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Key WorldWide Foundation meets RICO

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Posted on March 12 2019



Key Worldwide Foundation = RICO 


In case you completely overlooked the IRS 990 for today’s MASSIVE College Exam bust, previously discussed here, I figured it might be worthwhile to carve out the IRS filing for Key Worldwide Foundation.


The following sentence will likely be on my tombstone:


I pulled down...the docket and/or IRS 990


Key Worldwide Foundation is one of the two main conduits used in the furtherance of this criminal RICO conspiracy. So it seems appropriate to drill down on them. As many of you know, if there’s a public database, there’s also a high probability that I know my way around said database.

Upon reading the Criminal Information and Indictments, I noticed that Key Worldwide Foundation was the commonality and repeated throughout the various Crimial Information(s) and Indictment(s). The IRS designation of a 501 (c)(3) means said entity has been adjudicated by the IRS as Tax Exempt.

Step One:

Identify said Entitiy, preferably their Employer Identification Number (EIN), Key Worldwide Foundation EIN: 46-1603030


Step Two:

Go to the following IRS database and type in that EIN and hit search:


Step Three:

Congratulations you now have access to Key Worldwide Foundation’s 2016 IRS 990 Filing. Their Form 990 Filing is 39 pages long


Step Four: 

Glasses on 🤓

Knuckles cracked 👏🏻

Keyboard Engaged⌨️

So let’s drill down and shake the money tree and see what falls out, shall we?


Weird that’s a significant amount of “money”, meaning in Tax Year 2016 the “Foundation” took in $3,736,160.00


The “Foundation” ended the 2016 Tax Year with some $2,151,914.00 in their accounts. Just to be clear see that signatory: yes that’s the same Rick Singer who’s presently in a Boston Federal Courtroom making his initial appearance and being formally arraigned on litany of RICO charges. My understanding is the Federal Government had a plea deal but Singer took the time to unlawfully inform his clients of this ongoing criminal probe.


Hence why Singer was also charged with Obstruction of Justice, found here. Singer’s Indictment reads like a text book RICO scheme, money, power, politics and privilege. 



What you may not know is when your charity is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) is you are required to report in aggregate detail money in/out and what your charity’s core goal is. So I highlighted that bit of fact nuggets for you:


Your charity is also required to disclose officers, see below 



And you are also required to itemize various expenditures, for example Gordon Ernst, who was also Indicated Key Worldwide Foundation paid him some $825,000.00 in 2016. If you are going to tweet or blog about Ernst or Singer, please take the appropriate steps to redact their home addresses. I do not condone doxxing of any kind.


Key Worldwide Foundation “grants and other assistance to domestic organizations” in 2016 they doled out some $860,112.00


What I find most interesting is since 2013 to 2016 Key Worldwide Foundation disclosed some $7,016,873.00 following in/out of their account.


If I were a reporter, I would drill down on the various “grants” paid by Key Worldwide Foundation. It’s also important to note that this is an ongoing investigation. As previously stated no school has been indicted, yet but again I’d start looking at the schools that “received” any “grant” or “donation” from Key Worldwide Foundation, Exhibit A-F below:


 Again I could be wrong BUT the dollar amounts for University ofTexas and USC “women’s athletic board” seem to match up with the dollar amounts particularized in today’s Criminal Information and Indictments. I don’t know why some in the media refuse to access the same IRS database I have, so there’s that vexing factoid. 


 I think what’s more offensive is Key Worldwide Foundation’s website is still operational but it’s this particular paragraph that’s just repugnant:


Key Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has touched the lives of hundreds of students that would never have been exposed to what higher education could do for them. Many of these students have only known life on the streets, surrounded by the gang violence of the inner-city.


Although I’m slightly disappointed that: RICO, Bribery, Fraud and cheating on your SATs and/or ACTs are not listed as “services” on Key Worldwide Foundation’s website. Come on you had the chance to be a star.../snort




Again you can read today’s prolific filings in my previous entry found here. This is just Spicy living my best life.../snort






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  • Deidra Witschorke: March 12, 2019

    Miss you and thank you!

  • Jaye Schembri: March 12, 2019

    as always, you lay out the facts like Maddow, and now I understand

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