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Posted on April 02 2018





I think a lot of us forget that during the March  2017 Congressional Hearing. Then FBI Director Comey publicly disclosed for the FIRST time, to the American people that the FBI had an “ongoing criminal AND Counterintelligence Investigation” into Trump’s Campaign and Russian Election interference. To refresh your memory 👈🏻 you can rewatch Director Comey’s opening statement. At the time of the November 2016 election, the American people were only aware of the Clinton Investigation. We should have known about the Trump/Russia Investigation that Dir Comey disclosed started in July 2016.

It is worth noting that shortly after a series of embarrassing Public Congressional Hearings, the GOP controlled Congress put the preverbal lid on future public hearings. I suppose that’s exactly what Trump, Speaker Ryan & Senator McConnell intended goal was. Never forget this fact:

  • under Speaker Ryan’s “leadership” (and yes I am using that term loosely) the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) thanks to Devin Nunes actions and reinforced by his House GOP brethren, they derailed, discredited and undermined their own HPSCI Investigation.


  • Nunes & the House GOP subterfuge continues to attack once unassailable & venerable Government Institutions.


  • Taking direct aim at the FBI, FISC and our Intelligence Community writ large.

It is hard to make any informed determination of the damage numbskull-Nunes, lying-Ryan and traitor-tot Trump have and continue to caused. Watching the daily twitter verbal abuse from Trump. And the inertia of the House GOP. Well it’s frustrating seeing the GOP controlled Congress attack the Department of Justice and the Judiciary. 

Thankfully the Senate Intelligence Committee has and will (hopefully) continue to investigate Russian Interference in a bipartisan manner and hold public hearings. We, the people deserve answers and better from Members of Congress.

So now that you have some background let’s talk about Trump’s legal defense fund. As 2017 came to a close, there was beltway chatter that Trump or his campaign planned on creating a legal defense fund. It started off as a whisper but by Autumn it was a full on bullhorn. And sure enough the “beltway gossip” proved to be fact. As you can see in the Office of Government Ethics File.


By late January 2018, the OGE had already opined on the “defense fund”.  



The details of the Patriot Expense Fund Trust, LLC are extremely limited. Thus far this is what’s in the public domain:

  • A legal defense fund “designed to help defray the costs faced by aides to President Trump” that are now drawn into the various Russia investigations.
  • Based on the OGE paperwork this “fund”  trust plans to allow individuals and “entities” to make unlimited donations that will be pooled to defray the costs of multiple recipients.


Thankfully the Democrats have officially voiced their concerns and put the Fund AND OGE Director Arpol on notice with their 8 page letter. They are asking pertinent questions as it relates to fiduciary transparency 👈🏻Link to letter.

  • The structure of the Fund appears to allow secret donations to these individuals, and it raises serious concerns about whether it complies with ethics, tax, and elections laws as well as OGE guidance,” the Members wrote. 


  • “A draft agreement released by your office appears to permit lobbyists and other individuals seeking official action from the Trump Administration to donate money to the Fund.”


  • This loophole would allow the Campaign to influence which individuals receive disbursements from the fund.  It also would allow the Campaign to serve as an intermediary for communications between the Manager of the Fund and potential recipients...


  • “The agreement does not address the potential for pressure to be placed on potential recipients before they testify.” (emphasis added)


Former OGE Director Walter Shaub sums it up perfectly:

“This is a shell game.  For legal purposes, any bad money taints the whole fund because money is fungible:  Every dollar the fund accepts from a questionable source and pays to a nongovernmental beneficiary frees up a dollar for those who do work for the government.  All the book-cooking in the world can’t remove the taint.”

The Members seek:

  • all communications between OGE
  • and the law firm that drafted the agreement,
  • the Trump Campaign,
  • the White House,
  • the Federal Election Commission,

”as well as documents relating to any concerns that arose during OGE’s review of the agreement.” Basically everyone get in the Barrel.



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