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RUDY, what did you DO??? Part 3 of 5

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Posted on April 22 2018

Rudy Giuliani Part 3 of 5

Bracewell-Giuliani, LLP

circa March 2005 to Jan 2016


Rudy Giuliani Part 1 of 5, here 

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Notable Cases and Clients, during Giuliani’s tenur as a named partner at the firm.

February of 2017  


Bracewell Giuliani closed 3 “deals” >$1.65B

Tsesnabank -Tensa International B.V. -Almaty, Kazakhstan 


Bracewell & Giuliani acted as international issuer's counsel US $125M, see February 2007 Prospectus for London Exchange, here. The original notes due in 2010.

I would recommend you read pages: 8-10, 18, 27, 50 and 60. I’ll explain in further detail later, but suffice to say, it will help you understand the Regional Powerhouses, geopolitical risk factors and other “partners” in the Caspian region, specifically as it relates to Kazakhstan, Russia and Georgia. Also see pages 32, 76, 78 & 106, Deutschland Bank.



Bank CenterCredit - CenterCredit International B.V. JSC Bank CenterCredit

$500M, 8.625 per cent. 144a Notes due 2014. You can read the Jan 2007 Prospectus via the London Exchange offering, here.

I would also recommend you read pages 27, 31, 83, 87 again these describe the geopolitical landscape and other risk factors. Unlike the Tesenabank (see above) the Bank CenterCredit deal heavily relied on Deutsche Bank, see pages 20, 32-36, 90-93, 97, 128.



Bank TuranAlem - JSC Bank TuranAlem Finance BV,

$250M floating rates, 144a notes due 2009, $750M 8.25 per cent, 144a Notes due 2037. You can read the London Exchange Prospectus, here 

Of the three deals this one is the most problematic, not only due to the complex and corrupt previous president of Kazakhstan and his corrupt family. This particular deal is linked to numerous Oligarchs and Russia directly. Carefully read pages 8, 11-14, 27, 33, 37, 79-83. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say BTA Bank was Putin’s back up bank, 

and YES this is the SAME BTA Bank, where the former Kazakhstan  President  Mukhtar Ablyazo & family pulled a Viktor  Yanukovych with BTA bank and used it as their own personal piggy bank and then fled Kazakhstan. 

 Remember this Maddow Segment? No really you should rewatch it to understand why BTA Bank could be a slight problem for Rudy. 


And if that’s not enough, perhaps you should read this Zembla article, it walks you through Bracewell Giuliani formation of a Dutch Construction Company. Dang those emails. Every time.


Next up?

FEC reports, here 

Man Rudy you are in it. By “in it” I mean your at the front of the barrel going over the Victoria Falls.

Everywhere I turn either you or your law firm just pop up. How on earth cab you say that you warned your clients about Cambridge Analytica? No really of that major PACs or SuperPACs that hired you and your firm 6 of them cut millions of dollars to Cambridge Analytica during the 2015/2016 election cycle. These same clients then cut your firm checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Chinese wall my fanny, you and I both  know there’s no way you could silo Cambridge Analytica and your “legal” services. Which now brings me to your “other client”.



So Rudy, given how you feverishly walked back your Oct/Nov 2016 FBI leak. And how you pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth for a majority of 2017 and suddenly re-emerged a few weeks ago.

Did you join Trump’s failing legal defense team to inoculate yourself or are you wearing a wire? I’m kidding, sort of

And to be fair, it appears the Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association (FBIAA) has been a long standing  “Client” of Bracewell. Not to belabor the point, in 2005 Rudy joined Bracewell as a “named” partner, ergo:

Bracewell Giuliani, LLP 

According to Open Secrets, let’s just go ahead and itemize how much money the FBIAA paid;

FBIAA payments to Bracewell Giuliani, LLP, for lobbying, in whar appears to be an annual retainer fee.


  • 2005, FBIAA $108,000.00 link to report here 
  • 2006, FBIAA $108,000.00 link to report here
  • 2007 FBIAA, $144,000.00 link to report here 
  • 2008 FBIAA $144,000.00 link to report here you ran for president that year
  • 2009 FBIAA $144,000.00 link to report here
  • 2010 FBIAA $144,000.00 link to report here
  • 2011 FBIAA $156,000.00 link to report here
  • 2012 FBIAA $160,000.00 link to report here 
  • 2013 FBIAA $160,000.00 link to report here
  • 2014 FBIAA $160,000.00 link to report here
  • 2015 FBIAA $160,000.00 link to report here
  • 2016 FBIAA $160,000.00 link to report here 


RUDY..what did you DO???

I guess we need to talk about FARA # 5712 it’s the FARA number for your current firm. And listen to know Sandy Saunders was to love him. He was truly a legal gladiator. His booming voice and gregarious manner did in fact fill up an entire federal courtroom. And his laughter in an elevator made me carry ear plugs. He is deeply missed by those who knew him.

but we should talk about the $1.7million the Government of Turkey paid to GT Law for <6mons of work.

Lordy Rudy, why is it every law firm you go to, they end up in it and by in it I mean questionable clients:

  • Government ofthe Democratic Republic of f imor-Leste✔️
  • Council for the Final Delimination of Maritime Boundaries✔️
  • Palacio do Governo, West Building ✔️
  • Open Joint Stock Company Belaruskali (OJSC Belaruskali)✔️
  • Open Joint Stock Company Belarusian Potash Company (OJSC BPC)✔️
  • Government of Turkey✔️, May 2017 FARA filing here
  • complete FARA # 5712 (2004 to present) link here

March 2016 FARA filing, here November 2016 FARA filing here

-tired Spicy Out 

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