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Posted on April 23 2018


Scott Pruitt:

a thief, a liar, a fraud, ethically bankrupt. 



as previously discussed, here and here . Yet we are STILL on Sec Pruitt watch.


It is incomprehensible to me that EPA Secretary Pruitt has spent >$3,100,750.00 on 24/7/365 Security Cost. When asked by the Media about..”significant death threats”, the FOIA records indicated that the EPA and Sec Pruitt’s office, lied and lied some more.


Fox News (I’m using that term loosely) Tweet:

 It’s almost as if Fox News is amplying Sec Pruitt’s nonsense and giving Pruitt cover for his $3M+ largesse, of which we the tax payers are paying for.


president Trump’s 4/8/2018 Tweet  

As this April 7, 2018 tweet from Award Winning Investigative Report Jason Leopold, he submitted a FOIA request to the EPA for any records of “death threats” Sec Pruitt received...


In January 2018 E&E News Published an article, link here.


From the E&E News Article:

“In an interview with E&E News, Patrick Sullivan, EPA's assistant IG for investigations, said the watchdog opened roughly 70 threat probes in fiscal 2017, including cases and complaints related to EPA facilities and personnel. That surpassed the total of about 45 such probes into threats against EPA from fiscal 2016...”

Sullivan also said “Pruitt has faced more threats than his immediate predecessors, former administrators Gina McCarthy and Lisa Jackson.”

‘He has had significantly more threats directed against him. There's absolutely no question about it," Sullivan said.”


Based on various Public Reporting from multiple trustworthy News Organizations, I can only conclude, the EPA Assistance Inspector General and/or Secretary Pruitt are exaggerating or they are flat out lying. 

(ps death threats are bad and it’s never okay to send them, so don’t do it)


Embedded in the E&E article are 3 records E&E News obtained via FOIA. The EPA disclosed this June 2017 Twitter threat made agains Sec Pruitt & Senate Leader McConnell. Link to E&E News FOIA-EPA June 2017, twitter threat here, as the June 2017 Report indicates, EPA Security viewed it as a non-threat. 




This is the second record embedded in the E&E News Article linker above. In March of 2017 a person mailed an “obscene postcard” to Secretary Pruit. YES, you are reading that correctly, some yahoo mailed an obscene postcard. Again E&E News obtained this March/April 2017 EPA report via FOIA. Link to E&E News FOIA here



When I say Sec Pruitt is a BIGLY walking Ethics violation. No really he is. Remember that insane DC Condo rental for $50 per night, you know the one his secrurity detail had to ram the door open and we as tax payers paid $2,460.00 to the condo association for the damage? Oh you forgot about that FUBAR too?


Top Senate & House Democrats Letter:

  • Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), Environment and Public Works Committee,
  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.)
  • Representatives Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), Ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, 
  • Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) and Don Beyer (D-Va.)


These lawmakers sent a scathing letter to Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.)


transmitting new documents that they have obtained regarding the security sweep of his office performed prior to construction.



By all  appearances Sec Pruitt’s ongoing misappropriation of Tax Payer Funds, may have reached a boiling point.  


The lawmakers letter states, in part:

“Documents provided to us from within EPA indicate that as of March 2017, the Administrator’s office was not cleared for classified communications. The phone booth, which was installed months later, appears to be a ‘privacy booth’ installed by a vendor that describes itself as a ‘manufacturer and distributor of acoustical products’ whose mission is ‘to solve sound and noise control problems to improve every environment of your life.’

“Even if the phone booth itself is authorized to receive top secret communications, that would mean classified information is being received in an otherwise not-secured location, preventing the Administrator from discussing it with any other cleared person. EPA already has two Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (known as ‘SCIFs’) in its Washington DC headquarters which do not suffer from this infirmity.”


The lawmakers letter goes on to state the following:

“ In addition, we are providing unclassified but non-public documents that also cast doubt on EPA’s spending on enhanced security measures and the process used for obtaining them.  Senators Carper and Whitehouse have previously written to EPA with concerns that Pasquale ‘Nino’ Perrotta, the Acting Special Agent in Charge of Administrator Pruitt’s security detail, improperly directed a contract to his business partner Edwin Steinmetz…”

”These new documents raise serious questions about EPA’s security expenditures.  They also raise questions about the role Mr. Perrotta played selecting Mr. Steinmetz for a security sweep, particularly after being advised by EPA officials that such sweeps are governed by National Security Council regulations.”  


Their letter closes with:

 ‘Given the latest developments and these new documents, we believe these and related matters are ripe for additional document requests to EPA and that Administrator Pruitt should testify about all of these matters immediately..”


You can read the newly released letter, here.


As a general rule, if a public servant has credible threats made, I’m okay with said agency spending money for security measures. What I am NOT okay with is Sec Pruitt basically robbing tax payers to the tune of millioms of dollars.

Trump chants “Drain The Swamp”, but apparently Trump supporters and a vast majority of Congressional Republicans are perfectly fine with Sec Pruitt wasting millioms of dollars of OUR funds. The hypocrisy is off the charts bad.

Clearly the GOP Trump-branded party:  no longer fiscal conservatives.

Imagine if you will...What if Presidents Obama, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, Clinton or Carter brought their adult children to the White House, two of whom can not obtain the clearance required for their job. Or having numerous cabinet members with overt conflicts and engage in this type of unethical behavior. What happened to Fiduciary Duty? Oh wait that’s right we have a so called president who refuses to release his taxes, never created an actual blind trust and has more conflicts then all past presidential administrations, combined.

With respect to Sec Pruitt, I blame the lawmakers who voted for his appointment. The reality is, had they or their staff taken the time to review Pruitt’s ethical issues in his home state of Oklahoma, then Pruitt should have NEVER been confirmed.

Yes Senator Manchin and Heitkamp I’m looking right at both of you. You broke with the Senate Democrats and voted FOR Pruitt. Own it and I hope you will each urge Pruitt to resign otherwise just change your party affiliation now. Link to Senate Roll Call Vote -Pruitt Confirmation link, here.

-Spicy Out

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