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House Homeland Security Sec Nielsen Hearing HAPPENING NOW

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Posted on March 06 2019


Today is a very busy day on the Hill, at last count there are at least four hearings by the various House Committees.


House Homeland Security Hearing:


This link will take you to the live steaming of the House DHS Secretary Nielsen Hearing. Do not be suprised if this Hearing becomes heated and overly hostile and down right bitchy because that’s who Nielsen is:




Secretary Nielsen’s Written Testimony:

I should probably disclose that I find Secretary Nielsen a loathsome human being, she often engages in vapid and vitriolic corrosive rhetoric. I’m genuinely surprised she hasn’t been fired or tender her resignation. Under her incompetence hundreds of children are still not reunited with their parents and/or adult guardians. And I’m stone cold serious, I hope the UNHCR or ICC charges her with crimes against humanity and “man slaughter” the deaths of numerous children under her department’s (mis) management. Full Stop.

Her written testimony can be found here.



  • Launched new, sophisticated efforts to block terrorists and criminals from reaching the United States, including through our new National Vetting Center;

  • Ramped up security measures to protect Americans against emerging threats—from weaponized drones to chemical and biological weapons;



The missing elements in Sec Nielsen’s written testimony? Compassion. Facts. Documentary Evidence to support her assertions. Acknowledgment that the DHS did not share or even collect parental information from the children her henchman forcibly separated from their families. Nor is there any contrition for the (likely) permanent damage her department caused to these innocent children. Swear to gawd my intense dislike of her grows with every passing day:


Make no mistake: the problem is getting worse. The smugglers and traffickers have caught on, realizing this is a “free ticket” into America. As a result, the flow of families and children has become a flood. In the past five years, we have seen a 620 percent increase in families—or those


Secretary Nielsen is a goddamn liar mcLiar face and I wish she’d stuff a hawt gawd in her calorie hole:



Secretary Nielsen then goes on to spew numbers and “alternative facts” again not once providing any quantitative or qualitative data to support her assertion. Ergo Nielsen is Trump’s female dog (sorry not sorry).


Dear Krissy, stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s never going to happen. 


 The “fake” crisis at the Border is a of Trump’s OWN making

This last fiscal year was the highest on record. Children are being used as pawns to get into our country. We have even uncovered “recycling rings” where innocent young people are used multiple times to help aliens fraudulently gain entry. As a nation, we cannot stand for this.


For the record page 4 of her testimony has been disproven by the State Department, the DEA and by USCIS, CBP and  yet here she is recycling the same whacked conspiracy nonsense that her boss traffics in. Instead of focusing on:




She’s simply regurgitating “alternative facts” to justify her boss’ deluded abuse of power. On its face Nielsen’s testimony is utter bullshit. The Special Interest Aliens a VAST majority come here by ....wait AIRPLANES



DHS encountered 3,000+ “special interest aliens” (SIAs)—individuals
with suspicious travel patterns who could pose a national security risk—at our southern border.

Foreign partners throughout the Western Hemisphere continue to share their concerns with me about the growing volume of SIAs. Often these partners lack the ability to determine the identities and intentions of such individuals before they cross international borders and make their way towards our own.




Furthermore you can read the CPB report (it covers 2007 to 2018) of special interest aliens, once again Nielsen is flat out LYING.


The DHS-OIG’s own September 2018 Report affirms that many of us had feared that DHS did not properly input data as to aid in the expeditious reunification instead DHS put their head in the sand and did not have a reunification plan UNTIL the Court ordered them to present a plan  


The OIG team also asked six individuals about the information provided to them before or at the time they were separated from their children. Five of the six said they did not receive any information. The sixth stated that when he left the Border Patrol facility to appear in court for prosecution, a Border Patrol Agent told him that his 5-year-old daughter would still be at the Border Patrol facility when he returned.

When he arrived at court, however, he was given a short flyer that explained for the first time that he would be separated from his
child. After his court hearing, he was driven back to the same Border Patrol facility, but not taken inside. Instead, he was placed on a bus to be transferred to an ICE detention facility without his daughter.




 After work, I’ll update this entry with additional information. As I am sure I’ll likely have a large body of disinformation to work with. This is why I actually miss Twitter the most...because I can’t actually do live updates, thanks twitter you’re the bestest of the best, I did nazi that coming -

Spicy out must finish up the bill of particulars

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  • Marie G: March 07, 2019

    Fantastic work, Spicy. Thanks for breaking down the facts and for highlighting the lies this administration continues to spread. Still missing you on toxic Twitter, especially in light of the smiling we’re seeing from CC. Keep it up, sistah! 🌶⚖💃🏻

  • Dana Smith: March 06, 2019

    Found YOU…. Bookmarked and will be checking your site to keep up with your great work. Have been missing your work. Keep it going Best Wishes Dana

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