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Roger Stone Court Filing 3/11/2019

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Posted on March 11 2019

Because diving into a 127+ page filing by Roger Stone is exactly what any rational human being wants to do after a long work day. NYET


Get me Roger Stone...

or hard pass


Listen here you intractable phuckwit, your “motion to clarify” was summarily DENIED and now you want to get mouthy with the Judge? I regret that you, the defendant drew a contrary impression that your duckery would totes normal. Seriously

ROGER, THE GOVERNMENT FILED THEY HAVE MILLIONS OF PAGES & 4+ Terabytes in non “hot-list” items and you filed this garbage?


Moving on to paragraph 2, what you are about to read is what I’m going to copyright as the Stone-Shit-Talking. He and his attorneys are engaged in a full circle of subterfuge and unpersuasive “arguments” noticed that they only offer the months (January and February respectively) versus actual dates. The last I checked a publisher and editor give “writers” (I’m using that term entirely loosely) specific dates/deadlines. So I would expect the Judge to want Stone “locked” in to exact dates as to properly establish an actual timeline.


Now moving on to paragraph 3, BEJESUS ROGER...WHY ARE YOU and YOUR ATTORNEYS SHOUTING??? No really Roger have your attorneys read the local DC Rules on formatting, found here, specially read page 20. Here I even highlighted the pertinent sections for you & your attorneys




Again Roger...WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING...gawd. Also notice how Stone slipped in  ‘any other online vendor was on January 18, 2019...”

Introduction was made available for viewing to and Google books or any other online vendor was on January 18, 2019. They could choose to make them publicly available any time after they received them.


The next portion of Stone’s filing is he’s straddling multiple lanes, there are a few clues that Stone knows exactly what it is he is doing. By invoking “exact date unknown” and words like “aproxximate” and “no recollection of” theses types of colloquialism are meant to give the defendant wiggle room. 



I could be wrong but this appears to be Stone’s actual defense strategy, feign “I can not recall”

To put this in frank terms, I do not believe for one New York minute that Stone was “unaware” of the publication date or that his Instagram Account was/is  managed by someone else. What is it with Team-Trump? These grown ass men can not or will not accept responsibility for their conduct.

“the various platform and location releases were not immediately known to him, although he had knowledge they had been printed and that there had been at least one commercial sale. Mr. Stone instructed Mr. Smith to send the new introduction to the others on his team for review. “


Sure Jan. Sure. Stone would have us all to believe he’s completely innocent and he’s clean as an Eagle Scout, because he’s a law abiding dude that has freaking Nixon tattooed on his back. I could be wrong but I’m a 100% confident the following written response is total bullpucky:

Seriously what fresh hell am I reading? This is one of the worst briefs I’ve read in a long time. It made my head hurt because this is what Stone & Trump do. They throw a bunch of fecal matter on to the wall just to see what sticks. While having a circular argument.

There was/is no intention to hide anything. The new introduction, post February 21, 2019, presented a question we tried, obviously clumsily, to address. Having been scolded, we see only to defend Mr. Stone and move ahead without further ado.

 Stone’s March 11, 2019 Filing Found Here (full disclose I didn’t read all the Attachments 

Exhibit A here 

Exhibit B found here ( I like how the foreign translation sections are all redacted, it’s a nice touch ...nyet

Exhibit C - found here.Stone’s instagram post/stories.

Exhibit D -found here, email exchanges with Stone’s literary agent  and Stone’s Counsel of Record 

 Seriously Stone just dumped >330 pages...

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  • PilatesQueen: March 13, 2019

    Roger Dodger thinks he’s slick and that rain drops slide right off his backside. But it appears Judge Berman is giving him his requested amount of rope plus some.

    I’m just waiting for the BOOM!

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