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Rudy Giuliani Part 4 of 5

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Posted on April 28 2018

The curious Turkish Gold Case

Reza Zarrab...and Giuliani 


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If you recall in March of 2017 I started monitoring & tweeting numerous threads about the Prevezon & Zarrab cases, both in the SDNY. At the time I theorized that viewing these two cased independently of each other was a folly. I do not believe in coincidences, at all.

As previously discussed in Part 3, Giuliani’s current firm Greenberg Traurig (GT Law) has long Client history with Turkey. A cursory look at GT Law’s FARA filings supports this assertion. Because I am prone to go back and check my previous research, see GT Law’s March 2018 FARA # 5712, here 

GT Law subject to the Ts & Cs of the February 2018 “services Agreement with  “Turkey” identifies three additional subcontractors, listed below:

MRC - Monthly Reoccuring Revenue, TCV - Total Contract Value  

  • Captiol Consulting, LLC, FARA # 6328 MRC $36K TCV $360K
  • LB International Solutions, LLC, FARA# 6210 MRC $22.5K TCV $225K
  • Daschle Group, FARA # 6280 MRC $36K TCV $360K




What I’m most curious about is GT Law’s FARA filings during 2017, specifically during March 2017 to February 2018, when Rudy Giuliani was hired by Zarrab. To make this easier for you, I ran a universal FARA Report for GT Law. Link to report here Again not to belabor the issue, do NOT focus on the name, use the one data point that never changes, the actual FARA #

United States v. Zarrab 1:15-cr-00867


To say the Zarrab Case is complicated, that’s a gross understatement. The Government believed that Zarrab was the “criminal mastermind”, responsible for laundering millions of dollars in transactions from 2010 to 2015. Zarrab created a web of companies, many of which were based in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. These shell companies primary goal was to circumvent the U.S. sanctions and essentially aiding “Iran and other entities”.


In March of 2016, Federal Law Enforcement arrested Zarrab who was in Miami with his family heading to Disney for a family vacation. Where things go off the rails is Zarrab’s “connections to the highest levels of the Turkish Government”. President Erdogan made several request to our Government to withdraw the Zarrab Case. Erdogan went so far as to blame the recent coup in Turkey on exiled cleric Gulen. Yes the same Gulen that purportedly Gen Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Advisor allegedly hatched a plan to kidnap and “deliver” Gulen to Erdogan 


As such during Zarrab’s initial bail hearing Prosecutors stated: “sophisticated, well-connected, international businessman with immense wealth and influence," Prosecutors also  asserted that Zarrab made some $4.5M in donations to Erdogan’s wife’s charity, Togem-Der as detailed in Zarrab’s Indictment. In the simplist of Terms, Zarrab turned and became a cooperating witness, shortly after hiring Rudy Giuliani. 


Original Zarrab Indictment, here 

Zarrab Superseding Indictment, here 


According to the Zarrab case docket report on March 28, 2017 & on April 5, 2017 the Judge ordered Messers Giuliani, Mukasey & Brafman to submitt Affidavits as to why there “are no conflict of interest”.

Now do you understand why I went in to such great detail regarding GT Law’s FARA filings?




It should be noted, that Judge Richard Berman excoriated both Giuliani and Mukasey’s respective Affidavits:

“Most respectfully, the Giuliani and Mukasey affidavits appear surprisingly disingenuous in failing to mention the central role of Iran in the indictment,”

The Judge later added “that the affidavits omit any mention of Iran altogether”.


The three affidavits open source link, here


The other overlooked variable is the “timing” of Giuliani’s hard push to represent Zarrab and what occurred in the SDNY March 2017. Yes that’s when AUSA Preet Bharara was unceremoniously fired by President Trump. Which makes Giuliani’s proposed Diplomatic “prisoner swap” Zarrab for Pastor Bronson who’s represented by Jay Sekulow, yes the same Sekulow who’s Trump’s attorney somewhat noteworthy. 


Nonetheless the Court ordered two Curcio Hearings and Ordered multiple Affidavits from Giuliani and Mukasey. See link to the various questions proposed in the Curcio Hearing. Link here 


During a May of 2017 Rudy Giuliani litterally blurted out that he had nothing to do with the Trump Muslim Ban during a Curcio hearing, it was odd. And once again the Judge ordered Giuliani file a second affidavit. See item # 7


 Which flies in the face of what Rudy Giuliani publicly stated about his role and purpose of the “Muslim Ban”



One thing to keep in mind this was shortly after Giuliani & Mukasey traveled to Turkey and met with President Erdogan. According to this 2017 Reuters Article, which reads in part:

“The two men traveled to Turkey shortly after Feb. 24 to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Giuliani, an ally of President Donald Trump, discussed the trip in advance with then-U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who brought the charges against Zarrab, Brafman said, while Mukasey conferred with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.”

Link to Reuters Article here 




As if Rudy Giuliani participation’s in the Reza Zarrab Case couldn’t get any more Hollywood-esq  there is and still remains considerable speculation that Zarrab may (operative word) have been the conduit for Mike Flynn and his ill conceived plan to kidnap Turkish Cleric Gulen. It should be noted that Gulen is lawfully living in exil in America. Meaning an American retired General had numerous discussions on kidnapping a foreign national on US Soil and sending said foreign national back to Turkey. This is a Wall Street Journal Interview with former CIA Director Woolsey prior to Flynn’s guilty plea. It is worth watching. 



The point of this? Simple... Rudy Giuliani is up to his eyeballs in “it” and by “it” I mean some highly questionable activities that include, Turkey, Trump, Flynn and Trump. Again I have no evidence to prove Giuliani has flipped but I’d say if he was smart he should be working with Special Counsel Mueller’s Office versus Donald Trump. 


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