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Rudy Giuliani Part 5 of 5 Alfa Bank & Prevezon

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Posted on April 29 2018

Giuliani joins Trump’s failing legal team, here 

Giuliani Oct Suprise, FBI Leak, Part 2 of 5, here 

Giuliani clients, discussed in part 3 of 5,  here 

Giuliani Zarrab, Muslim Ban part 4 of 5, here 



United States v. Prevezon Holdings

Oh Rudy, your former client Alfa Bank

Case # 1:13-cv-06326  Appeals Case #  16‐132‐cv

Original (2013) Department of Justice Prevezon Complaint can be found (on the DOJ OPA website), found here  Most people overlook the Exhibits and footnotes in filings. You shouldn’t be like most people. Often times the Exhibits and footnotes contain interesting nuggets.

For example in the DOJ Prevenzon filings they included the following Money Chart,as Exhibit B. It cleanly explains how the Russian Treasury matriculated funds via multiple intermediaries (such as VTB Bank. SberbBank, Alpa Bank and other Russian Banks) via Moldova and eventually Prevezon’s Swiss held accounts.

Link to the DOJ Prevezon Case Exhibit, here.

Per the DOJ-OPA release detailing Prevezon Asset Forfeiture, which reads in part:

“Members of the criminal organization, and associates of those members, have also engaged in a broad pattern of money laundering in order to conceal the proceeds of the fraud scheme.

In a complex series of transfers through shell corporations, the $230 million from the Russian treasury was laundered into numerous accounts in Russia and other countries.

A portion of the funds stolen from the Russian treasury passed through several shell companies into PREVEZON HOLDINGS, LTD., a Cyprus-based real estate corporation that is a defendant in the forfeiture action.

PREVEZON HOLDINGS laundered these fraud proceeds into its real estate holdings, including investment in multiple units of high-end commercial space and luxury apartments in Manhattan, and created multiple other corporations, also subject to the forfeiture action, to hold these properties.“

Link to the DOJ-OPA 2013 press release here

What I found interesting was the May 2017 DOJ & Prevezon Stipulation Order. I refer you to pages, 7-10 and signatory pages 13 & 14, respectively. Look at the other Countries, specifically Netherlands. I am a bit curious why it took the defendants nearly 8 months to sign the Stipulation Order. Link to the DOJ Stipulation Order, here

May 2017 DOJ-OPA press release, here


The timeframe plays a critical role here 2007-2008. Why? 

2008 Alfa-Bank Giuliani, the Award of Excellence 


See Alfa Bank’s 2008 press release, here archive link, here

Granted, on its face the Alfa-Bank award appears to be innocuous, right? Well this is where the convergence Veselniyskaya, Anatoli Samochornov, the FBI NYC field office may (operative word) converge. I’m pretty sure this has largely unnoticed. Link to the FBI 2010 press release, here archived link here 




Anatoli Samochornov

was a State Department “contractor” as detailed on Samochornov LinkedIn page, found here



Anatoli Samochornov & Interpreter Boutique.

You can read his resume here. Take note of his “clients” funny how they match with the DOJ Prevezon Money flow chart, no?



Glenn Simpson Senate Judiciary Testimony Transcript I refer you to pages 107, 136-137 (substantive) and 256, respectively Anatoli Samochornov.  Link here


So here’s my theory, again please take it with a grain of salt and be skeptical, it won’t offend me.  My caveat Counterintelligence, IC, Ops are NOT my wheelhouse. I’m a novice on these incredibly complex matters. What I noticed are the multiple commonalities, such as :

  • Alfa Bank
  • Giuliani
  • Veselniyskaya
  • the (not so) random translator Samochornov that also accompanied Veselnitskaya during the Prevezon hearings AND her 2016 Trump Tower meeting, 


Question: is Alfa Bank really a bank or are they potentiall a front for Russian Intelligence that grooms college students?


Alfa Bank’s scholarships & educational programs:

    • Alfa Bank Fellowship Link here  archive here
    • Alpa Bank Award of Excellence, here  archive link here
    • Alfa Bank chance program, here (notice 2nd paragraph) ties Giuliani.
    • Alfa Bank on Trump Tower server, here archived here

Alfa Bank 2008 Special Report

And my final thoughts and parting gift to you, Alfa Bank 2008 “Special Report” with photographic evidence that Giualini accepted the Alfa Bank award and hob knobbed with his then client (via Giuliani Partners) Alfa Bank. Link here 



RUDY OH RUDY...Yes of course I archived it, the internet saves everything. Archived link here 


Also remember that time Trump tapped Rudy Giuliani to head up his Cyber-Security initiative? Which makes this Bloomberg Interview all the more curious.


Given that Giuliani Partners has rebranded to Giuliani Security & Safety, Link to his firm’s rebranded website, here  their areas of expertise found here

Almost one year to the day, Giuliani’s Firm in the Ukraine, official Ukrainian Government press release here 

And lastly, Giuliani was a Trump Campaign Surrogate, part of the Trump Transition, named as Chair of Transition Cyber Security Taskforce, claimed Trump tapped him to write the Muslim Ban and then recanted in a 2017 Affidavit during the Zarrab trial, see Giuliani Affidavit here

Let’s not forget this is WHO👇🏻Giuliani is, 

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