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Show me the NRA Russian money honey

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Posted on July 16 2018

For a refresher, see previous entries


During the March 16th entry I ruminated that the Lawmakers and possibly the Investigators have the dates wrong. They seem to be focused on the 2015/2016 Election Cycle. I maintain that they should be looking at the NRA’s 2011-ish financials.

Yet upon further reflection and additional research, my own timeline may in fact be incorrect. As such I’d like to amend my previous timeline to: circa 2008/09.


The National Rifle Association IDs/Affiliate Orgs, 4 total:

  • NRA EIN: 53-0116130 FEC ID: C00053553
  • NRA-PVF (Party Victory Fund) PAC
  • FEC ID: C00053553 

What I’m most interested in:


Unitemized individual contributions in 2017/2018 $8,258,066.48



    NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action)*
      • FEC ID: C900133010



      *For those who don’t know, the NRA-ILA is NOT required, pursuant to our current FEC laws to disclose or itemize incoming donations. This is hugely problematic because this overt loophole can (and most likely IS) exploited to further shield dark or possibly foreign money leaching into our elections.

      In the Spring of 2017 the FEC sent multiple letters to the aforementioned NRA entities because their FEC filings were, incomplete. But more importantly the mathematics of what the NRA reported in donations versus disbursements, well it was like Trump University Math.

      Link to the April 2017 FEC letters to NRA-PVF

      FEC letters to NRA-PVF 2017



      NRA’s letter to Sen Wyden…

      Late yesterday afternoon Senator Ron Wyden released a previously unpublished 3 page letter from the NRA. Presumably his office received on March 19, 2018.  Let’s go ahead and dissect the NRA’s letter, shall we?

      NRA letter to Senator Wyden

      March 19, 2018 NRA letter to Sen Wyden


      I’ve read this letter four times and each time I am struck by the linguistic tight rope that the NRA used. Granted the NRA is under an immense amount of pressure, in my opinion, rightfully so. On page 1 of the NRA’s response, I’m struck that the NRA confirms:


      • the NRA has various accounts in which they report to the FEC
      • 1) NRA states unequivocally: “No Funds from foreign persons”
      • notce the NRA never offers any proclamation of Foreign entities
      • Yet the NRA never mentions the NRA-ILA


      Notice how the NRA carefully threads the dark money needle? In their letter to Senator Wyden, they all offer information about “the time period” 2015/2016. The NRA’s self discipline to narrow their response to this time frame. How very pedestrian of them. Although you sort of have to give them credit or at the minimum think;  man the NRA must pay their General Counsel handsomely, doh…no they don’t, but I digress. This NRA letter really is grade AAA in obfuscation.


      On one hand the NRA actually confirms they do receive Foreign Moneies but the NRA offers zero insight as to where the money comes from or which account the NRA has deposited said money.

      Also for the record if you close a letter with:

      • I trust this resolves your concerns about this matter”

      That’s probably not the best “letter closing” or denunciations or valediction, at all.

      I mean that sentence just screams: hey don’t believe all the words you just read in our letter. We know you’re on to us. But we will play the subterfuge game until you haul our butts into a Congressional Hearing.

      Also I may or may NOT have found the NRA’s audit, oh come on, I’m totally messing with you. I totes found it…I am like a dog with a bone, I’ll keep digging until I find what I’m searching for…

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