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Joshua Schulte, CIA & Wikileaks Part 1 of 3

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Posted on April 13 2019



Joshua Adam Schulte & the CIA & Wikileaks...


...SDNY child porn leads to Wikileaks Vault 7

part I of III 



Full Disclosure I am not nor will I ever be a fan of WikiLeaks. I made and I continue to make a binary choice: refrain from amplifying their tweets and/or twitter accounts. Furthermore the “notion” that WikiLeaks is a “news” Organization is utter garbage. What kind of “news” organization conspire to hack the Pentagon?


Since Julian Assange’s arrest, the coordinated “active measures” aka spin, more broadly the “intensity” of:


“his arrest means all reporters should be worried”.



You do understand that is an intellectually dishonest position, right? That Journalism isn’t engaging in Cyber-espionage or encouraging AND assisting your “source” to engage in cyber-criminal activity of hacking into the Pentagon. At first glance Schulte’s August 23, 2017 Criminal Complaint appears to be limited to “child pornography”,

August 24, 2017 Detention Order,

pending trial September 6, 2017 Indictment 

Docket #1:17-mj-06401 

18 u.s.c. §§ 2 2 5 2A (a) ( 2) ( B) , (a) (5) (B), (a) (1) I (b) (1), (b) ( 2) and 2  Child  Pornography

Docket # 1:17-cr-00548

United States v. Schulte (18-145) 2ndCCOAs, March 2018 OralArguments where Schulte’s new Counsel Jacob Kaplan argued before the 2ndCCOAs that Judge Crotty impermissiblly applied a different standard that prohibited Joshua Schulte from having access to any computer that connects to the internet. Kaplan argued that Schulte had his “roommate” access a Computer on two occasions and that Pretrial Services, in late September 2017. Officer Moscato if he approved Schulte roommate accessing a computer to access Schulte’s emails.  


Full Disclosure 🚨trigger warning🚨pages 3, 4 and 5 detail the various child pornography files that were encrypted on Schulte’s server, PC...and other electronic devices. Disgusting isn’t even the correct word to describe the 10K+ images Schulte had, although the annotation of Russia & Korean child porn, was an unexpected detail and a gross one at that.


 The following disclosures contained in the FBI’s affidavit actually matter, a lot because these details provide the factual predicate for the forthcoming superseding indictments. 

March 15, 2017:

members of the FBI searched the Residence. During the course of that search, law enforcement officers recovered, among other things, multiple computers, servers, and other portable electronic storage devices (the "Subject Devices"), including SCHULTE's personal desktop computer (the "Desktop Computer")

During the course of reviewing the Desktop Computer, CACS agents encountered a volume of files in an encrypted container, approximately 54 GB in size (the "Encrypted Container") 


In some respects the “encrypted containers” are exactly that. However upon closer examination you need to understand what this actually means. One could use the Edgar Allen Poe’s Dream within a Dream analogy, meaning Schulte had encrypted containers within containers. As in three separate lawyers.

This is also provides a strong testiment as to the FBI Cyber-crimes Unit and how exemplary these highly specialized FBI agents are. See page 5, Paragraph 4 a, which reads in part:

encrypted virtual machine was present on the Desktop Computer (the "VM"). A virtual machine allows a user to create a separate computer operating system within a physical computer's operating system. The Computer Scientists were able to access the VM by inputting a password obtained from a forensic examination of a cellphone


Moving along to page 6, paragraph 4 c - here the DOJ Discloses that once an encrypted container was identified, at first glance the “data” essentially looked like gobbledegook. Absent the actual VeraCrypt passwords. Conversely once the FBI’s computed scientists entered the password(s) the data in the file essentially reorganized themselves 

file titled "data.bkp" that was approximately 50 gigabytes in size (the "Data File"). Initially, when the Computer Scientists opened the Data File, the file appeared to contain only random, binary data. In addition, the Computer Scientists determined that an encryption software called VeraCrypt was installed on the VM.


On page 7 of the SDNY USA v Schulte August 24, 2017 Intitial Appearance hearing Transcript (archived

The nature and circumstances of this offense in particular are troubling. This is not a run-of-the-millchild pornography case. The defendant was caught with literally over 10,000 images and videos of child pornography. It's an enormous volume of child pornography, and it included sadistic and masochistic images and videos of children as young as a few years old who had been...


As the DOJ Attorney argued at Schulte’s initial appearance hearing, Schulte didn’t just enjoy collecting and viewing child porn, he also bragged about his collection in various chat rooms:


Not only that he liked to view these images, but he shared it through talking on chats, he discussed it at length with other individuals. And even more critical evidence, the defendant has already admitted that this computer was his. He admitted that no one else used it. He admitted that he was the one.


Schulte’s 2015 Sexual Assault: 

During the same August 2017 hearing the DOJ Attorney informed the court that amoung the voluminous evidence collected during the course of their investigation (of which six search warrants were executed) DOJ Attorney LaRoche told the Court (see pages 13-15)


“...engaged in sexual assault on an adult female in April of 2015. If I can explain what evidence we have? On one of 3 the defendant's phones that was recovered in March of 2017 there are a series of pictures of a female who the defendant knows and who at a time stayed with the defendant is passed out on the floor of the defendant's bathroom. In those pictures, her underwear appears to be removed, and then she is sexually assaulted by a pair of hands. To be clear, we do not have --

I can proffer to the Court that there's IRC chats where the defendant talks about using the date rape drug. There's IRC chats where the defendant talks about having sex with high school girls.”


Which now takes us to the Government’s December 2017 letter to the SDNY Judge (incidentally a little unknown judicial issue in some local courts like Loudoun County,VA are Courts of “no” or in most cases little record):


November 15, 2017, the defendant was charged in Loudoun County
Virginia with two crimes:

(i) object sexual penetration, a felony, in violation Virginia Code Section 18.2-67.2; and

(ii) the unlawful creation of an image of another, a misdemeanor, in violation of Virginia Code Section 18.2-386.1. The Government understands that these charges are premised on the photographs of the Victim. Specifically, the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office has developed evidence that the defendant was the individual whose hands are visible in the photographs sexually penetrating the Victim. 


Yes of course you can make an argument that the Government has been heavy handed and sure one could argue that Josh Schulte is a target of “selective prosecution” but the reality is probably somewhere in the middle. Conversely between the child porn, the sexual assault of an unconscious woman that was passed out on his bathroom should never be lost on you that Schulte’s gave WikiLeaks Vault 7. That unquestionably jeopardized our Country’s National Security and violated the trust given to those who have our Country’s highest security clearance. 


First, there is clear and convincing evidence that the defendant has violated a release condition—namely, the condition that he shall not use the Internet without express authorization...As explained above, data obtained from the Schulte Email Account and the Broadband Account strongly suggests that the defendant has been using the Internet since shortly after his release on bail.

 Also tucked away on Page 3 of the Government’s December 2017 letter to Judge Pittman ...this tiny detail that I’m pretty sure matters more than most of us knew af the time:

The defendant’s Google searches obtained in this investigation show that on May 8, 2016, the defendant conducted multiple searches related to the use of TOR to anonymously transfer encrypted data on the Internet. In particular, the defendant had searched for “setup for relay,” “test bridge relay,” and “tor relay vs bridge.”

Now back to the August 2017 transcript. Granted of course all defendants are afforded the presumption of innocence, as that is what separates our Judicial System from other tin-pot dictators. While I understand the duty a defense attorney has to his/her client. I’m not entirely sure this was the most persuasive argument.


 He spent virtually his entire professional career dedicated to fighting domestic and international terrorism...a series of internships at the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. They led to full-time employment there for over five years. He was a top computer scientist and analyst with the highest security clearances available, Judge. And he worked literally on a daily basis to develop and perfect computer tools designed to make our country safer, a safer place for all of us, Judge; and he has made living in this nation a safer place. 


What you might actually overlook is the Government takes great care to itemize the char logs and establish a timeline. Conversely what I noticed is 2010 to 2011 are missing, almost in its entirety. Which is certainly odd, given those who have such a perverse proclivity to procure thousands and thousands of child porn files, they don’t just go dark.


And maybe this doesn’t matter to you, but for me it sure does. How does a <30 year old former CIA employee afford the services of famed  BRAFMAN and Associates?



Oh and in the spirit of transparency the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowmen (who’s now a sitting Judge) never picked up Schulte; should you be inclined you really should google James “Jim” Plowman. Trust me on that, his reputation is...welll let me say this, don’t you think that Schulte’s sexual assault victim should have the right to Justice? And in seeking that Justice that would mean the Commonwealth Attorney (again he is now Judge Plowman) would have 

In part II we will discuss the mind bending events of 2018 in the Schulte’s matter. But for now here are a few of my parting thoughts:


Josh Schulte HAS A BLOG and he blog in PRISON


Innocent Indefinitely Incarcerated Inmate #79471054. Here’s how I know that very FEW people know about Josh Schulte’s blog: I know because I was hit 79-84.

in which Defendant (who’s still in custody at MCC)

Perhaps one of the worst aspects of federal prison is the inability to defend yourself as the Federal Government unleashes its dezinformatsya blitzkrieg. That ends today—I want the world to learn the truth just as I have over this past year of indefinite incarceration: The United States Federal Government is a corrupt, tyrannical government—no person, entity, or other government can escape its bullying grasp. In this first of hopefully many blog posts, I will begin to confront the idiocracy of the charges against me, illuminate the government’s contradictory, ever-changing theories, and bear witness to the sheer terror and absolute corruption that is the FBI and federal government.


Therefore, I intend to run for Congress here in New York’s 7th district and become the next Speaker of the House. The long-time incumbent Velázquez must step aside and give her constituents the speakership.

I intend to run under the platform of criminal justice reform as I will end mass incarceration and the War on Drugs including the perverse incentives it provides. As a society, we must pivot from “tough on crime” to compassionate, forgiving human beings who seek to rehabilitate over punish and uplift the poor souls born into this world without privilege, into difficult environments. You cannot call yourself a good Christian, a good Muslim, a good Jew, or even a good person while simultaneously holding values contrary to the core tenets of forgiveness and compassion

 And then he concludes his September 2018 blog entry on this delightful note:

I will dismantle the federal government brick-by-brick, agency-by-agency until nothing remains. I will repeal all federal laws. I am the harbinger of death for tyranny and will never permit a single penny more to be spent on drugs, federal “law enforcement”, or federal prosecutors; All will be stripped of their power over man, and this power rightfully returned to the states and local governments. The corruption of the federal government will come to a screeching halt. America stands for democracy and freedom—not slavery and oppression.

 I want to reiterate that Wikileaks accepted stolen highly classified information from Joshua Adam Schulte, who worked for the CIA and internet (that what his Attorney stated) at the NSA. He had 54GB of info and handed Wikileaks hacking tools along with a treasure trove of other highly classified government documents. He had 10K images of child porn, he was charged for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman in his bathroom. Don’t you DARE tell me that Julian Assange and Wikileaks are a “news outlet” because hacking into the Pentagon does not make you a reporter. Full Stop


Part II soon....xo 🌶🗂

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  • Cindy: June 20, 2019

    I’m still shocked… CIA NSA didn’t pick up on this dude… Good Lord
    The sickening story makes me gargle Clorox
    Thanks for all your hard work Spicey

  • John Sawyer: June 20, 2019

    I’m thinking that Schulte’s appeal to compassion and forgiveness for drug offenders is mostly (if not only) a barely cloaked attempt to call for compassion and forgiveness for himself, for the charges he faces, blaming his troubles on being a “poor soul born into this world without privilege, into difficult environments.” Also, his desire to see an end to the federal government (due to its charges against him), in favor of only state and local governments—a divide and conquer strategy—is typical of the “sovereign citizen” mentality that tries to reduce law enforcement to smaller and smaller jurisdictions until there’s none left except what the “sovereign citizen” decides is right.

  • @planet_phoebe: April 14, 2019

    Get em Spicy. This guy is insane and disgusting.

  • Linda Karin: April 14, 2019

    That was an awesome report. Thank you. We miss you on the Twitter machine.

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