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Motion to Dismiss DENIED Zervos v Trump

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Posted on May 23 2018

Zervos v Trump


Civil Case No: 150522/17

So clearly Trump has a “thing” The Beverly Hills. This is a data point I previously missed. It also appears Ms Zervos’ sexual assault occurred during the same time frame of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. The lact of disclosures that Zervos & Trump didn’t exchange pleasantries means the following 1) they did exchange pleasantries, 2) they didn’t and Trump felt like he had the “right” to force himself into to Ms Zervos...


“In Clinton v Jones, 520 US 681 (1997), the United States Supreme Court held that a sitting president is not immune from being sued in federal court for unofficial acts. It left open the question of whether concerns of federalism and comity compel a different conclusion for suits brought in state court.

Because they do not, defendant’s motion to dismiss this case or hold it in abeyance is denied.“

He allegedly kissed her twice on the lips, making her ‘uncomfortable, nervous and embarrassed" The next time she saw defendant was after he called her and asked her to meet him at The Beverly Hills Hotel for dinner. When-plaintiff arrived, she wasrestaurant... she was escorted to defendant’s bungalow and waited for him...

The defendant emerged from his bedroom, kissed Ms. Zervos "open mouthed"and pulled her toward him.. 


Holy Crap I didn’t realize that Trump groped Ms Zervos’ breast? I totally forgot that  


him,"grabbed her shoulder,again kissing her aggressively, and placed his hands on her breast”

plaintiff pulled back and walked away, ,defendant took her hand and led her in to the bredroom

When plaintiff walked out, he turned her around and suggested
that they"lay down and watch telly telly"... He embraced her and plaintiff pushes him out of the way, telling him to “get real”

He then repeated he then repeated back to her lascivious,"began pressing his genitals against her trying to kiss her again...”


ORDER and link to the 19 pager below 

Zavros v Trump Order, Trump’s MTD DENIED

 Never forget this is what Trump said about the 16+ women who accused him of sexual harassment and/or sexually assault each of these women. It shouldn’t surprise you because Trump has repeatedly sexually objectified his own daughter. Trump views women as sexual objects and..


“grab them by the pussy...when you’re a star you can do anything”


“Remember that Donald J Trump said of these 16+ women:..”they are ALL liars”

I’ve never met them, they lied”

“they are dishonest, disgusting liars and I will sue them”


As it relates to Summer Zavros, he said on the campaign trail:



The Order cited 3 of Trump’s tweets and 1 retweet.





Accordingly, it is 

 This is the decision and order of the court


The fact the Judge took great care to include the plethora of Trump’s remarks should not be discounted. Specifically the Judge cited this Oct 2016 Gettysburg, PA speech at his rally, coupled with the fact Trump never filed suit. That pretty much tells you all you need to know...

Remember that time Twitter twerps said I was wrong to apply the Absolute Malice Doctrine to this case? Yuppers those were supah dupah fun times, Turns out those fake resistance twitter troll accounts are (once again) wrong, see the footnote on the last two pages of the Order...

Proven Pathological Liar, say WHAT?

Who’s uttered >3,156 actual lies since Jan 2017, link here

Trump is revolting

His physical appearance makes my stomach turn

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