 241 seats in the House
  • Democrats hold 194 sears in the House 


🇺🇸the Democrats need a NET GAIN🇺🇸

of 24 House Seats

to win back the Majority in the House

I’d like to see the Dems pick up 6 Senate seats.

We will need 67 votes in the Senate for an impeachment trial 

Are you in?

Are you fired up and ready to go?

If the answer is HELL YES,  below are a few resources.

🇺🇸Indivisible - Adopt a District, 👉🏻Link👈🏻

🇺🇸Resisbot* 🤖link🤖

🇺🇸Democrats State Party 👉🏻LINK👈🏻

*my personal favorite app & no I’m not paid by them. Nonetheless I’m a fan of how easy their app is and the various options the app provides when I need to send (mostly respectful) but often times a hate-email to my House of Representative. She is the worst and a total Trump sycophant... -Spicy Out


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