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Manafort v USA...USA v Manafort

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Posted on April 04 2018

Previously discussed in this blog entry

 APRIL 4, 2018 UPDATE:

Manafort files a Motion seeking 3 additional days to respond to SCO Mueller’s Filing. Cites:

“Mr. Manafort filed a motion to dismiss the superseding indictment on March 14, 2018. That motion argues:

  • “that the order of the Acting Attorney General appointing Robert S. Mueller III as Special Counsel exceeded the Acting Attorney General’s lawful authority and that the Special Counsel exceeded even the jurisdiction that the appointment order purports to grant. See id. at 9-11. Because these defects deprive this Court of jurisdiction.”
  • ”secret” August 2, 2017 DAG Rosenstein Memo to SCO Mueller 
  • sheer volume of SCO Mueller’s response 
  • request additional time to “formulate a response, given the late filing of SCO Mueller”

In my personal opinion this is Manafort literally trying any move or argument he can. Let’s NOT forget Manafort is facing >380 years when you combine the DDC Superseding Indictment and the EDVA Indictment.

I’ve said before that the EDVA Indictment is an open and shut case. And it’s been largely reported that SCO Mueller’s Team did NOT need Gates’ cooperation as it relates to the EDVA Indictment.



This is the August 2, 2017 DAG Rosenstein Memo

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