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Oh Ricky (Pinedo)

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Posted on March 29 2018

Joint Status Report 

Special Counsel Mueller (SCO) and defendant Pinedo request:

  • ”the Court continue the matter” for an additional 60 days
  • next (proposed) Status Report May 29, 2018

This should tell you a few things:

1) Pinedo is still cooperating with SCO pursuant to his Plea Deal; 2) the info he is providing takes time for the SCO to verify  and 3) the SCO Investigation is far from over.

See Pinedo Plea Deal  Section 8 a-e, Cooperation:

Link to 10 Page Plea Deal here Feb 2018 Pinedo Plea Deal


To refresh your memory, Pinedo operated an internet auction service:

  • Auction Essistance that “offered a variety of services designed to circumvent the security features of large online digital payment companies.”

Auction Essistance website is/was marketed as a “haven for users who have been unfairly banned from Amazon or EBay because of negative reviews or false allegations.” Basically he sold fake IDs to certain Russian bad actors. Website found here

Auction Essistance – defendant Pinedo


LinkedIn profile here

Auction Essentials LinkedIn


Also damn you twitter, I totally forgot I had created a thread and I failed to archive that thread. Totally Spicy fail.

But the upside is I DID archive his Ventura County Tea Party Profile

Pinedo Tea Party Page, archived

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