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Posted on May 20 2018

Late night Filing by SCO Mueller

In total 280 pages, that’s a lot of info that is now in the public domain. So let’s coffee talk about the filing.

Manafort’s Civil Complaint asserts;

  • Special Counsel statute precludes SCO Mueller from Investigating matter predating Manafort & Gates joining the Trump Campaign.


  • Manafort argues that the Special Counsel Statue is “unchecked” and Mueller has “cashed that check” and “carte blanche to investigate and pursue criminal charges in connection with anything he stumbles across while investigating, no matter how remote from the specific matter identified as the subject of the Appointment Order.”


  • Manafort further asserts that the criminal indictments; “The principle that government must be both limited in power and accountable to the people lies at the core of our constitutional traditions. That principle must be zealously guarded against creeping incursions...”


  • Concluding, that the  “DOJ granted Mueller too much power by giving him the latitude to investigate “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation..”


  • Manafort also asserts: since last August SCO Mueller and his investigators have issued more than 100 subpoenas, nearly of which are solely related to Manafort & Gates’ lobbying. Reaching as far back as Jan. 1, 2005 and seeking respective documents.


December 13, 2017 during a public House Judiciary Committee Hearing, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein stated:

  • “I discussed that with Director Mueller when he started, and we've had ongoing discussion about exactly what is within the scope of his investigation. And, to the extent there was any ambiguity about it, he's received my permission to include those matters within his investigation,”


  • “It's a clarification, in most cases….And I'm accountable for what they're doing, and I need to know what they're doing”

And as a refresher course, 28 CFR §600 et seq, entitled General Powers of the Special Counsel 👈🏻 this statute was originally promulgated by the same cretita for the law Congress allowed to expire years ago. 

As previously mentioned, late last night the Government filed a response to Manafort’s Civil Complaint. 

Exhbit C 




If I were Trump or a former White House and/or Trump campaign Staffer...seeing this Memo, Authorization and redactions, I’d be terrified.

Why? Based on this memo, it’s super clear that DAG Rosenstein:

  1. Gave Mueller’s team written Authorization to investigate Manafort & Gates’ “Lobbying” business 
  2. The Jurisdiction has widened, 28 CFR §600.4 (b)
  3. The redactions oh so many redactions.


See the last 2 paragraphs?

No fuzz, DAG Rosenstein granted SC Mueller and his team additional “Jurisdiction”. Which pretty much means Manafort’s Civil Complaint is fatally flawed.

Although part of me thinks this was a strategic move by Manafort and by proxy Trump. By filing this frivolous civil complaint, it somewhat puts SC Mueller in a position where, he may have to show some of his cards. 


See 28 CFR §600.4 (b) as cited in DAG Rosenstein August 2, 2017 Memo, granting SC Mueller “additional Jurisdiction”


Later tonight I’ll dive deeper into the Government’s response to Manafort’s frivolous civil complaint. Although I’m hoping the Judge sees right through Manafort’s strategy and dismisses his Civil Complaint with prejudice. In some ways I think this is also an end run to last November’s gag order.

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