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Manafort, you in BIG Trouble

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Posted on April 10 2018


Paul, oh Paul what did you DO?


By now most of you know that I tend to get caught up in the tiny details of legal filings. It’s a bit of work hazard. So late last Friday, April 6, 2018 (edit I had previously stated 2016 and then 2017), Manafort filed a:

Motion to Suppress

At the time, (just after 11PM EDT) I started downloading Manafort’s Motion and the various exhibits. I worked my way through 98+ pages and then notice something that stuck out like a sore thumb. This was last Friday’s Motion Bill of Particulars 👉🏻link 👈🏻

Document # 257-3, was the lease agreement for the Storage Unit, in which Manafort attempts to Suppress evidence collected. At the time it was well after midnight and it had been a long work week, so I wasn’t exactly sure I was reading what I thought I saw, correctly. So I reread the exhibit  and yes the name of the former employee of Gates/Manafort’s now defunct DPM company was disclosed in Manafort’s Motion to Suppress.

DPM Lease Agreement Twitter thread (👈🏻archived link)

(time date stamp on this Archive link shows Pacfic time, hazards of running a VPN but here’s a screen shot of the PACER report I ran that night) 


You can read the entire Twitter (archived) thread in this embedded link  👉🏻 here👈🏻

Now I’d like to draw your attorney to Doc # 46:



You can read the November 15  2-17 ORDER via this 👉🏻 link 👈🏻

With the November 2017 Protective Order in mind..when Manafort filed his Motion to Suppress, I noted that this employee’s name had in fact been redacted throughout the FBI Agent’s Affidavit, so it seemed odd that his name was plain as day on the “attached” lease agreement.

Which means we have one of two scenarios.

Scenario ONE: Special Counsel Mueller’s team neglected to redact Trusko’s name 

Scenario TWO: Manafort violated the aforementioned Protective Order


Either or, it can’t be both. And perhaps I’m partially biased that I can’t see Mueller’s team making this kind of mistake, because this witness appears to have been instrumental in SCO Mueller’s Team obtaining the various search warrants for Manafort’s Storage Unit AND his home.


As detailed in my Twitter Thread earlier today, which you can read via this archived 👉🏻LINK👈🏻 it’s super clear to me that Manafort’s former employees are cooperating with the SCO Mueller’s Investigators.

If the Main Stream Media and Twitteeverse would STOP saying Papadopolous was the witness, he’s not. Papad

1) look at the DATES of the warrant & declaration
2) July 25th & 26th, respectfully
3) PapaD was arrested on July 27, 2017 at Dulles, AFTER the Manafort search.

Here is the embedded 👉🏻 link to Papadopoulos’ Statement of Facts

PapaD Statement of Facts  


Kathleen Manafort straight up LIED

In reading Manafort’s Motion to Suppress any and ALL evidence obtained during the July 2017 search of his home, he recites portions of the Affidavit the FBI Agent submitted when seeking a lawful search warrant. It’s also pretty clear that again a former employee of Manafort’s provided some critical information that triggered investigators to seek said warrant. See pages 2, 3 and 5 of Manafort’s 4/9/2018 Motion to Suppress - Alexandria Home, via this embedded 👉🏻LINK👈🏻

This filing also shows SCO Mueller’s Team has zeroed in on the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting and other activities of Manafort during his time on the Trump Campaign...- Spicy Out, for now.

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