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Posted on May 12 2018

John Bolton…

Trump’s 3rd National Security Advisor 

below are a few examples, be very very afraid



During the Bush Administration, John Bolton could neve score a Senate vote. So Bush waited until the Senate recessed and then appointed Bolton to the United Nations. See this archived Associated Press video reel




2005 John Bolton Senate Confirmation Hearing:


...the smack down of Senator Boxer, was utterly fantastic, but I get the sense Bolton actually hates any woman who may challenge him. For years, those of us in DC have heard the whispers that Bolton is freaking NUTs like rage-o-holic...verbally abusive “hostile work environment” nuts.



Congressional Hearing, regarding Marines fighting in Iran

…Bolton’s response to Rep Kucinch.

Link to video, here 


Rep Kucinch: if I walked over right now and handed you this report, you would read it? You don’t want to know about US Marines fighting in Iran?


Bolton: “I don’t think so. Honestly Congressman I don’t have time to read much fiction”


2002 the New York Times detailed Bolton’s speech where Bolton said the following, here 

‘The United States believes that Cuba has at least a limited offensive biological warfare research and development effort,' Mr. Bolton said, taking aim at the Communist government of Fidel Castro. Cuba

Bolton latter added, has also “provided dual-use biotechnology to other rogue states.'"


2005 the Washington Post published the following article on bad bosses.

Bolton was the opening paragraph and it’s horrifuc. No wonder why Bolton and Trump get along.

Link to the Wash Post “Big Bad Boss Tales” ARCHIVED ARTICLE




 In 2015 John Bolton authored this New York Times OpEd, here 

Where Bolton opined that ‘only military action" could "accomplish what is required." The thing being required was preventing Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. A limited strike against known nuclear production facilities could set the country's nuclear ambitions back by three to five years,

Bolton went on to argued, and offered a nonsensical hybrid solution "vigorous American support for….regime change in Tehran," 


Those of us who have lived in the DC area for multiple presidential administrations, we all know DC101 and The Greaseman radio-bit. I was in the car with my mom driving back from the Fort Meyer Commissary and I distinctly remember my brothers singing that Bomb Bomb Iran song and thinking OMFG stop.



In this August 21, 2016 John Bolton states that former President Obama “is a Muslim” fast forward this clip to minute marker 5:47 & listen carefully, you might -miss it-




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