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JarVanka’s Immigration Plan. “Oh God, I’m F*cked”

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Posted on May 16 2019


He went to Jared’s...”oh God, I’m F*cked”


Of all of the Trump Administration “public policies”, more precisely, the lack thereof, Trump’s radical and extreme Immigration Policies, for both legal and illegal immigrants who emigrated to America. It is Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy that was and still is by far the cruelest and antithetical to real American Values. 

For your edification and convenience, I have taken the liberty of culling the nearly 37 previous entries. Each embedded link will categorized by topic and the chronological order of each entry, oldest to present: 


Zero Tolerance:

To say I might know a little bit about this topic, well at the minimum I’ve done a decent amount of research and oh...I also like to read and oddly I can actually understand what it is I’m reading and where to go look for various datasets:

Posted on May 25 2018 - Where are the Children? And as expected the Trump Administration was caught stone cold lying their Liar McLiar face off. This entry contains both DOJ Memos (April 2017 and April 2018, respectively).

 The June 2018 “what zero tolerance” policy, the follow up on enumerated cost of implementing Trump & White-Nationalist Voldemort aka Stephen Miller’s intolerable cruelty 

SouthWest Key & unaccompanied minors, here June 18th

Widespread impact of Trump’s zero Tolerance Policy  here.

June 19th, unaccounted for unaccompanied minors, here 

June 22nd, call it what it is, Trump’s Zero Tolerance is actually Child Abuse, here. Which includes the actual GAO numbers of Unaccompanied Minors. Numerous HHS-ORR contracts, proposed 2019 budgets...

Operation Streamline meets Operation Janus 1.0 & 2.0, here.

July 2018 Zero Tolerance goes to court, again.

Second Prong Of Trump’s radical Immigration “plan”

January 2017 Trump Ends Somalia TPS Refugee Program.

October 2017 Trump Ends Sudan TPS Refugee Program. 

November 2017 Trump Ends Haitian TPS Refugee program

January 2018 Trump Ends El Salvador TPS Refugee Program. 

March 2018, Trump Ends Nicaragua TPS Program.

May 2018 Trump Ends Honduras TPS refugee program.

Trump extends TPS for Syria, but how many Syrian refugees do you think the Trump Administration let in last year? 11,100? 1,100? 110? NOPE 11 


Government Oversight and Reports concerning UAC


The October 2018 DHS-OIG Zero Tolerance Report, it was scathing and sadly not surprising, at all.

Just a few days later (Oct 26 2018) the GAO issued their own report and it was exactly what a lot of us feared.

October 2018, Flores Agreement and notice of DHS intent of new Rule Making 

November 2018 HHS-OIG Report where it aggregated and enumerated the many many failures of Scott Lloyd and his ORC failures (remember this is the same POS that forced unaccompanied teenage girls to keep their unwanted pregnancies re Garza v Hargan)

December 2018 the Trump-Trainwreck-Trifecta...

March 2019 Neilsen goes to Congress and her bullshit is finally called out.



Immigration numbers under the “Mad King” Trump


The cumulative numbers of Asylum determinations “denied” and “pending” shows what the Trump Administration Actions versus the unhinged Tweet-screeds

You might find this previous R.A.I.S.E entry a worthwhile read, from what my Hill Sources have told me, Jared’s “plan{ draws heavily from this racially charged bill. Because as expected from the Trump White House their incompetence also gives way to plagiarism. You might also find this follow up R.A.I.S.E. Write up informative - I walked you through numerous blatantly obvious lies that the Trump Administration continue to push out. Bottom line is Trump and the Trump Administration CAN NOT BE TRUSTED, at all.



I‐360 Petitions for Special Immigrant with a Classification of Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) by Fiscal Year, Quarter and Case Status (Fiscal Year 2019, 2nd Quarter, Jan.1-March 31, 2019) (PD



I can admit, that  it is entirely frustrating watching “scoops and breaking news” about Trump’s Immigration Policies...weird because I know  that well over 18 months ago I told you (countless twitter threads and dozens of blog entries) that Trump’s Immigration Policies would make an aggressive double punch at legal immigration.

HERE’s My Proof (it’s not like I didn’t give you step but step instructions on what database to use and what search criteria) but nope, now it’s breaking news. This (archived) State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration pags will take you to each year’s dataset depicted below. This iWrap Report based on the RPC will give you the entire “workbook”.




 If you think you’ll find the same or even similar webpage for the Trump Administration, nope. This is the current State Dept “page

The Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) is one of the State Department's "functional," as opposed to "geographic" bureaus. This indicates a Bureau that focuses on a particular issue wherever it arises around the world. As described in our mission statement, our focus is refugees, other migrants, and conflict victims.


With respect to “fresh” or “current” datasets:

All Nationalities  iwrap Report
October 01, 2018 through May 10, 2019


The “cap” is a major sticking point, particularly when viewed with a decade of previous numbers. Trump didn’t just “cut” some numbers for the maximum allowable immigrants, he completely annihilated the numbers and yet Congress remains silent:

 You knew that Trump is a fraud, a mobster, a con-man, a sexual predator, a racist and a pathological liar...yet 60+ million of you voted for this mother-fucker. Because of your stupidity now the vast majority of Americans have to bear the consequences of YOUR STUPIDITY. So yes to those that voted for Trump, you voted for this nonstop shit-show and lets not forget about Stephen “white nationalist” Miller  who’s own family no longer claims him.


Also not that this matters but someone recently told me that Jared Kushner knew almost next to nothing about TPS, Asylum, Refugees and wasn’t exactly sure that USCIS is part of DHS. Ergo, “oh God...I’m f*cked” because if we expect Wonder-Felon-SF-86 Boy to create a comprehensive immigration. You know the same dolt who had to amend his SF-86 at least 39 times. Who has absolutely zero public policy experience. Zero diplomatic experience but he certainly loves MbS-Bone-Saw because after all Kushner’s entire family fortune is wrapped up in 666 5th Avenue...this is the same amateur that wanted to use the Comms at the Russian Embassy in DC as a back channel to Russia. Kushner is also the same intractable ignoramus that still uses WhatsApp...although I was told last month he’s switched over to predominantly use Signal vs WhatsApp and Telegram (given that’s banned in Russia)...Seriously Trump went to Jared and we are all super  F’d 


Elect an Orange Clown -

expect a Circus 


Also true story based on Trump’s new (it’s actually recycled) Immigration Policy with the heavy emphasis on “merit based” Trump’s own father would have be prohibited to emigrate to America...therefore Fred Trump would have never been arrested in 1927 at a KKK Riot. If only Fred Trump had been a good Catholic and pulled out..<snort, sorry not sorry>


The fact remains Sec Clinton was right, she was right about Russia and she most certainly was right about what a “president Trump” would be like for America and the Globalization of his Hate. It is ridiculous to me that my kids can’t watch news because Trump lacks self discipline and professionalism not to utter “bullshit...shithole...I’m fucked...Mexicans are rapist”


Our Children ARE watching 

 If only you and the media listened to Sec Clinton, if only but nope you decided to obsess about her “emails” and you gave Trump 70% more time then Clinton.

Do better. Also Dear White America aka MAGA could you please stop calling the police just because you see a person of color?

As Andrew Gillum aptly put it:

I don’t think you’re a racist, the racist think you are a racist


xo (super salty) SpicyFiles 

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