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Posted on June 27 2018



 🇷🇺 Trump Administration Incompetence🇷🇺


You maybe are unaware, a vast majority of Federal Agencies have an “internal” watchdog group, known as the Office of Inspector General (OIG). In addition to the inter-agency watchdog there are various Government Agencies who’s SOLE charter is to conduct oversight, one such Oversight Agency is the Government Accountability Office (GAO)


The GAO main mission, as detailed on the Agency’s website:

Our Mission to support the Congress in meeting its constitutional responsibilities and to help improve the performance and ensure the accountability of the federal government for the benefit of the American people. We provide Congress with timely information that is objective, fact-based, nonpartisan, nonideological, fair, and balanced.

Our Work done at the request of congressional committees or subcommittees or is mandated by public laws or committee reports. We also undertake research under the authority of the Comptroller General. We support congressional oversight by


In March of 2018 the GAO published a 58 page report, entitied:


 Information on Vacancies and

IG Community Views on Their Impact


The 2016 Inspector General Act (IGA), reaffirmed the establishment of OIGs and defined the parameters of their conduct and supervise audits and investigations. The IGA also recommend numerous policies to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness; and prevent and detect fraud and abuse.


The Inspector General Empowerment Act of 2016 further included several provision that allowed the GAO to review (any) prolonged IG vacancies during which a temporary appointee has served as the head of the office.

As such the IG Act sets to establish OIGs both at select major federal agencies, called establishments, and at some smaller agencies, called designated federal
entities (DFE), to conduct oversight of their programs and operations.

The IG Act also sets out, among other things;

 (1) the duties and responsibilities of each IG with respect to the entity within which its office is established;

(2) how IGs are appointed, whether by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate, or by the head of the DFE; and (3) the processes for removing an IG.


Again if there isn’t an internal watchdog to stand guard, sadly that can and does lead to governmental abuse, if left unchecked. The GAO Report No: GAO-18-270, link found here.


This report addresses:

(1) the status of IG vacancies as of the end of fiscal year 2017, and the number and duration of IG vacancies for fiscal years 2007 through 2016, and

(2) the IG community’s views about how IG vacancies impact the OIGs’ ability to carry out their duties effectively, including views on the impact on independence and permanent IG suggestions for improvements in the appointment process.3 To address these objectives we included in our scope the 64 active OIGs that were established under the IG Act. 


Period of Performance of the GAO Investigation & Methodology:

🚩We conducted this performance audit from February 2017 to March 2018 in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.

Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain sufficient, appropriate evidence to provide a reasonable basis for our findings and conclusions based on our audit objectives. We believe that the evidence obtained provides a reasonable basis for our findings and conclusions based on our audit objectives.


By the numbers:

Ten IG vacancies are presidentially appointed and require a Confirmation vote by the Senate. Below is a full-list of OIG Positions that Trump has yet to actually nominate. I now refer you to pages 6-13 of the aforementioned GAO Report. 


This is NOT about the Senate Democrats stalling, this IS about Trump’s utter Dereliction of Duty as the “Chief Executive”, I have asked hundreds of times, why is Trump refusing to name a nominee? Common sense dictates that the Senate can NOT vote on a nominee if no one has been nominated. 


      • Social Security Admin, vacant 747+ days NO NOMINEE 
      • Defense Dept, vacant 788+ days NO NOMINEE 
      • USPS, vacant 757+ days, NO NOMINEE 
      • Office of Personnel Mgmt, vacant 747+ days NO NOMINEE 
      • Federal Elections Commission, vacant  369+ days NO NOMINEE 
      • Homeland Security, vacant 96+days NO NOMINEE 
      • Housing & Urban Devl, vacant 250+days NO NOMINEE 
      • Tennessee Valley Auth, vacant 166+days NO NOMINEE
      • Dept of Energy, vacant 890+ days NO NOMINEE
      • Dept of Interior vacant 3,299+days NO NOMINEE
      • CIA, vacant 1,131+ days 
      • Intelligence Community IG, vacant 341+ days


We are 529 days into the Trump Administration and he still has HUNDREDS of high level agency vacancies yet Trump is speed nominating Judicial nominees. That should absolutely terrify you. Because long after this bleep-stain of a presidency is gone (with any luck he will die penniless in jail, along with his thieving adult children) 

🚩Social Security Administration:

In February of 2017, the GOA sent a letter to the White House and president Trump, notifying the (failing) Trump Administration:

We contacted the SSA General Counsel by letter dated February 6, 2017, requesting updated information on the vacancies in Presidentially appointed, Senate confirmed positions at SSA. SSA responded by letter dated February 12, 2018, stating that these positions at SSA (Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and Inspector General) remain vacant. SSA did not provide any information regarding the names of those in acting positions or periods of acting service.


On March 6, 2018 the GAO once again contacted the Trump Administration, in their two page letter to president (I will never use a capital P when it comes to Trump, that’s how little respect I have for him) Trump. Link to the March 2018 GAO letter found, here.  The GOA letter reads in part:


General Counsel of SSA reported that the position of Commissioner remains vacant. Our research indicates that the position was vacant on January 20, 2017, and Nancy A. Berryhill became Acting Commissioner on January 21, 2017.

To date there have been no nominations submitted for that position.

According to SSA, Ms. Berryhill became Acting Commissioner pursuant to a memorandum of December 23, 2016, issued by President Obama establishing an order of succession for the performance of the functions and duties of the office of the Commissioner of Social Security (Memorandum of Succession).

We note that the Memorandum of Succession specifies that its provisions are subject to the limitations of the Vacancies Reform Act.


The March 2018 GAO letter, on page 2 becomes pointed as in they throw down the president has failed to uphold his duties to name a nominee in accordance with the Federal Vacancies Act. One can only conclude that Trump consistency acts as if he, alone is above the law. We are now 523 days in to this insanely dysfunctional presidency and once again Congress has failed to act as a Check & Balance towards an increasingly incompetent Executive Branch.

In accordance with the Vacancies Reform Act, the 210-day period began to run 90 days after the vacancy occurred on January 20, 2017—on April 20, 2017—and ended on November 16, 2017. Thus, the position of Commissioner should have been vacant beginning November 17, 2017.

SSA’s website indicates that Ms. Berryhill continued serving as Acting Commissioner after November 16, 2017.



 Not to belabor the point, Trump has left hundreds of high level government positions vacant, in defiance of the Federal Vacancies Act. I firmly believe it’s not that he’s utterly incompetent, but rather a mixture of centralizing power and he’s unable to recruit top tier talent because of the predictable Trump-taint. The Washington Post in concert with Partnership for Public Service have a rolling database that’s updated continually track Trump nominations, I’d urge you to bookmark their database, link found here.


Yet the Republican controlled Congress appears to be more concerned about:

    • 1) Deep State, corruption at the highest levels of the FBI
    • 2) Debt & Obsequious loyalty to Trump
    • 3) fast tracking Trump’s judicial nominations
    • 4) taking affordable healthcare away from millions of Americans
    • 5) giving billions of dollars in actual corporate welfare



And lastly speaking about new Vacancies. Yes Justice Kennedy retiring was somewhat expected but nonetheless entirely disappointing because this gives Trump another bite at the apple to essentially reshape the Supreme Court for a life time. See the list of 25 Nominees Trump has published, link found here. If I had to guess I’d say Amy Coney Barrett, Mike Lee are the top picks, there’s also a favorite of Mitch McConnell’s on that list. 



Mitch McConnell already STOLE one SCOTUS seat, I’ll be damn if I’m going to sit around (and wait for Special Counsel Mueller) before I let Mitch steal a second SCOTUS seat. Like many of you, when news broke that Kennedy was retiring my immediate reaction was WTFINGF. But then I had to recenter myself and think things through. This is NOT the time to quit and give up. 


 I would expect TENS of Millions of dollars to be spent. Remember the Judicial Crisis Network, Becky with the shittyhair, yes she and daddy will pump tens of millions into the next SCOTUS nominee...


 -Spicy Out.

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