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NRA Victory Fund and Dark Money

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Posted on July 22 2018



As previously discussed here , here,

NRA whistle blower, here 

NRA dark money, here 





FEC ID C00053553

Raw FEC 2017/2018 Data, found here.


Unitemized Individual Contributions: $11,860,457.64

What that actually means is the NRA PAC took in >$11.86 million from unnamed/known people or organizations out of the $13.9 million raised. In essence the NRA isn’t required to report or disclose who/what donated nearly 80% of the cash it raised. To me that’s a significant issue, given we have no idea who/where nearly $12M entered into our elections. Ergo that’s a lot of dark money. I’m still curious WHY the MSM gives the NRA a pass. What part of almost $12M of dark money entering our electoral system is okay with you? For me, I want to know where and WHO gave $11,860,457.64 to the NRA.


The current Federal Election Commission (FEC) statutes specifically state:


$100 limit on cash contributions: A campaign may not accept more than $100 in cash from a particular source with respect to any campaign for nomination for election, or election to federal office.

$50 limit on anonymous contributions: An anonymous contribution of cash is limited to $50. Any amount in excess of $50 must be promptly disposed of and may be used for any lawful purpose unrelated to any federal election, campaign or candidate.


You can review the current regulations and guidelines set forth by the FEC, here  

What caused my alarm bells to ring? I now refer you to page 389 of the NRA’s FEC filing.

Starboard Strategic, Inc   $208,044.92 “donation” made to the NRA on October 23, 2017. I now refer you to page 108 of the NRA’s August 2017 filing, where they disclose a $9,571.25 donation from Starboard Strategy Inc


I now refer you to pages 410, 415, 416, 434, 478 of the NRA’s most recent FEC fling:


So let’s go ahead and drill down on:


Starboard Strategy Inc


State of Maryland Registration: 08/12/2014

Department ID Number: F16019937

Here, you can check my homework, this is the Maryland State Corporation Commission Database, type in: Starboard Strategy, Inc



Starboard Strategy, Inc MD SCC Articles of Incorporation, found here.


See that “foreign” corporation designation?  Well that means Starboard was originally incorporated in the State of Virginia and YES I tracked down their 2013 Virginia SCC filing and Articles of Incorporation too. 

Link to Starboard Strategy Inc’s VA SCC filing found here.

The reason I drilled down on Starboard Strategy? See the names listed in the Articles of Incorporation? I knew the names sounded familiar along with StarBoard. Sure enough on July 13, 2018 the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed a 46 page FEC Complaint, which reads in part:


During the 2010 and 2012 election cycles, both the NRA-PVF and the NRA-ILA contracted with a political consulting firm called OnMessage, Inc. (“OnMessage”). In 2013, OnMessage officials formed an additional political consulting firm, Starboard Strategic, Inc.


CLC goes on to aggregate the various donations and payments to Starboard & Onmessage:


NRA-PVF and the NRA-ILA paid Starboard approximately $20.5 million combined: the NRA-PVF paid Starboard $12.54 million for independent expenditures and $1.38 million in other disbursements and the NRA-ILA paid Starboard  $6.6 million for independent expenditures. Neither the NRA-PVF nor the NRA-ILA reported any payments to OnMessage during the 2014 cycle.


To read the July 13, 2018 CLC FEC NRA Complaint here

Which got me thinking, back in April of 2018 I created this otherwise unnoticed thread, perhaps there’s actually something “there there” as it relates to the NRA, Russia, Campaign Apps, Big Data...perhaps:




And it also makes this particular thread from earlier this month about the GOP, various big data firms (separate from Cambridge Analytica) when UpGuard published their article, which was sourced to the teeth. You know where the GOP had some 200Million Voter Data just out there on the internet not protected...I assume it’s just a matter for days before we find out that the GOP essentially handed Russia our voter data.



Because the more info made public, particularly in the July 13th Indictment, the more and more I am that the Trump Campaign and GOP didn’t collude with Russia. They freaking conspired with Russia, as noted in the July 13th Indictment Russia obtained the DNC & DCCC Analytics. Which now explains why in mid October 2016 WHY the Trump Campaign started pulling ads and money from other areas to focus on Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 



I am sure, I’m not the only one who’s looking back on the Trump Campaign & GOP actions in the Fall of 2016 with a new set of skepticism and appreciation for the Special Counsel’s Office along with the hard working men & women of the FBI. Given last week’s events surrounding Mariia Butina and the NRA. I am far less inclined to give the NRA or the GOP a pass or any benefit of the doubt



 But sure, GOP & Trump you continue to gas light America, all the while as our House is handed over to Russia. Need to remind you, this week is going to be LIT


Manafort Trial✔️

Better start eating your All Bran now...-Spicy Out

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