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Posted on May 17 2018


12 OIG Investigations,

numerous environmental rollbacks,

numerous violations of Federal laws..

🌎May 16th/17th I cant recall entry, here

🌍May 4th EPA proposed Tulsa Office entry, here

🌏April 23rd Pruitt lies during Fox Interview about pay raises entry, here

🌎April 16th, GOA office finds Pruitt broke 2 Federal laws, here

🌎April 5th & 12th itemized listed of Investigations entry, here


April/May Sec Pruitt multiple email accounts:

And yet here we are with another EPA OIG Investigation into Sec Pruitt’s use of multiple emails. From the beginning lawmakers were under the impression that Sec Pruitt had three EPA email addresses, but based on this NEWLY released letter from Sens Merkley & Parker to EPA-OIG, Pruit actually has FOUR EPA email addresses and the EPA-OIG confirmation the department has launched yet another investigation in Sec Pruitt.

 A few days ago the same Senators released a letter their offices received from the EPA-OIG regarding the aforementioned email and potential FOIA issues detailed in the April 2018 letter. The EPA-OIG response, reads in part:

However, despite these constraints, we have determined that the issues raised in your letter are within the authority of the OIG to review, and we will do so. As you know, we have numerous other pending matters, and are not sure when we can begin this engagement. We will inform you and your staff when we have begun the project, and will provide you with the results as soon as we finish. (emphasis added)


Link to the EPA-OIG May 2018 response to the Senator’s email inquiry can be found, here



August 2017 EPA “threat assessment”:


As much as I loathe Sec Pruitt and Donald Trump, death threats are not okay. A person can fundamentally disagree with an Administration’s policies or ideology and not make death threats. Simply put, death threats are unacceptable. Ever.

Conversely Sec Pruitt feigning death threats to justify his 24/7/365 security detail (which is comprised of 20 EPA officers) is just as repugnant. From what I can decern of publicly available documents, it appears Sec Pruitt demanded 24/7/365 security on day one versus any death threat being a catalyst and justification for nearly $3Million in tax payer funding. 


What gets completely lost in translation:

  • EPA protective detail are sworn Law Enforcement officers who’s primary job is to investigate criminal matters, which means these 20 EPA LE officers have not investigated any criminal epa matters versus pulling duty to protect the administrator.
  • if true (which all public evidence thus far suggests) Sec Pruitt essentially made up claims to justify his costly security detail. 

August 16, 2017, "Summary of Pending and Recent Threat Investigations" (Summary Report) is the first and only one ever produced. The Administrator's Protective Service Detail was in the process of preparing a threat assessment and requested information fs om OIG about the various threat investigations we hae done.

The OIG's Office of Investigations prepared the August 16 Summary Report to respond to that request. The document was prepared for the Special Agent in Charge of the EPA Administrator's Protective Service Detail and contained law enforcment- sensitive information. It was marked "For Official Use Only" and was not to be distributed to anyone outside of the EPA.


See the EPA-OIG May 14, 2018 ten page response letter to the Senators. Link to the letter, here.

Pages 3 & 4 of the EPA OIG PRUITT made the request:


The first section listed threats directed against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and/or his family, which accounted forb13 cases and one complaint, for a total of 14. A "case" is opened when there are facts or circumstances that reasonably indicate that activity constituting a federal crime within the jurisdiction of the OIG has been, is being or will be committed. A "complaint" is opened where there is an indication of a serious violation of law but may lack some of the pertinent details.

Number 1, COMP-2017-75, was a complaint and did not rise to an actual case. The remaining 13 were actual cases, for a total of 14 threats directed at Administrator Pruitt. b. The second section listed Threats Directed Against Former Administrator Gina McCarthy. There were two threat cases directed against Administ s ator McCarthy.c. The third section listed threats directed against EPA employees other than the Administrator or facilities. There was a total of 14 in this category. 

Page 5, item #5 second paragraph right there, plain as DAY:

Again death threats, not okay and it really should NOT be protected under the First Amendment. Notwithstanding Sec Pruitt has a LONG history of lying, covering up and manipulating facts to fit his rationale. He is by far one of the most corrupt cabinet members in a cabinet filled with greed and corruption. The EPA OIG plain as day stated Sec Pruitt requested a 24/7/365 security detail on day one. There should be zero confusion, this is an incontrovertible FACT: 


The decision was made by the Office of Criminal Enforcement,
Forensics and Training after being informed that Mr. Pruitt requested 24/7 protection once he was confirmed as Administrator. The OIG played no role in this decision.




Even MORE EPA Corruption;


Upon production of documents the Senators then discovered:

Internal EPA communications show security chief, Pasquale Perrotta,

intervened to implement Pruitt’s security directions,

including the use of lights and 🚨sirens 🚨


 I’m in DC at least three times a week. Do you have any idea what it is like to sit on Constitution Avenue during morning & evening rush hour? Or what it’s like to sit through 6 light cycles at Constitution  and 23rd because some nitwit wants to take a left on to 23? Or playing weave and dodge because some moron doesn’t know Constitution and 15th St, the two left lanes are left ONLY?

I mean does Sec Pruitt have any idea what it’s like to traverse downtown traffic, to hop on the South West Freeway (hoping to God the pothole demon doesn’t swallow your car whole by Anacostia) over to 395 because your boss needs you at 401 Courthouse Sq by 3PM...I liken the DC commute to Dante’s Vestinule of Hell, Canto III.


So upon reading Senators Carper & Whitehouse’s May 16th Letter...I may have shouted OMFG Pruitt you are the most corrupt Cabinet Member in modern history. The Senators letter to EPA-OIG  reads in part:


We write to request you conduct an investigation into the circumstances of Pasquale ‘Nino’ Perrotta’s self-employment while at the Environmental Protection Agency, his involvement in the selection of Edwin Steinmetz to conduct a ‘sweep’ of Administrator Scott Pruitt’s office, and the manner in which he and the Administrator worked together to advance the Administrator’s security requests. Mr. Perrotta appears to have been the individual that Administrator Pruitt transmitted most or all of his security demands to, and appears to have obliged the Administrator’s demands to spend exorbitantly on unjustified security measures.” (emphasis added)


For example, a February 27, 2017 email (attached) from Mr. Perrotta to others at EPA states that Administrator Pruitt ‘encourages the use’ of lights and sirens by his motorcade, a deviation from past EPA practice. It was also Mr. Perrotta who wrote the memo providing a blanket justification for Administrator Pruitt’s first-class flights.” 

Link to letter, here.



Pruitt HIRES White-Collar Attorney:

Apparently Paul C. Rouser of Aegis Law Group, LLC has quietly been advising Sec Pruitt for a few weeks. Which probably means we, the tax payers are now paying for Pruitt’s fancy new attorney. As reported by Politico yesterday, Article here

Mr Rouser’s bio on his firm’s website, found here

...”domestic and international white-collar criminal defense, corporate internal investigations, and high-stakes commercial litigation and arbitration.

Mr. Rauser regularly counsels clients operating in heightened-risk environments on a broad range of issues, including securities fraud and financial crimes, privacy law, information security and privacy, foreign corrupt practices and international sanctions, money laundering, lobbying, and campaign finance. He has represented a variety of companies and individuals in high-profile inquiries, including formal and informal investigations conducted by the United States Department of Justice, United States Attorney’s offices, state Attorneys General, both houses of Congress, and numerous regulatory and investigative agencies.

International public-sector institutions regularly retain Mr. Rauser to provide counsel into fraud and corruption in their programs and projects.”



Former EPA Officials demand EPA-OIG Investigation:

Environmental Watchdog Group: Environmental Integrity formally request an investigation into Sec Pruitt, what’s notable is the signatories on this letter, it’s dozens and dozens of former EPA employees & notable scientists. The closing paragraph is, scathing. Frankly it’s offensive that Sec Pruitt is still employed and as tax payers we are left holding the bag while Pruitt & Trump rob us blind.

Link to their letter, found here


 “We believe there is currently sufficient information available in the public record to allow your office to fairly determine whether the rules above have been violated. Attached to this letter is a long (yet non-exhaustive) list of what we believe are the most serious of these allegations. See Attachment A. While we acknowledge that the scope of your inquiry has expanded considerably since your announcement in August, we are concerned that until your investigation is completed, Administrator Pruitt will continue to act in ways that call into question his adherence to ethical standards and harm EPA’s ability to protect public health and the environment.‘


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