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Posted on April 15 2018

 🚨Update 4/16/2018 H.R. 5505 introduced🚨


H.R. 5505 also:

  • Establishes parameters for removal, including misconduct, dereliction of duty, and conflict of interest;
  • Requires a written notice explaining the reason(s) for removal as well as the effective date of removal;
  • Allows challenges to the removal to be filed and reviewed by a court of three judges;
  • Retroactively applies to any special counsel appointed on or after January 1, 2017


Reps Dent Charlie Dent (PA-15) & Peter Welch (VT-AL) HR5505


  • “introduced the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, bipartisan legislation that protects the integrity of independent investigations by ensuring judicial review if a special counsel is removed.”


  • Rep Dent: “Independent investigations must be given the resources needed to carry out their investigations and the assurance that they have the authority and public confidence to see them through to conclusion,”


  •  “Jeopardizing the trust in these counsels paralyzes our political processes and will surely lead to devastating consequences for our established system of checks and balances.”


  • Rep Wilson: “Special prosecutors like Robert Mueller play an important role in upholding this foundational building block of the American democracy. Our legislation will ensure that Special Counsel Mueller will be able to do his job unfettered by political influence or threats to his authority."


🚨Update 4/16/2018 DOJ Alumni Statement 🚨

Hundreds not a handful, but hundreds of former Department of Justice Employees signed this letter urging Congress to pass legislation that would protect Special Counsel Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein. You can read the letter, in its entirety 👉🏻link👈🏻



Bipartisanship appears DOA in the House


Every time I hear Speaker Ryan or his GOP Brethern hit the Cable News networks, espousing:

”I have assurances his firing is not under consideration”


“we have a system based the rule of law in our Country”


I literally roll my eyes so hard that I’m pretty sure I can see the back of my own head.

Apparently Speaker Ryan is either willfully ignorant or he is complicit or he’s incompetent.  Ryan holds immense power, he alone specifically controls what bills are heard/voted on.

 Case in point, Speaker Ryan in his own words just a few weeks ago.

H.R.3654 - Special Counsel Independence Protection Act

Introduced by Rep Jackson-Lee, (D, TX) on August 15, 2017. H.R.3654 currently has 153 co-sponsors , yet Speaker Ryan refuses to allow this bill to be heard on the House floor.

On 3/22/2018, a motion was filed to discharge the Committee on the Judiciary from the consideration of H.R. 3654. A discharge petition requires 218 signatures for further action, see Roll Call Vote. The discharge failed to gain the 218 signatures.

H.R.3654 basically collects dust, thanks to Speaker Ryan and the House GOP.

Never forget that under Speaker Ryan’s “leadership” (using that term incredibly loosely) he allowed Comrade Nunes, Goodlatte et al hijack at least 2 House investigations and refuses to allow any vote on any House bill that would protect Special Counsel Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and/or Attorney General Sessions.

🇷🇺Mr. Speaker🇷🇺

Your House is not in order.

And a vast majority of Americans do not believe you or your GOP co-conspirators. I guess that might explain your dismal approval ratings. In the video below, just 5 days ago Sarah Sanders publicly proclaimed Trump:

“...has the power to fire the Special Counsel, DAG Rosenstein and AG Sessions”


And yet Speaker Ryan REFUSES to allow the House to vote on a bill designed to protect the Special Counsel. We see you Speaker Ryan, we see ALL of you.

The midterms are less than 7 months away. As previously detailed, the GOP should expect shellacking. The GOP has brought this on themselves. A morally bankrupt unethical “so called” president actually thinks he’s above the law and the GOP leaders enable him.



 Bipartisanship is alive & well in the Senat


Last week a bipartisan bill was introduced. It effectively combines two previous bills - introduced in the Summer of 2017, both proposed Senate bills were designed to protect Special Counsel Mueller and afford him the opportunity to finish his job sans interference.

  •  Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Chris Coons (D-Del.), and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), introduced the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act.


The bipartisan legislation introduced marries the Graham-Booker bill and the Coons-Tillis bill. 

The Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act


  • “Codifies existing Department of Justice regulations to ensure that the Special Counsel can only be fired for good cause by a senior Justice Department official, and the reason must be provided in writing.”


  • “Provides the Special Counsel a 10-day window in which he can seek expedited judicial review of his removal to determine whether the firing was for good cause.  If the firing is ultimately determined to have violated the good-cause requirement, the removal will not take effect.”


  • ‘Preserves the staffing, documents, and materials of the investigation while the matter is pending.“ (emphasis added)


S. 1735, Special Counsel Independence Protection Act,

See various actions of S.1735

Originally introduce in the Senate on 8/3/2017 by Senators Booker & Graham. 

  • Would require a 3 Judge Panel review of removal of a Special Counsel.
  • Would also require the Attorney General or appointee to file a contemporaneous memo with the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.




S. 1741 Special Counsel Integrity Act

See various actions of S.1741


Originally introduced by Senators Tillis and Coons


  • REQUIREMENTS.—An action filed under this subsection shall be heard and determined by a 20 court of 3 judges not later than 14 days after the action


  • Immediate re-enstatement should a 3 judge panel determines removal violated, section 2284 of title 28 USC.




If Trump is innocent, why does he act so guilty?

Duh because I’m pretty sure Trump is supah dupah guilty.

Remember that these 3 proposed laws were ALL proposed in August of 2017. In fact in Rep Jackson-Lee case, she filed her H.R. the very same day as:

Trump’s not so awesome:  “many find people on both sides” press conference

This was only 8 months ago but lord it feels like 8 years ago.

The Trump presidency is exhausting, no really it is. -Spicy Out

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