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John Bolton SuperPAC & PAC $6M+ Cambridge Analytica

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Posted on April 22 2018

 🇺🇸Originally posted on 3/23/2018


John Bolton SuperPAC FEC ID- C00542464


John Bolton PAC FEC ID- C00542431


Yes, Bolton has a PAC and a SuperPAC



can raise unlimited funds & accept unlimited funds from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates.”


FEC ID- C00542464  Bolton SuperPAC


Bolton SuperPAC FEC 2017/2018 Report, HERE



Bolton SuperPAC FEC 2016/2016 Report, HERE



Bolton SuperPAC FEC 2013/2014 Report, HERE 



FEC ID- C00542431,John Bolton PAC


Bolton PAC 2017/2018 Report, HERE




Bolton PAC, FEC 2015/2016 Report, HERE



Bolton PAC, FEC 2013/2014 Report, HERE


Bolton Ads & Candidates 2017/2018


Kevin Nicholson for Senate 2018:

John Bolton’s SuperPAC has a whole page dedicated to Kevin Nicholson. Nicholson is a Wisconsin Republican running US Senate. John Bolton’s SuperPAC has commited $1M to Nicholson’s Senate Run. 

Kevin Nicholson, WI, R – Senate Race official campaign website

Nicholson for Senate


The following 4 ads (presumably) production and ad buys made by Bolton’s SuperPAC. Below are the individual links to each ad featured on John Bolton’s YouTube page


John Bolton SuperPAC 2014 Ad

Bolton SuperPAC Nicholson Senate “Main St” 1:15 Ad Jan 2018

Bolton SuperPAC Ad for Kevin Nicholson Main St 15sec Jan 2018

Bolton SuperPAC Ad Kevin Nicholson #2, “Main Street”  Jan 2018


As I previously covered John Bolton was an “early adopter” and Customer of Cambridge Analytica. In 2014 Bolton paid some $25,000.00 to Cambridge Analytica see FEC link to itemized disbursement.


But a secondary FEC for John Bolton Super PAC & John Bolton PAC cummatively appears to have  paid Cambridge Analytica > $811K  for “survey research” during the 2016 campaign, alone

FEC Link HereFEC receipt Bolton 2014 Cambridge Analytica


John Bolton SuperPAC & John Bolton PAC

2015/2016 Political Ads


Based on a bit of research, it appears Bolton’s PAC produced some 29 Politcal Ads solely for Nevada.

 “Team Bolton” YouTube Channel

Team Bolton (PAC) YouTube Channel 29 ATTACK ADS 2015/2016

Nevada PAC Ad – Iran & Syria 2016

This is in fact one of the MOST offensive Political Ads I’ve watched. Bolton’s Ad Opens:

Islamic Radicals are Killing the innocent right here in America, we can not afford to lead from behind”

Nevada “Islamic Radicals” PAC Ad 2016


And just when I thought John Bolton couldn’t be any worse, I decided to watch this disgusting attack ad, deriding Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

Nevada Bolton Attack Ad Supporting Joe Heck 2015/2016

Any who, tomorrow I’ll dive into the possibility of Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica, SCL Group, NRA and John Bolton “alledged” Money Laundering…I’m talking $15.9 million plus in funds I’ve tracked down.

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