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Posted on March 15 2019





Turns out that Rick Gates is still cooperating and the joint Status Report states:


defendant Gates continues to cooperate with respect to several ongoing investigations, and accordingly the parties do not believe it is appropriate to commence the sentencing process at this time.



NONE of this should surprise you.


And while some might overlook this status report, I’d like to remind you:




Not to belabor the point, a vast majority of political and legal pundits got this wrong. As recent as this morning several were vociferously arguing that Gates’ cooperation has (notice the past tense) reached its end and that Special Counsel’s Investigation is effectively over. That SCO Mueller has (notice the past tense, again) completed his report and we should expect said report in late February 2019.

I do not understand why the media continues runs with this (false flag) narrative or why they choose to believe and then amplify this disinformation. The likely culprit are always Team-Traitor-Thots...Giuliani who can not keep his mouth shut. Because according to Trump et al Mueller’s Report was completed on or about February 26, 2019.

NewsFlash it is NOW March 15, 2019 and we still do NOT have confirmation from Special Counsel Mueller’s Office that his Report is done. Below are a few factually based rationales of why I refuse to believe anonymous reports that Mueller’s investigation is winding down.

We know that Special Counsel Mueller’s team does not leak, they are a black box and only speak through court filings.


        • January 2019, DC Chief Judge Howell extended the Grand Jury Term, pursuant to local rules it could extend for an additional six months. 
        • Mystery Company A & Foreign Country A, still awaiting SCOTUS determination. See archived twitter thread.
        • Flynn’s Joint Status Report, seeking a 90 day continuance
        • Giuliani predicted Mueller’s Investigation “would end in two weeks” based on his pronouncement, that was May 2018, see archived twitter thread.
        • Rick Gates recent FBI 302s. see entry here.


With respect to Rick Gates, remember he was in Trump’s orbit throughout the 2016 Campaign, the Trump Inauguration, the Presidential Transition and was last spotted visiting the White House in late June 2017. Also do not forget that Tom Barrack hired Gates shortly after January 20, 2017 and terminated Gates’ employment with Barrack’s company shortly after the October 2017 indictment.

With respect to Special Counsel Mueller’s Report, this was amplified by nearly all news outlets on February 22, 2019...even if we are to take the Justice Department’s statement at face value that would have meant the SCO Report would have been submitted to the Attorney General on or about March 3, 2019. Yet still no such report or acknowledgement from Attorney General Barr.


If you are asking me what areas do I -think- Gates is fully and forthrightly extending his cooperation...specifically I’d say with zero reservation:



NUCLEAR DEALS with Saudi Arabia ( George Nader )


Even though my twitter account is no more, the funny thing is my awesome trolls/stalkers actually archived a large swath of my research. See this archive of my deeper dive into Trump’s Inaugural Committee, found here and here.

See my previous Twitter Account where I aggregated why Tom Barrack is in it, Archive found here.

See my previous 2017 Twitter thread highlighting the trenche of letters from Senator Feinstein, Archive found here.

See previous 2018 archived twitter thread regarding Manafort-Gates trial and Manafort’s strategy, found here.

This archived thread I pointed out that Manafort’s lease agreement had Gates listed.

And this archived thread from a few weeks ago concerning the August 2016 Grand Havana Room meeting with Kilimnik, Manafort and Gates. (it is still vexing to me that some of my threads are only available on Yandex’s archive whereas American based cached pages no longer show my old twitter account, that’s not weird at all, right?)


Firtash Update:

Granted Firtash is my pet, occasionally I like to play with him but oddly not that many people on twitter have given much credence to the ongoing and confounding random twist and turns to the Firtash matter.

see my archived twitter thread, found here. But the scoop-lette is just a few moments ago one of Firtash’s defense attorney withdrew:



Defendant Dmitry Firtash, pursuant to Local Rule 83.17, respectfully requests that the Court grant leave for Alison S. Cooney to withdraw as counsel in the above-captioned matter. In support of this motion,


 It is a bit unusual because there isn’t a clear reason stated why she is withdrawing but this is also the first docket activity since October 2018. See docket report below:


 Update #1 

I inadvertently overlooked that yesterday a new attorney entered an appearance in the Firtash matter, see below:


-SpicyFiles Out... 



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  • Marie G: March 16, 2019

    Thank you for breaking down the delay and for noticing a new counsel for Firtash. I appreciate your perspective. Looks like we’re heading into an exciting summer.

  • Denise Louise: March 15, 2019

    Always appreciate your perspective Spicy! Please know that I read your work everyday even if I don’t comment. I lurve you!!!

  • Julie Kay: March 15, 2019

    Thanks Spicy!

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