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Posted on March 18 2018

President Donald Trump throwing paper towels to hurricane victims. 
Oh how very Presidential of him...NYET

Hurricane Maria, 6 months later


Hurricane Maria caused roughly $100 billion in damage to Puerto Rico. This devastating hurricane left millions of American Citizens without electricity, clean drinking water. Six yes SIX months later still 16% of the Island does NOT have power. In numerical terms: that’s nearly 200,000 families and businesses.


  • to date FEMA has only approved $1.15 Billion  in individual/families  assistance grants, going to households.
  • $634 Million for housing repairs
  • FEMA has also approved $558 million in public assistance grants for infrastructure projects, such as; repairs to bridges, roads and government buildings.
  • FEMA continues to deny indivual claims at an unprecedented rate.
  1. The above data points were sourced from FEMA 3/16/2018 Press Release. Here’s a link to my source materialFEMA PR 3/16/18 6 months after Hurricane Maria


Think about it, if you don’t have power, do you have access to the Internet or other Telecommunications to file and/or appeal a FEMA claim? Probably NOT.

Notwithstanding if you or someone you know have a FEMA claim and it has been decided, here’s a legal resource for you to assist with filing an appeal. Legal Aid, Appealing FEMA denial

Earlier today I was researching my favorite pet project, Sec Zinke and WhiteFish. And literally stumbled upon the following March 16, 2018 4 page letter from Rafael “Tatito” Hernández Montañez, District 11 Representante to FEMA Office of Inspector General. Detailing what appears to be what appears to be overt price gouging. Involving PREPA, WhiteFish & a host of other contractors.



letter to FEMA OIG re Price Gouging in Puerto Rico

A few examples:

  • 5kw Gas Generator PR $1,692 vPRHD $4,047 = $2,355 mark up
  • 40 Gallons of Waer PR $597 v PRHD $1,288 = $680 mark up
  • Bathroom Sink PR $221 v PRHD $725 = $503 mark up


Maybe I’m alone in my thinking, it’s just unconscionable to me that FEMA and/or PREPA contractors would gouging fellow citizens. Sadly it appears natural disasters can and do bring out the VERY worst in people. Meaning these FEMA/PREPA contractors should be hauled in front of Congress and explain to our lawmakers why they would take advantage of our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico.


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