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Posted on November 17 2018

I  As previously discussed a few days ago, found here


Matthew G Whitaker so many questions:


And sure there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion as a paid TV Cable pundit, in fact it’s a lucrative career. Where things get quasi-dicey is when you are a private person, who’s also a private practice attorney, (more on that later) and you go on the “mother ship” and pontificate about Sec Clinton some four months before the 2016 Presidential Election.

June 6, 2016 Fox Business:

Matt Whitaker Executive Director of FACTs on Fox Business discussing the prosecution of Sec Clinton. Granted there’s nothing in the Public Record of Acting (Unconstitutional) Attorney General Whitaker that would lead any of us to think he would in fact use his current (unconstitutional) appointment to re-open a criminal investigation in to Sec Clinton's email issue. Right? I mean it’s not like AAG Whitaker said anything that shouldn’t alarm us...


...each of the targets...potential targets or subjects to the investigation get to share information accross the platform of their shared attorney...they can then sync up their stories...and understand what other people know and what they have said to investigators...”



Or that Donald Trump has an interesting pattern that you would only notice unless you decided to search his twitter archive. What I found incrediblly interesting is just after the November 2016 Presidential Election, Trump’s twitter account essentially went dark on the Clinton email matter. And then like a predicable sociopath just a few weeks after the Appointment of Special Counsel Mueller, Donald Trump started tweeting about Sec Clinton’s emails. The irony is Trump is oddly transparent, that most people just overlook. This link will take you to Trump’s Twitter Archive for tweets about Clinton’s email.


Once you click on Trump’s Twitter Archive, you will notice that on November 2014, that was Trump’s last tweet regarding Sec Clinton and emails. Predictably Trump starts tweeting about Sec Clinton’s emails on June 15, 2017. Makes you wonder, what would have been the catalyst for Trump to go back to that same tired dirty trick? Oh right that’s because Special Counsel Mueller’s team Investigation started in earnest. 



It is not like Matt’s new boss would have ever tweeted or said publicly that “Sec Clinton should be in jail”



October 6, 2016 Presidential Debate:


And it’s not like Acting (Unconstitutional) Attorney General Whitaker ever tweeted or publicly stated Sec Clinton should be criminally charged, right?



I mean it’s not like Matt Whitaker didn’t get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to essentially act as Donald Trump’s in House Legal Counsel and sued (repeatedly).

February 2015 F.A.C.T. Archive

January 29, 2016 F.A.C.T Archive, in which Matt Whitaker demands an Appointment of a Special Counsel into Sec Clinton email matter:

“The revelation today that the Obama State Department has deemed some of Hillary Clinton’s emails ‘too damaging’ to release in any kind of form now removes any doubt about whether Hillary Clinton put our national security at risk for the sake of her personal privacy and pursuit of the White House.  This week I called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate this most serious breach of national security....” (emphasis added)


Trump January 29, 2016 Tweets  about Clinton & Iowa


What a weird coincidence, right?


September 2, 2016 Press Release archived 

Donald Trump’s September 2, 2016 Tweet about Cilinton:



Whitaker NewsMax Appearances 2015-2016:

With a bit of sleuthing I stumbled across two NewsMax interviews where Matt Whitaker pontificates about Sec Clinton, her emails and in “his opinion” why Sec Clinton should be in jail. Oddly this particular TV appearance is nearly three years ago. Common sense dictates that Donald Trump knowns exactkg who Matt Whitaker is and the near mirror thoughts on the Justice Department, Sec Clinton, Special Counsel Mueller and the extraordinary position that he demanded (three years ago) a Special Counsel focused on “Clinton’s Criminality”. I’m certain it’s just a weird coincidence:

 March 5, 2015 should watch this interview 

March 16, 2015 WHITAKER ONLY THE AG can..


This particular interview should be closely scrutinized, because I’m willing to be solid money that Trump/Whitaker next play is to cajole the Senate Republicans in appointing a Special Counsel but in his role as Acting (Unconstitutional) Attorney General, Whitaker could very well start a criminal investigation into Sec Clinton. You probably think I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. So I urge you to watch this interview, again:

“...under the Archives Act, the Attorney General is the only person who can bring action unlike FOIA which is civilian based...the Attorney General is uniquely positioned and the only one who can get those government records”



F.A.C.T. Hires CRC Public Relations:

I’m not the subject matter expert on the complex web of “dark money groups” but the more I research it always seems to come back to, Leo Leonard, Becky with the shittyhair, Neal & Ann Corkery, Judicial Crisis Network and CRC Public Relations. Below IS the very FIRST action taken by F.A.C.T. 


During the bruising Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation I spent an insane amount of time researching the interconnections of CRC Public Relations, Mr & Mrs. Corkery, the multiple 501 (c) (3) and/or (4) oddly I am  a bit suprised the mainstream media hasn’t linked the 2015-2016 viper’s nest. Below is a brief twitter thread I created in September.



Full disclosure I should probably say, that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Lobbying. The reality is DC is swampy. Under Trump the swamp creatures have in fact gotten bigger and badder. I’m certain you’ve heard about K’s about who you know and how much you can give. However you need to know there are thousands of decent & ethical career Government employees. These civil servants often work far to hard, completely under paid and are rarely appreciated for their service to our Country. There use to be a time where the pinnacle of your Government Career was to go work in the White House, EEBO or West Wing. Where the best of the best fought hard for a nomination or presidential appointment.

And then came Donald Trump. Like a bloated orange wrecking ball Trump has smashed his way around DC, leave a wide path of destruction, disgust and destabilization. The Trump Administration can not attract the best of the best. I mean look at his historic turn-over rate. Granted every presidential administration has staffing shake ups but Trump has cataclysmic staffing shake ups. No really think about it in under two years it is very likely he will be on his fifth Secretary of Homeland Security. Trump lacks impulse control but most sociopaths do. So not even 24 hours after the Mid-Terms Donald Trump had his Chief of Staff call Attorney General Sessions. Even after twenty months of public humiliation Trump didn’t have the chutzpah to fire Sessions...within an hour Trump tweeted that Matthew G Whitaker has been “appointed” as the Acting (Unconstitutional) Attorney General.



Given Donald Trump’s track record, I automatically assumed that Whitaker wasn’t vetted or that he was vetted but Trump desperately wanted his rat-f___ker in AG Sessions’ office.  has/had to have a ton of skeletons in his closet. I mean Trump brags about “I hire the best people” yet the White House door is a revolving door of staffers being escorted 



Like many in DC we know where and what to go look for. Turns out I wasn’t the only researcher in and around the Beltway that came up with a Matt Whitaker goose egg as it relates to his statutorily required Financial Disclosures. One of the primary research resource that I turn to with respect to the Judicary is Fix the Court, unsurprisingly even Fix the Court came up empty, see link here. Notwithstanding for 2014 to 2016 we oddly do know how much Matt Whitaker was paid as the Executive Director of F.A.C.T. earlier today I created the following twitter thread, using F.A.C.T. IRS 900, it was relatively easy to figure out:



Where things get incredibly muddy are the numerous businesses (current, dissolved and TBD) Whitaker has a stake in. Last Saturday I detailed his random child care: Litlle Endeavors Child Development Center aka LEI Acquisition, see mini twitter thread below, I took the liberty of embedding the Iowa Secretary of State Corporation Commission Filings in each tweet. As I am in firm believer in if your research is solid, then you should have zero issue showing your homework 



How many businesses Matt Whitaker?

At all times I will link to the original data source. The vast majority of the records are in fact Public Records, the only alterations I will make: redactions of home addresses (I’m just not a fan of doxing) and highlights. One thing to keep in mind, after Whitaker resigned as the AUSA for Southern District of Iowa, in 2009 thru (late) 2017, Whitaker was a managing partner of Whitaker Hagenow & Gustoff LLP (see firm’s current Facebook link , see a LinkedIn link), which is now Hagenow & Gustoff LLP. So that might explain why Matt Whitaker is linked to numerous business entities.

See Whitaker Hagenow & Gustoff, LLP December 18, 2013 Commercial, oddly no one has archived this commercial, thus I’ve taken the liberty of archiving. Also he does have a YouTube account but you should know by now I have a red line, I do not bring other people’s wife or children in to my research.My twitter stalkers/trolls have repeatedly brought my family in to their protracted cyber harassment campaign. They have gone as far as Facebook “friending” who they think are family members, clicking on their LinkedIn accounts, calling employers and even calling people who they -think- are some how related to me. I refuse to cross that boundary, because I’m a firm believer in Golden Rule. Plus minor children and spouses should be 100% off limits. 


This LINK is the Iowa Secretary of State, Corporation Commission. Once you know the name of the business entity it is remarkably easy to pull the various public filings. As I previously mentioned the one explanation of why does Matt Whitaker have so many business entities linked to his name could be that after he resigned (2009) as AUSA he then went in to private “general law” practice. But absent the mandatory Financial Disclosures it is really hard to determine, what if any financial conflict of interest he may have.


IA SOS-SCC no: 409393

Articles of Incorporation filed in Iowa on December 30, 2010, Link  not only is Whitaker listed as an agent but he’s also listed as a principal, see 2015 change of address, link:



OP South, LLC

IA SOS-SCC NO; 426811, based on the State of Iowa filings, Whitaker incorporated this Company in November 2011.


Similar to the Artstict Company, in 2015 Matt Whitaker filed a Chaged of Address with the IA SOS-SCC, Link see the 2017 BIENNIAL REPORT link

Updated - City of Dem Moines Whitaker’s Loan default:

In 2012 the Des Moines City Council Apprroved a (HUD backed) affordable housing project, the City Council awarded this contract to Matt Whitaker’s MEM Investments (see Iowa Secretary of State, State Corporation Commission below). The City sent Matt Whitaker’s MEM Investments multiple communications, various notices and Whitaker.


After numerous attempts to contact Whitaker’s MEM Investments, th City of Des Moines was left with limited options. During the August 22, 2016 City Council meeting...ultimately the City Council realized that Whitaker’s MEM Investments could not meet their Contractual Obligations:

The current owner, MEM Investment, LLC (Matthew Whitaker, 521 East Locust Street, Suite 302, Des Moines, IA 50309-2017) has been unable to complete the project.

If the rehabilitation is not completed by December 12, 2016, and a Certificate of Occupancy issued, the City will be required to repay the $164,989 to HUD because no affordable units were created with HOME funds.

September 22, 2014 City Council approved a subordination agreement of the City HOME loan security interests to allow refinancing of the primary loan for the building with Lincoln Savings Bank. The bank loan was increased and Mr. Whitaker contributed additional equity to complete the project.

Over the last 18 months, City staff has monitored the rehabilitation and corresponded/met several times with Mr. Whitaker but problems continued to plague the renovation.

March 9, 2016, the City of Des Moines did a final inspection of the building and finding no work ongoing, sent a “Notice of Default and Determination” on the HOME Agreement on April 1, 2016 which terminated the HOME agreement and documents with MEM Investment, LLC.

July 1, 2016, Lincoln Savings Bank filed a “Petition for Mortgage Foreclosure Without Redemption” after MEM Investment, LLC made no reply to the City’s notice of default.



To the average person you’d assume this is just a single business entity, but it’s not

MEM Investment, LLC, 2012 Articles of Incorporation found here.




IA SOS-SCC no: 480793, 2014 Articles of Incorporation can be found here. Again Matt Whitaker is listed as the Registered Agent but this actually creates a few issues. 

Matthew G Whitaker PC:

IA SOS-SCC no: 389939, Whitaker Incorporated in 2009, see Articles of Incorporation here. The State of Iowa Administratively Dissolved Whitaker’s name sake business entity on August 8, 2018 and sent Whitaker the notice of dissolution see link here.





The lack of the mandatory Financial Disclosures is beyond worrisome. Whitaker was, for a lack of better terms forced upon (then) Attorney General Sessions in September 2017. Which means Whitaker has been on the Tax Payer’s payroll for over fourteen months and not a single financial disclosure filed. Again I took the time to call the National Archives, the Bush Presidential Library but only after I ran numerous searches in the follow databases: Office of Government Ethics, Justice Department, Office of Personal Management, the Senate, the Government Printing Office etc.

More broadly Whitaker may in fact have some financial entanglements. Because the open source info I reviewed (see twitter thread below) presents a whole NEW set of questions. Given Whitaker had a huge pay increase while employed at F.AC.T. specifically 2015 v 2016 that year alone Whitaker “earned” a $148,000.00 pay increase. Yet Trump, more specifically Leo Leonard forced Whitaker on AG Sessions in September of 2017 with an approximate annual salary as Session’s Chief of Staff $149K to $165K depending on what “step” Whitaker was brought in at. But as I noted a few days ago, the Statute of Pay Scale for United States Attorney General is roughly $205,700 per year. 

Again I am not a reporter nor do I work for a news organization. And for the umpteenth time, I am in no way compensated for my tweets, blogs or research. Any cost I incur I pay for. That said I  have considerable questions about Whitaker’s Financial entanglements, his ethics  and his “intent”. As further explained in my recent thread.



Theory Trump/Whitaker 

I can not explain the import of what I -think- Trump and Whitaker will do. Nor do I portent to be a Donald Trump expert. Notwithstanding I would put solid money on Donald Trump’s strategy is he’s given Whitaker his marching orders to commence a NEW criminal investigation in to Sec Clinton’s emails forthwith. Again I don’t have any proof to support my assertion beyond: look at how Trump has acted since the Appointment of Special,Counsel Mueller. Think about it, Trump repeatedly besmirches the hard working men & women in the Justice Department. The perfect foil for Trump would be to put undo pressure on the Justice Department with the end game of bring criminal charges against Sec Clinton and her former staffers. Thereby controlling the narrative of what might be in the Special Counsel’s Report. All I know is Trump continues to ignore our laws, our Constitution and has acted as if he’s guilty. Need I remind you that after numerous approaches by Russians to Trump and members of his campaign, his transition not once did any of them contact the FBI or law enforcement. Not once. That datapoint is enshrined. It can not change.

If I were a reporter I’d start following them money but I’d also start to research the obvious intersection between Trump’s Presidential Campaign, Trump Foundation, Matt Whitaker, FACTDC big specially in Iowa. But I’m case you missed the update of the Desa Industries LLC Class Action Lawsuits, see blow, I also posted some of the weirder World Marketing Patents, specifically the 2015 Promotional Video featuring no other than Donald Trump. Yet Trump would have us believe Matt Whitaker who? I barely know the guy...NYET NYET NYET


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