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Posted on July 07 2018


I mean who among us would spend our Country’s actual Independence Day in Russia, essentially bowing and fawning over Lavrov Kislyak and members of the Duma? As previously detailed here.


🇷🇺Traitorous Eight?

🇷🇺Moscow Mules?

🇷🇺Murder of Russian Crows?


The GOP Delegation did not have a single Senate Foreign Relations member, nor did it include any member from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. This Delegation was solely made up of Appropriations members. 


      • Richard C. Shelby (Ala.)
      • Steve Daines (Mont.)
      • John Hoeven (N.D.)
    • 🇺🇸John Neely Kennedy (La.) for now I’m giving Kennedy a pass.
      • Jerry Moran (Kan.)
      • John Thune (S.D.)
      • Ron Johnson (WI)
      • and Rep. Kay Granger (Tex.).



Kay Granger

You should read her twitter thread and Bev pronouncements of why America should just “find a way of letting this go” because this is some Grade AAA Russian Active Measures, drowing in sedition. Not a chance I’m giving her or Putin/Trump a pass. In Rep Granger’s thread she talks in platitudes, the reports out of the Delegation all confirm NONE of the items listed in her thread were ever addressed in any substantial way.



It should be noted per this Associated Press Article, presumably the very same day our supah patriotic GOP Comrades (note my sarcasm) went to the Duma (Russia’s center of Government) as in the Russian Parliament recommended the following:


Russian parliament has recommended the adoption of a proposed law that would require journalists working for media outlets designated as foreign agents to register as agents themselves. (emphasis added)


According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) from 1992 to present some 58 journalist have been killed, of those 38 were targeted for murder and 33 of those were murdered with impunity. You can read more via CPJ’s website, link found here



I want you to pay close attention to Sen Kennedy’s body language, coupled with his direct and refreshingly pointed statements, as reported by the Washington Post article, this is why I am inclined to give Sen Kennedy a pass, for now.


🇺🇸Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-La.) described the meetings as “damn frank, very, very, very frank, no holds barred.” 


🇺🇸 “I asked our friends in Russia not to interfere in our elections this year,” Kennedy said. “I asked them to exit Ukraine and allow Ukraine to self-determine. I asked for the same thing in Crimea. I asked for their help in bringing peace to Syria. And I asked them not to allow Iran to gain a foothold in Syria.” 


With respect to Rep Kay Granger, it is interesting that she sang a totally different tune regarding Donald J. Trump, less than 23 months ago. After the now infamous Access Hollywood Tape, Rep Kay Granger said the following and urged Trump to “step aside”, source found here.


“We have hard rumors about the insensitive and vulgar things Mr. Trump says about women. But watching that video is disgusting. Mr. Trump should remove himself from consideration as Commander in Chief.”


For example here’s Rep Kay Granger appearing on her local NBC Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate, this interview took place on April 17, 2016. The core of the interview starts a the 8:06 minute marker. She was brutal on Trump’s Build the Wall Rhetoric, Trump’s attacks on NATO and disparaging comments on our allies and military 




So let’s go ahead and drill down on Rep Kay Granger’s FEC Reports...because the fact she was picked to be part of the GOP Russia Delegation, all sorts of alarm bells went off, given she (was) a full on Never Trump. A few things to keep in mind about Kay Granger, you should know what her committee assignments are, for example:

Chairwoman of the (powerful) House Defense Appropriations subCommittee 

Defense Subcommittee oversees more than 50 percent of discretionary funding in the federal budget. This funding ensures that our military has the resources needed to keep America safe. As Chairwoman, I am committed to rebuilding our military after many years of arbitrary and dangerous budget cuts. The Constitution states that providing for the common defense is among the primary roles of the federal government, and we must do so to ensure the United States and our allies are safe from enemies in these very dangerous times.


State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee

plays a critical role in our national security. From supporting our ally Israel and our embassy security around the world – to stopping the spread of global terrorism – I oversee many of the key programs that invest in the protection of our homeland. In my oversight role, I insist on ensuring that U.S. taxpayer dollars are being used wisely on proven programs while cutting programs that have not been effective.


Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee:

The Energy and Water Subcommittee oversees funding for critical infrastructure projects and federal agencies like the Department of Energy and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Granger also sits on the House Permeant Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). Yes the same committee chaired by Devin Nunes, who is by all measures Trump/Putin’s lapdog. Remember the HPSCI “Russia Report”






And let’s not forget that Granger’s actual Congressional District, is home to Exxon Mobile, Lockheed Martin. Her complete voting history on matters related to Oil & Water & the Environment can be found here


🚩Kay Granger Campaign Fund 

FEC ID C00310532 

What I found interesting is in the FULL 2015/2016 election cycle Kay Granger raised $1.4M for the entire cycle. With itemized donations never exceeding $5,000 per donation. Here I ran an FEC report for her 2015/2016 cycle. Link to FEC data can be found here.


Kay Granger 2017/2018 FEC filing, (granted we still have four months left in this election cycle) by all appearances she is on track to exceed the fund raising. She is currently sitting on slight more than $1.3M but the disproportionate amount of campaign funds accepted came from the VOTESANE SuperPAC. 

The VOTESANE SuperPAC thus far has donated 109 times Rep Kay Granger during this current election cycle. I ran an aggregated FEC report, found here.


 My point is, why was Granger selected for this horribly timed trip to Russia? The public optics are terrible. Particularly given her 2017 statement regarding the 2017 Russia/North Korea/Iran Sanctions bill, in which Rep Granger stated:


“Aggression against our interests will not be tolerated," U.S. Rep. Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth, said in a statement. "I urge the Senate to take up and pass this important legislation quickly so that the president can sign it into law.”


 Of note is Granger has requested three extension in her statutorily required Congressional Financial Disclosures. The last time she actually filed a report (fiscal year 2016) was in August 2017, her report can be found here.


You can independently verify my assertion of Granger has requested three extensions, via the House of Representatives Clerk’s office via this link.


 For now I have many many unanswered questions and you should too. -Spicy Out

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