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NEW YORK DFS fines Lockton $7M NRA-Branded Insurance Program

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Posted on May 14 2018

Can we now say:

the NRA is a criminal enterprise too?


Lockton Affinity’s February 2018 Tweet:



In early October 2017, the New York Department of Financial Services (NY-DFS) announced it would investigate the NRA's 'Carry Guard' insurance program. At the heart of the NY-DFS investigation was the “payments/Commissions” improperly paid to the NRA. Given the NRA did not have the proper licensing, as required by New York Law. On May 2, 2018 the NY-DFS issued a press release, detailing their investigation and subsequent Consent Decree...




For underwriting NRA-BRANDED “CARRY GUARD” Insurance program, in violation of New York Insurance Law”

DFS’s investigation found that Lockton issued 680 Carry Guard insurance policies to New York residents between April and November 2017....Lockton carried out such functions as marketing the insurance, binding the insurance, collecting and distributing premiums and delivering policies to insureds.

Lockton and the NRA offered at least 11 additional insurance programs to new and existing NRA members in New York and elsewhere.

Lockton collected $12,056,627 in premiums and $785,460 in administrative fees from insureds, under the Carry Guard Program and other NRA programs. 


In addition to the fine, Lockton agreed to refrain from:

Participating in the Carry Guard insurance program, or any similar program in New York and from providing Carry Guard or similar insurance policies for or to New York residents regardless of where they are written;

Entering into any other agreement or arrangement, including any affinity-type insurance program involving any line of insurance involving a contract of insurance involving the NRA, directly or indirectly;

Procuring from unauthorized insurers insurance policies covering New York residents that:  

Provide liability insurance that may not be offered in the New York State excess line market, specifically:

  • Defense coverage in a criminal proceeding;
  • Liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage expected or intended from the insured’s standpoint in an insurance policy limited to use of firearms and that was beyond the use of reasonable force to protect persons or property;
  • and for expenses incurred by the insured for psychological counseling support. 


NY-DFS Superintendent Vullo stated:


“DFS will not tolerate conduct by any entity, licensed or otherwise, in contravention of New York Insurance Law, especially when that conduct is such an egregious violation of public policy designed to protect all citizens,”.  

“Today’s action is part of the Department’s continuing investigation into this matter to uphold and preserve the integrity of New York law.”




The DFS investigation that found the NRA “Carry Guard” insurance program unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for certain acts of intentional wrongdoing, and improperly provided insurance coverage for criminal defense for any act of self-defense covered under the policy for gun owners and their resident family members who may be charged with a crime involving a firearm.  


The NRA, which does not have a license from DFS to conduct insurance business in New York, actively marketed and solicited for the “Carry Guard” program through a website, email, and direct mail, among other channels....

Lockton Cos., LLC and its affiliate Lockton Affinity, LLC have agreed to pay a $7 million fine as part of a consent order and here (yes 2 orders)


How very pedestrian & predictable of the NRA:

With in days of the NY-DFS Consent Order, the NRA slapped down a big old “dramatic” like a hormonal teenager lawsuit against the NY-DFS, the NY-DFS Superintendent and NY Gov Cuomo. I literally read the first paragraph and actually laughed so loud someone closed my office door, again because the NRA, NRA-ILA really do act like a Terrorist Organization. See page 1, section 1 entitled Preliminary Statement:


“This case is necessitated by an overt viewpoint-based discrimination campaign against the NRA and the millions of law-abiding gun owners that it represents. Directed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, this campaign involves selective prosecution, backroom exhortations, and public threats with a singular goal – to deprive the NRA and its constituents of their First Amendment right to
speak freely about gun-related issues and defend the Second Amendment.” (Emphasis added)

Defendants’ blacklisting campaign will continue to damage the NRA and its members, as well as endanger the free speech and association rights guaranteed by the constitutions of the United States and the State of New York. It is well-settled that viewpoint discrimination applied through “threat[s] of invoking legal sanctions and other means of coercion, persuasion, and intimidation” violates the Constitution where, as here, such measures chill protected First Amendment activities.

Defendants’ de facto censorship scheme cannot survive judicial scrutiny. Nor should it.


Open Source Link to the NRA’s NY lawsuit, here.


Oh...hold on Cow-Poke Fear-Mongering—Gun obesssd Terrorist Organization did you really go there in your NY lawsuit?

Awww...who’s the tiny fragile snowflake now? You big bad drama filled dummies. This was me owning your (not so) lovely spokesperson who basically lied her race off. See my tiny twiddle thread where I showed how many times the NRA opposed stalker legislation, y’all can take a seat and STFU. No really sit the F down and shut it.

Also for the record, your May 11th lawsuit sucks. Like sucks Russia eggs that have been sitting in the Sochi sun for days. You do not nor have you ever had the mandatory licensing requirements. This isn’t about abridging your First Amendment Rights, it’s about your unlawful “commissions” of your NRA branded Insurance.

And I get it, your Russian revenue flow has dried up since the Feds are on to your money laundering scheme....  this is why the NRA is a Terrorist Organization, you’re the ones probably involved in RICO, FCPA, FARA...FFS get your bleep together NRA your FUD campaigns no longer work, remind me again how many guns did Obama take away?



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