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Kobach Mr Voter Suppression running for Governor? 1 of 5

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Posted on June 02 2018


Kris Kobach Contempt of Court, as previously discussed, here



It’s Official Kris Kobach...


running for Kansas Governor

I do not think it’s an exaggeration to say: Kris Kobach has spent the majority of his professional life suppressing the voting rights of American Citizens who happen to be people of color. Voting is a fundamental right, that’s enshrined in our Constitution and later affirmed in the d via the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA)


Fifteenth Amendment:

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."


Although the 15h Amendment was ratified on February 3, 1870, the constitutional rights enshrined in the 15th Amendment wasn’t fully realized until the 1960’s. Should you be inclined you can read more via The Library of Congress, link found here. Personally I found the “wood engraving” of the “first vote” intriguing, see the Library of Virginia Historical Record, here  


...and the army's commanding general in Virginia ordered that African Americans be given the right to vote for and to be elected delegates to the convention. In 1867, 105,832 freedmen registered to vote in Virginia, and 93,145 voted in the election that began on October 22, 1867. Artist Alfred Rudolph Waud depicted "The First Vote" of African Americans in Virginia in the November 16, 1867, issue of Harper's Weekly magazine.


1964 Civil Rights Act

The 1965 VRA preceding the 1964 Civil Rights Act (CRA), which (more precisely was intended) to end segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. In essence we are ALL created equal and thus should have equal rights, irrespective of the color of your skin or where you were born. 


To enforce the constitutional right to vote, to confer jurisdiction upon the district courts of the United States to provide injunctive relief against discrimination in public accommodations, to authorize the Attorney General to institute suits to protect constitutional rights in public facilities and public education, to extend the Commission on Civil Rights, to prevent discrimination in federally assisted programs, to establish a Commission on Equal Employ- ment Opportunity, and for other purposes.


Section 101 (2) (B) states:

deny the right of any individual to vote in any Federal election because of an error or omission on any record or paper relating to any application, registration, or other act requisite to voting, if such error or omission is not material in determining whether such individual is qualified under State law to vote in such election...”


Section 201 (a)-(e) reads in part:

SEC. 201. (a) All persons shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, as de- fined in this section, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.



On July 2, 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into Public Law. You can read the full 1964 Civil Rights Act, via the Government Printing Office,link found, here.


August 6, 1965 Voting Rights Act:

The reason Congress had to step in? Many states codified discriminatory state laws that precluded Americans of color from voting. Which was an absolute violauon of their constitutional right to vote. As such on August 6, 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act 


 SEC. 2. No voting qualification or prerequisite to voting, or standard, practice, or procedure shall be imposed or applied by any State or political subdivision to deny or abridge the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color.


SEC 3. (b)...the court finds that a test or device has been used for the purpose or with the effect of denying or abridging the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color, it shall suspend the use of tests and devices in such State or political subdivisions as the court shall determine is appropriate and for such period as it deems necessary.


SEC. 4. (a) To assure that the right of citizens of the United States to vote is not denied or abridged on account of race or color, no citizen shall be denied the right to vote in any Federal, State, or local election because of his failure to comply with any test or device in any State with respect to which the determinations have been made under subsection (b) or in any political subdivision with respect to which such determinations have been made as a separate unit, unless the United States District Court for the District of Columbia action for a declaratory judgment brought by such State...




You can read the full 1965 Voting Rights Act via the Government Printing Office. Link to the pdf found, here. Also something I didn’t know, Dr King was invited to the1965 Voting Rights Act signing ceremony by President Lyndon B. Johnson.


Now that you have a more comprehensive history of Americans voting rights, let’s go ahead and drill down on a one Kris Kobach, shall we?

When I say Kris Kobach has spent the majority of his adult professional life dedicated to voter suppression, that’s NOT an exaggeration. 


Kobach Voter Suppression & anti-immigrantion Laws:

Arizona “show me your papers” Law that was codifed in 2010 and you  betcha Kobach was the chief architect of the (now determined) unconstitutional law. The provision of AZ SB 1070, that Kobach authored include numerous constitutionally questionable measures. This American Progress Report is an excellent distillation of how onerous Kobach’s SB 1070 Law was. Link to the report can be found, here 


The law institutionalizes racial profiling - police to ask for papers from anyone they have a reasonable suspicion of being without status. Under this law any person of color, or anyone with a foreign accent, can be required to prove their status and be jailed..

The law compromises public safety and health - Sgt. Bryan Soller, president of the Mesa, Arizona Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 9, puts it, “If we’re getting hammered with calls, is a misdemeanor [trespassing by an illegal immigrant] more important than a stabbing or shooting? No.” Likewise, immigrants who live in fear of anti-immigrant laws will be afraid to go to the police to report a crime, making all of our communities less safe.

S.B. 1070 doesn’t solve illegal immigration - the law relies heavily on “self deportation” while usurping the Federal power (cough Supremacy Clause)...


See Archived 2010 AZ Central Article where Kobach gloats about his work on drafting numerous State level anti-immigration laws. Link found here


Federal Lawsuit:  🚨Case No: 2:10-cv-01413🚨


...preeminent federal authority and responsibility over immigration, theState of Arizona recently enacted S.B. 1070, a sweeping set of provisions that are ddesigned to “work together to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens” by making “attrition through enforcement the public policy of all state and local government agencies in Arizona”

S.B. 1070’s provisions,working in concert and separately, seek to deter and punish unlawful entry and presence byrequiring, whenever practicable, the determination of immigration status during any lawful stop by the police where there is “reasonable suspicion” that an individual is unlawfullypresent, and by establishing new state criminal sanctions against unlawfully present aliens. 


You can read the full lawsuit via this archived AZ  Central, link found here. Both the Distrct Court and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found, four provisions of S.B. 1070 were invalid:

  • Section 2(B), popularly known as “show me your papers,” which requires police officers to check the immigration status of anyone whom they arrest or detain and allows them to stop and arrest someone if they believe that he is an undocumented immigrant;
  • Section 3, which makes it a crime to be in Arizona without valid immigration papers;
  • Section 5(C), which makes it a crime to apply for or hold a job without proper immigration papers; and
  • Section 6, which allows a police officer to arrest someone, without a warrant, if the officer believes that he has committed – at some point in time – a crime that could cause him to be deported.

Ultimately on June 25, 2012 the Supreme Court issued a 76 page Opinion, found here, that a majority of the AZ SB 1070 was unconstitutionally impermissible, primarily based on the Supremacy Clause. But SCOTUS did find the following provisions lawful:


Section 2(b) requires law-enforcement officers to make a "reasonable attempt" to determine the immigration status of people stopped for other reasons if "reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien and is unlawfully present in the United States."

Section 2(d) allowed law enforcement to transport illegal immigrants to federal custody.



Kobach cost AZ $1.4M Case 2:10-cv-01061

And even after nearly $1.4M of Arizona tax payer footing the bill to defend Kobach’s onerous AZ SB 1070 Anti-Immigration law, in September 2016 the AZ Attorney General announced a settlement and “proposed” modified language. See the ACLU’s Exhbit A. Link here.



Kobach & Hazelton PA = $1.4M


In 2006 Kris Kobach was hired by the tiny town of Hazleton, PA where he was commissioned to write a new City Ordinance essentially blaming the Town’s crime & poverty on “illegal aliens”, to wit the ACLU filed suit against Hazelton, PA. 

..ills, including crime, failing schools, rising tax rates and decaying neighborhoods on “illegal aliens,” Hazleton passed the Ordinance with the express goal to drive what it calls “illegal aliens” out of town. The effect of the Ordinance has been to infringe the Constitutional rights of all Hazletonians who look or sound like “foreigners,” not just those who are here in the United States “illegally.”



See the 2006 ACLU Federal Complaint, here. Not only did Kris Kobach write this unconstitutional city ordinance. He was later hired by the City of Hazelton, PA to defend the City. Predictably the City of Hazelton loss and on October 6, 2015 a Federal Judge ordered the city to pay $1.4M in Legal cost.

Judge Munley issued a two page Order, link found here.


2006 Farmers Branch TX - Kris Kobach $5M

And it’s ground-hog day. Similar to what Kobach did in the City of Hazelton, PA not only did Kris Kobach write the Farmers Branch, TX City Ordinance 2892 the City then turned around and hired Kobach to defend the Ordinance he largely wrote. 


Farmers Branch City Council Adopted Ordinance 2892,

Requiring  Landlords Verify The Citizenship Status Of Their Renters. "Farmers Branch on Monday adopted strict measures against illegal immigrants, requiring apartment renters to provide proof of citizenship or residency and making English the city's official language. The City Council also unanimously agreed to let police apply to participate in a federal program that would enable them to check the residency status of suspects in custody and initiate deportation proceedings in certain cases...Under the rental restrictions, apartment owners and managers would be required to obtain papers showing citizenship or eligible immigration status from each member of a family planning to live there." [Dallas Morning News, 11/14/06]


When asked by the Dallas Morning News about the legality of the Ordinance and that other Cities also hired Kobach have lost, because numerous Federal Judges have found that Kobach’s language in the various ordinances as unconstitutional, here’s how Kobach responded:

These ordinances have proven very popular among city councils...This shows the city councils are accurately responding to public opinion. ... A referendum is essentially a perfect public opinion survey because you're questioning the entire electorate." [Dallas Morning News, 5/13/07]


Villas at Parkside Partners v. City of Farmers Branch


(consolidated with NO. 3:03-CV-1615)

On March 24, 2010 a Federal Judge Ruled that the City of Farmers Branch Ordinance that Kris Kobach wrote was:


...the Court finds, as a matter of law, that the landlord and tenant plaintiffs have established standing to challenge the ordinance, and that the ordinance is invalid under the Supremacy Clause. Accordingly, the Court GRANTS in part and DENIES in part each motion as fully described below.



Link to the 40 page March 2010 Order & Opinion can be found, here.


And YES of course a lawsuit was filed against Farmers Branch, TX. Kobach & Farmers Branch, TX lost and of course they filed an appeal. See the September 6, 2012 Statement of Interest, DOJ-OPA link found here



So if you are calculating Kris Kobach has cost most of us millions of dollars, spawned numerous lawsuit, all because Kobach is in fact a White Nationalist. Stay tuned for parts 2-5 I went deep like I almost thought I dug to the point I landed on Putin’s front door by way of the NRA & Koch Brothers dark money they are funneling to Kobach  

This Grifter refuses to pay for the legal bills HE CREATED,  cheap rat-bastard


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