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Rep Ed Royce better call Saul…

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Posted on April 26 2018

In January 2018 it was largely reported that Rep Ed Royce would NOT seek re-election. This curious proclamation by Rep Royce left a lot of people in DC a bit shocked. Partly because Rep Royce holds a LOT of power as the Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee
Rep Royce's Aide tweeted his statement, announcing his retirement:

A short while ago the Associated Press published the following article.

AP Article Nadler, Broidy & Rep Royce


Suffice to say. I think we might know why. Rep Royce isn’t seeking re-election


  • “George Nadler purportedly wired $2.5 million to the Trump fundraiser, Elliott Broidy, through a company in Canada”


  • “Broidy sponsored a conference on Qatar’s alleged ties to Islamic extremism. During the event, Republican Congressman Ed Royce of California, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, announced he was introducing legislation that would brand Qatar as a terrorist-supporting state.”


Also of interest, Rep Royce’s wife, Marie was nominated by Trump in January of 2018 to be the: Assistant Secretary of State, Educational and Cultural Affairs. See White House January 2018 Announcement

Trump Admin Appointment of Marie Royce


With respect to Rep Royce’s pivot on Qatar, see June 2017 Video of public remarks slamming Qatar here

Rep Royce June 2017 Anti Qatar Remarks


Rep Royce then went on to send out this Press Release, link below

Rep Royce June 2017 Press Release Qatar & Hamas


  • A few months AFTER Rep Royce “introduced the bill, Broidy gave the California congressman $5,400 in campaign gifts”
  • “just under $600,000 that Broidy has given to GOP members of Congress and Republican political committees since he began the push for the legislation fingering Qatar, according to an AP analysis of campaign finance disclosure records.”


I am fairly certain that EVERY member of Congress who accepted any campaign contribution from Elliot Broidy will either resign or possibly be ensnared in the SCO Mueller Investigation.


As such, I ran an FEC Report for you. FEC Elliot Broidy Campaigm Contributions, exclusively GOP*


Eliott Broidy $600K donations to GOP Lawmakers

*when I ran the FEC Report the ONLY criteria I used was; Elliot Broidy, at the time I did NOT realize he had given exclusivity to the GOP. Every GOP member of Congress that Broidy donated to, welp I’d put money on they are comprised 

And of course our liddle, Russian Comrade, Devin Nunes. Here I’ll write it in Russian so he can understand 


вы предатель.
Россия владеет вами
вызовите обработчик и запросите извлечение

And here’s the curve ball, Rep Royce has an “official” YouTube channel, can anyone explain to me why he has this video listed as part of his playlist on his “official” channel?

Is the ENTIRE GOP compromised? No really is the whole party now the Gang of Putin..

We know that Prosecutor General of the Ukraine formally launched a probe into Broidy’s multi-million dollar lobbying contract, as exclusively reported by Al Jazeera, article here 

I swear it’s just a never ending drip, drip, drip...-Spicy Out

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