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Paul Manafort Legal Defense Fund? SCAM or REAL?

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Posted on May 31 2018



As previously discussed here 


Paul Manafort is one broke_____


About two days ago my phone alerted that a new article was published concerning Paul Manafort. Yes I know I’m a nerd that I openly admitted that I set up alerts. At any rate my phone started pinging on May 30th, shortly after 11:30AM. At the time I was stuck in a meeting and figured I’d dive in later because I pay attention to articles. See their “friends of Paul Manafort” created a legal defense fund, here.


Let’s first let’s do a quick history lesson:



Manafort is totally cash strapped and from what I can tell is having one pickle of a time paying his legal bills:



 And then of course the mo’ money mo’ problems...

Was registered witn ICANN on December 27, 2017, see Whois Registration Data, here


 DNS IP reverse look up, shows the following other websites reside on the same server hosting “Manafort’s Legal Defense Fund”..found here


Drilling down on each domain might be a worth while exercise in research, right? shows SORRY!, see link here also shows SORRY!, link  found here also shows, SORRY! link found, here actually redirects to Huge Domains that will sell you the domain for a low low price of $3,015, link found here is the only one that shows no ip. also shows SORRY!, link found here.



The true identity of who runs Manafort’s Legal Defense Fund should require closer examination.  I think a reasonable argument can be made that this defense fund isn’t on the up and up. Given the paragraph I highlighted in the red box. Where the Defense Fund cites any left over donations will be dispersed to the ACLU and The Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF). Link to the current BTF partners can be found here.

Manafort’s Legal Defense Fund website can be found here


“Long time friends of Paul Manafort have established this Legal Defense Trust Fund to assist Paul and his family in meeting the tremendous legal costs resulting from the proceedings commenced against him by the Office of Special Counsel following the historic 2016 Presidential Election.”



His purported Legal Defense Gund Irrevocable Trust cites the following biography of Paul Manafort, link to biography here


Paul has spent his life advancing American ideals and principles. He has had the unique and extraordinary opportunity to become a trusted advisor to no less than four United States Presidents.

Paul began his career in the Ford Administration, where he served as Associate Director in the Office of Presidential Personnel and acted as liaison between the White House, international and national security, and energy-related departments for all Presidential appointments. President Ronald Reagan appointed Paul as a Director a member of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

Thereafter, Paul also served in the Reagan Administration as a member of the Investment Policy Advisory Committee (INPAC) at the Office of the US Trade Representative.

Recognized as a man with strong principles and leadership skills, Paul was requested and became a consultant, strategist and coordinator for the campaigns of Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush as well as for the highly venerated Senator Bob Dole in his 1996 campaign effort.


In 2016 Paul served as campaign chairman for Donald J. Trump’s successful bid for presidency. Motivated solely by his appreciation and ardor for our country, Paul assumed his role as advisor and then campaign chair without any compensation. Paul believed the country needed new leadership and direction and had a compelling desire to be instrumental in that process. Hearing the voice of so many Americans who felt unrepresented by our government, Paul helped to define Donald Trump’s core beliefs and, along with other remarkably talented individuals, they achieved what is believed to be one of the greatest victories in the annals of any presidential campaign.


 But here’s the actual problem, New Jersey Law requires Defense Funds and/or Irrevocable Trust to regester with the State, I can’t find any such Registration, as required by law if you are soliciting donations.

There’s ZERO registration with the New Jersey Division of Revenue, link here  

There’s ZERO registration for: PM Legal Defense Fund Irrevocable Trust in the New Jersey State Corporation Commission. You can run your own search on the NY SCC Database, Link found here.

Again that’s the name of the entity soliciting donations. As detailed on the Manafort Defense Fund website 

 I can’t find any record they filed the appropriate IRS forms, see link here I will add, should you feed inclined run a google search on the P.O.Box listed that’s “collecting” donations for Manafort’s “Legal Defense Fund Irrevocable Trust”.

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