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Manafort, Trump’s unpaid Pollster and others.

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Posted on June 06 2018

as previously discussed yesterday, I walked you through the Special Counsel’s filings and compared it Manafort’s DMP International various FARA 6460 Filing, discussed at length, here


Deeper FARA Dive...

I have on numerous occasions tweeted (almost obsessively) about Mercury Group and the Podesta Group FARA filings. Remember that insanely long almost never ending Grassley thread? RIP twitter thread. Because having to recreate my research is literally on my top 5 list of things I really enjoy doing...said no sane person ever.

At some point I suppose I should just suck it up, dig deep and recreate that thread, again. I realized late last night that I had never drilled down on the various entities, specifically the business entities that DMP International, LLC disbursed payments to. Let’s go ahead and correct the record, shall we?


At all times I endeavor to provide you an actual link to a data source. I am a firm believer in “show me your homework”, because if you are going to start a dialogue based on facts, it is best practice to actually show the actual facts versus “trust me I know what I’m doing or talking about”. The unfortunate and sad reality is, we are facing a daily, of nor hourly war on the Truth and Facts. For me facts are my true north. 

Admittedly I do have a bit of an advantage because I access to Lexis Nexis, Hoover’s, WestLaw and a few other Databases. More often than naught, I almost always go the extra mile to provide you an Open Source Link, especially for legal filings. That said the primary reason I link to a data source is really simple: proof in concept. 



Based on the Virginia State Corporation Commission:


VA SCC ID: S3233683


original filing April 9, 2010 (see FL Foreign Limited Filing below)

LLC registered on 5/11/2012 3:18:46 PM (VA SCC notes the exact date & time), link of history filing, found here.

* put a pin in Fabrizio & Ward, later in this entry I am going to wrap it all up in a nifty bow and thefacts will perhaps be worthwhile to read through my word salad. All roads lead back to Donald Trump NOT paying for services rendered.



VA SCC Office of the Clerk Filing, found here.



Based on the Florida State Corporation Commission:


FL SCC No. 27-2501260, link here

registered in FL as a Foreign Entity on 8/03/11, marked inactive in 2014.

 5 page FL SCC registration can be found here

FL SCC 2012 Annual Report can be found here

From what I can tell and supported by VA & FL SCC paperwork coupled with multiple FARA filings, it appears FABRIZIO WARD & ASSOCIATES, LLC is a well known and respected Polling & Marketing Firm. Based on Manafort’s FARA filing they paid this firm >$65K for “polling” in 2012 & 2013. Which makes sense because this firm is one of the “better” polling firms.


May 2016 Trump Hires Pollster Tony Fabrizio 

However what I DO find peculiar that Tony Fabrizio was hired by Donald J Trump for President in May 2016 and simultaneously worked for Rep. DeSantis campaign.


Fabrizio’s list of clients include:

  • presidential candidates Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan, Perry and Paul;
  • former Sens. Connie Mack of Florida, Alfonse D’Amato of New York and Bob Bennett of Utah;
  • former Govs. Bob Riley of Alabama, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Mike Foster of Louisiana.
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce and multiple PACs.


Given that Trump had already hired KellyAnne Conway as the campaign’s pollster, it’s clear that Manafort brought Fabrizio into the Trump campaign. Yet I completely overlooked this October of 2016 the Trump Campaign “contested” >$760K in debt that it owed to Tony Fabrizio’s firm from polling services.

Link to the FEC 2016 report, here. 

To date I am unable to determine if Trump ever paid for the Oct 2016 invoice, here’s a snap shot of Trump’s FEC filing.

Link to FEC 2015/2016 disbursements report for the “contested debt”, can be found here.

Link to FEC 2017/2018 disbursement’s to FABRIZIO LEE & ASSOCIATES can be found here

Notice there’s ZERO disbursement’s in October 2016 to Fabrizio’s Firm? 



And yes of course in true Trump form, he attacks and savages pollsters yet quietly he hired several of them. See this NBC May 2016 Article confirming Trump hired Manafort’s guy. Link to article, here.

Earlier today I tweeted the following, granted I’ll admit my tweet appeared to be out of left field. It wasn’t, the list of names I ticked off are the names that constantly show up when I research Manafort. 

In addition to the six phone calls involving Kislyak, the communications described to Reuters involved another 12 calls, emails or text messages between Russian officials or people considered to be close to Putin and Trump campaign advisers.

One of those contacts was by Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch and politician, according to one person with detailed knowledge of the exchange and two others familiar with the issue.

It was not clear with whom Medvedchuk was in contact within the Trump campaign but the themes included U.S.-Russia cooperation, the sources said. Putin is godfather to Medvedchuk’s daughter.

Medvedchuk denied having any contact with anyone in the Trump campaign.

‘I am not acquainted with any of Donald Trump’s close associates, therefore no such conversation could have taken place,” he said in an email to Reuters.


Tim Unes Receipt:

This isn’t a household name but it should be. I recommend that you read this February 2018 Politico Article, entitled “The Flood Gates Open”, found here 

..Manafort recruited other veterans of his Ukraine project to work on the Trump campaign, including Tim Unes and Tony Fabrizio....

It is an incontrovertible fact that Manafort brought Tim Unes, CEO of Event Strategies into the Trump campaign. Why? Because there are zero disbursements to Unes or his Company prior to August 2016.  Furthermore Tim Unes & his company continued to be “employed” by the Trump campaign & Trump Victory PAC, long after Manafort resigned. A cursory look FEC reports confirms hundreds of thousands of dollars in disbursements to Tim Unes company: Event Strategies (place holder I’ll come back to this and VP Pence’s PAC).

During the 2015/2016 some 38 individual disbursements made to Event Strategies See FEC 2015/2016 Disbursement Report found here.

I now refer you to page 10.729  Donald J Trump for President FEC ID: C00580100 which was filed on December 11, 2017 FEC Report found, here


I then refer you to page 8,554 of Donald J Trump for President FEC ID: C00580100 which was filed on May 16, 2018 FEC Report found here.


Vyacheslav Nikonov Receipt:

He is connected to Paul Manafort by way of Viktor Yanukovych, as detailed in this extensive May 2017 Bloomberg Article. Hence why it’s always a prudent move to read an entire article versus just a few paragraphs. Link to Bloomberg article found here.


This 2015 Russian International Affairs Council Biography (I’ve taken the liberty of archiving his biography as it appears no one on the Internet has archived it). Live URL link found here, the archived link can be found here. In September of 2017 Vyacheslav Nikonov, famously appeared on Russian State Television and boldly claimed: 


Russian intelligence had stolen the U.S. presidential election under the nose of U.S. intelligence.“


I refuse to ever use any Russian State Run Media, notwithstanding here is a September 2017 CNN article, which substantiates the assertion Vyacheslav Nikonov literally trolled our Intelligence Community. 


“Because the most recent tendencies, economical, military, even tendencies in the intelligence (services) which slept through while Russia elected a new US president."

“It's just ridiculous, what kind of intelligence in the USA one can even talk about?" he added. "The US sagged in all these aspects for the past two decades. This superpower is losing its ability to define the world."


Greg Craig receipt:

In the van der Zwaan Facts, Plea and Statement of Offense, if you recall there are multiple references to van der Zwaan had “surreptitiously” recorded a Senior Partner at Skadden Arps. Take a wild guess who that unnamed Senior Partner was...I will wait, ever so patiently...or I can just leave this previous blog entry here.


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