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Kris Kobach Contempt of Court TWICE

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Posted on April 18 2018


Kris Kobach

 Kansas Secretary of State

Federal Judge Contempt of Court, again


I suppose you could say Kris Kobach is my pet. No matter what, I just can’t seem to quit him. He’s like my catnip. I’m not even going to cover the fraudulent Trump Voter Integrity Commission. Oh it’s face that commission was a farce.

This video really shows how unfit Kris Kobach is. He has cost Kanasas Residents millions of dollars in litigation expenses. That’s not even factoring in the 6 states that “hired” Kobach to “consult” on onerous Voter ID laws. All of those states ended up in Court and those onerous laws Kobach “ginned up” cost those states hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation expenses. I don’t say this lightly:

Kansas WHY do you keep voting for this guy? When will Kobach be disbarred?

July 2017 Contempt of Court Order
  • “This argument for reconsideration again suffers from the fact that defendant could have, but did not, raise it earlier.”
  • “In any event, this new excuse lacks credibility based on its late assertion (which appears to be an attempt at a second bite at the apple) and lack of supporting documentation..”
  • “Defendant concedes he did not discuss this “specific ethical problem” in his response to plaintiffs’ motion for sanctions,”
  • “The court will not grant reconsideration based on ‘new arguments or supporting facts that could have been presented originally.’ Moreover, had the issue been raised, the undersigned likely would have rejected it.”



To wit Kobach filed this Motion: 

Kobach retested Judge Robinson over rule Judge O’Hara’s Order and $1,000.00 fine. Kobach entered this one page Motion for reconsideration.



July 25, 2017 

Judge Robinson basically AFFIRMED Judge O’Hara’s July 5, 2017 ruling. 

  • On April 5, 2017, Judge O’Hara issued an Order ruling that the Sixth Request was within the scope of discovery, as limited by this Court’s order reopening discovery.
  • He ordered the documents be produced for in camera review before ruling on the relevance and privilege arguments. After reviewing the two documents in camera,
  • The April 17 Order explained that the documents (in redacted form) are relevant to the issues for which discovery was reopened. He further ruled on Defendant’s assertions of privilege, finding none of the asserted privileges apply to these documents. In a footnote,
  • Judge O’Hara pointed to two statements in Defendant’s response brief on the motion to compel that “most charitably, can be construed as word-play meant to present a materially inaccurate picture of the documents.”
  • ”Judge O’Hara reminded Secretary Kobach that in his capacity as counsel of record in this case, he is “an officer of the Court with a duty of candor and a duty not to assert frivolous arguments.” (emphasis added)



There’s also the tiny unresolved Kansas Supreme Court Ethics investigation into Kris Kobach’s conduct. As explained in this (archived) thread. I would highly recommend you read this transcript, it’s confounding to me that someone like Kobach has this much power and arrogance to make it incrediblly difficult for American Citizens to exercise their Constitutional RIGHT to vote. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but I’ve watched this case for years. Every time I think Kobach can’t be anymore onerous or arrogant, he proves me wrong.

March 2018 Transcript can be found here 


April 18, 2018 Memo & Order

“the Court grants Plaintiffs’ motion for contempt and awards them reasonable
attorney fees expended litigating this motion.




September 23, 2016

Shawnee County District Court Judge Larry D. Hendricks ordered Defendant to provide notice to all voters impacted by this Court’s preliminary injunction ruling that they would be

  • “deemed registered and qualified to vote for the appropriate local, state, and federal elections for purposes of the November 8, 2016 general election, subject only to further official notice.”
  • “The motion set forth compelling evidence that Defendant was in violation of the Court’s preliminary injunction by:
    • (1) failing to add covered voters to the official registration list and poll books; 
    • (2) forcing covered voters to use provisional ballots;
    • (3) issuing confusing and misleading notices to voters regarding their registration status. “


that Plaintiffs’ Motion to Enforce Court Orders and for Order to Show Cause Why Defendant Kobach Should Not be Held in Contempt (Doc. 423) is granted.

Defendant Secretary of State Kobach is assessed the reasonable attorney fees expended by Plaintiffs’ counsel on this motion. Plaintiffs shall submit to the Court an application for attorney fees by no later than April 30, 2018, in compliance with D. Kan. Local Rule 54.2. Any further remedial measures are deferred until the Court’s decision on the merits of this case.”




Link to the 25 page Memo and Order can be found here

In my opinion the ACLU really stood up for voters, they refused to back down and their sheer grit & unwavering support for their clients is nothing short of inspirational. You can read more about the ACLU’s voter Rights here  and here 

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