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Parkland Survivor Files First Lawsuit

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Posted on April 23 2018


Merriam Webster definition of:

hero\ he·ro \ ˈhir-(ˌ)ō 

a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descen ensowdedt with great strength or ability

b : an illustrious warrior

c : a person admired for achievements and noble qualities

d : one who shows great courage


Anthony Borges, 15 is a Hero


As 19 year-old Nikolas Cruz armed with an AR-15 made his way to a classroom where 15 year-old Anthony Borgesand and 20 other student were held up. Anthony attempted to close and lock the classroom door, thus protecting some 20 of his classmates.

Anthony’s act of what can only be described as selfless bravery, he put his body in between the gunman and his classmates. Anthony Borges, 15 was shot five times. He was shot in torso and legs. Anthony used his own body in an attempt to shield his classmates. In doing so, he sustained multiple life threatening injuries. Requiring 9 surgeries, a medically induced coma and nearly six weeks in the hospital. Anthony has a long and hard road of recovery ahead of him. He is currently confined to a wheelchair and his family faces a mountain of medical bills. his classmates lives before his own. Anthony Borges is a hero. Full Stop.

And like most heroes, Anthony Borges doesn’t consider himself a hero. This Today Show interview is a worthwhile watch. It’s clear Anthony Borges is a hero:


As such last week his parents filed the following civil lawsuit, Broward County, FL case detail. Link, here



ROYER BORGES and EMELY DELFIN, as the natural parents and guardians of ANTHONY BORGES,



  • HENDERSON BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, INC., a Floridanot for profit corporation;
  • JEROME GOLDEN CENTER FOR BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, INC., a Florida not for profit corporation;
  • SOUTH COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, INC., a Florida not for profit corporation;


The plaintiffs timeline of events that lead up to the Parkland massacre, it’s sobering. See pages 3 thru 6. 

“NIKOLAS JACOB CRUZ purchased the AR-15 rifle that he would  use approximately one year later in committing the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This was one of at least ten guns he purchased after his 18th birthday.”




As previously mentioned, the timeline of events starts in 2012 and yes it’s easy to apportion blame to Federal & State/Local Law Enforcement. I’d argue that there’s plenty of blame to go around. But the commonality is there are a lot of adults to failed Cruz, the Parkland Students and Teachers. They unwittingly created a perfect storm that resulted in (yet another) mass shooting at a school.


Also one of the reasons you do NOT see: Broward County Sheriff, Broward County Public School, School Board et al  - basically any State of Florida Government entity named in this suit: Florida law REQUIRES a plaintiff to provide six months litigation notice to said Government Agencies. I suspect in August or September 2018, you’ll see either an amended complaint, adding the aforementioned parties or a separate lawsuit naming said FL state agencies.

See paragraphs 22-24 located on page 6.

To understand the totality of injuries Anthony Borges sustained, See paragraphs 27-30 on page 7



The various SnapChat videoes uploaded to Social Media during and after the Parkland Shooting, beyond horrific. When lawmakers and the NRA try to downplay the sheer terror these and millions of other students, teachers, school administrators and parents are forced to confront, simply because the NRA refuses to debate common sense gun safety. Videos like this are an actual eyewitness to what the Parkland students had to endure.


🚨WARNING, video is graphic🚨

...every time I watch this video of inside the Parkland Massacre, my heart sinks. Hearing the screaming of pure terror sounds like, no child, no teacher, no school administrator and no parent should ever have to endure this type of emotional and physical trauma.



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At WHAT point do we, Americans say enough?

Why does a person’s 2nd Amendment Right supersede our rights to Life and Liberty? I don’t have the answer to my own question but I am entirely fed up with the mass shootings. -Spicy Out

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