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Paul Manafort’s no good rotten 36 hours

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Posted on July 11 2018


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Case 1:18-cr-00083-TSE 

Last Friday Manafort filed a motion essentially saying that because he’s in custody he can not properly prepare for this trial. That the location of NorthenNeck is geographically challenging for him to meet & confer with his defense team. Manafort took great “libertues” of how he is essentially handicapped because he’s 2 hours away from his family and legal defense team.

Accordingly the Judge Ordered Manafort be moved to the Alexandria Detention Center. Because if geography really was/is an issue naturally then Judge looked to remedy the issue 



Shortly after Judge Ellis issued an Order to move Manafort from NorthernNeck to Alexandria. Manafort filed this abbreviated and frankly nonsensical response, open source link to Document # 116, can be found here.

Manafort’s filing reads in part:


The Court endeavored to address some of those concerns in its July 10, 2018 Order by having Mr. Manafort relocated to the Alexandria Detention Center.

concerns underlying the request for a continuance, while specifically noting the substantial distance between Northern Neck Regional Jail and Alexandria, were, at bottom, aimed more at the difficulty of
preparing for trial given Mr. Manafort’s detention versus his prior status on pretrial release.


Apparently distance really wasn’t the “real” reason, and inexplicably Manafort raises this “new” reason:

In light of Mr. Manafort’s continuing detention and after further reflection, issues of distance and inconvenience must yield to concerns about his safety and, more importantly, the challenges he will face in adjusting to a new place of confinement and the changing circumstances of detention two weeks before trial. With these considerations in mind, Mr. Manafort respectfully asks the Court to permit him to remain in his current place of detention. (emphasis added)


I am also pretty confident that the “after further reflection” is Manafort’s nice way of saying: Oh. My. God. My legal team reviewed the evidence Rick Gates “proffered” and is there any way I can phone a Ukrainian or Russian friend? Because I am BIGLY screwed. The Government has so much evidence that, I’d like to use a lifeline and delay my July 25, 2018 trail until November 200–never?

I don’t know, here’s a novel idea, the reason Manafort is current in Federal Custody is the evidence shows he engaged in a five week campaign to alter a witness’ testimony. That’s not my opinion, that’s plainly stated in the Government’s motion.


Well as luck would have it, earlier this morning Judge Ellis then issued a:


Habeas corpus ad prosequendum...


Granted this is not unusual. From a technical and procedural standpoint, this “writ” procedurally orders the “current custodian” Northern Neck Regional Jail turn Paul Manafort over to the Custody of the U.S. Marshal Service, who will then transport Manafort to Alexandria Detention Center, and ultimately transport Manafort to the EDVA Federal Courthouse in Alexandria. Where Manafort will appear for his trial. But then again typically a Judge’s Order is usually sufficient.




Did I mentioned that Manafort had a super bad 36 hours? Because the Judge was, well...not having it. Again the footnote. 



 Open Source Link to Subpoenas found here.



 And then to pile on more the Government submitted their Supplemental Filing, in which we find out that the Government has reached back to 1984-1986 of Manafort’s various FARA filings, supporting their Disclosures pursuant to Rule 404 (b) as the previous FARA filings show that Manafort did in fact know what is required to be filed and thus the Government innocuoated Manafort’s predictable: but “your honor it was a mistake” or “your honor I simply forgot”



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