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Michael Cohen Search Warrant & Transcript

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Posted on April 23 2018

🚨updated with second transcript link🚨


Michael Dean Cohen

Search Warrant

Scroll to bottom for the transcript of Friday’s hearing

Why does April 9th feel like a year ago?


...for those who follow me on twitter, here is the original thread, regarding:

  • Michael Cohen’s search warrant 4/9/2018
  • Trump & Trump Organization intervenor
  • Temporary Restraining Order. TRO
  • Special Master
  • Hearings


Archived link here

unrolled Archive link here 

(just in case some twitter trolls mass report my account) 


Government’s Opposition to Cohen’s TRO Motion:

This is where we learned, for the first time, the Government had surreptitiously monitored Cohen’s emails and that he is the target of an ongoing criminal investigation.


Archive link here

Archived link of unrolled thread, here  


USAM CRM regarding Search Warrant of Attorney:


Archive link to tweet, here


Alan Futefas and boy the amount of money the Trump Campaign, RNC have paid his firm. As noted Futerfas appearance:

🇷🇺The Trump Organization🇷🇺



Link to Dropbox of the 26 page transcript for the April 16, 2018 Hearing, here


🚨UPDATED WITH BETTER LINK, to transcript here 🚨

I pulled up the interesting tidbits:

Page 5:

The Court: .”.if the Government has a feeling about how many documents in all were seized”

SDNY-OUSA: ...”a few or as much as 10 boxes...”

Page 6-7

On page 6, see Lines 4-12 & 20 -25:

Government pretty much calls Cohen out for exaggerating how many actual documents were seized. And they start to lay the groundwork of...Michael Cohen an attorney beyond his Bar entry..

Page 7, See lines 14-22, it appears the FBI imaged many of the electronic devices during the raid and discloses to the Court “...they can open a computer and see what, if any privilege files were in there. But, apparently have not done, so despite the Court’s direction...”


Page 8-9:

I don’t know why this got overlooked, but it’s super clear that the Government has a very specific time frame, See Page 8, lines 7-12 discussion of dates and materials, further discussed in lines 14-25. See line 17 on Page 9

The Government appears to have disclosed they are looking into Cohen’s activities 🚨January 1, 2013🚨 and any overlap during his 10 years with the Trump Organization. If you have time, I’d download the hearing transcript, it’s actually highly dramatic, particularly when the lawyer representing the media (sans Fox News) chimes in.


Cohen & Trump overly broad app of Privilege Stewart Case

both Cohen and Trump’s argument and misapplication of Stewart, just brutal, see Page 10 lines 8-23.

page 11 highlights from Avenatti and really punctuate where the Government’s position 


Attorney for the Media Argues WHY the 3rd Client should be named:

 Mr. Balin Attorney for the media (CNN, AP, NBC, NYT) see Page 19, line 22 thru page 22 line 19. I highly recommend you read those pages, it’s an excellent understanding of why the Media is critically important.

Or you can simply review my Twitter Thread (from six days ago)


🚨unrolled Archived link of twitter thread, here


Incidentally guess what was going on in Trump’s orbit in 2-13? Miss Universe, I checked Trump’s Twitter Archive, he tweeted 38 times about Russia, Putin and Miss Universe, Snowden, Syria and Emin Agalarov. You can run the same Trump Twitter Archive too. Link to Trump’s Twitter Archive here


Also I know it’s not really important but guess what else Trump did on November of 2013? Yuppers he made a cameo appearance in Emin Agalarov’s Music Video. And now this song is going to be stuck in your head too, you’re welcome.

/snort llaughing, mainly at myself.

also on April 19, 2018 Cohen voluntarily withdrew his lawsuit against Buzzfeed, see below

 See archive tweet, here 

I’ve gotta run to a meeting but I’ll be back later to dive into the transcript further. 

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