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Posted on May 21 2019



I love the smell of Subpoenas...


especially in the early Evening in DC.



The House Judiciary has issues subpoenas for Hope Hicks and Anna Donaldson for:   


“testimony and documents” related to its probe of “obstruction of justice, public corruption, and other abuses of power by President Trump, his associates, and members of his Administration.”



Let’s be honest House Judiciary Chairman Nadler is having none of Trump’s Obstructive Behavior. Like none of it, as reaffirmed in his statement, which accompanied today’s subpoena(s)


“As I said earlier today, the Judiciary Committee’s investigation into obstruction of justice, public corruption and abuse of power by President Trump and his Administration will continue,” Nadler said in a statement.

“I have issued these subpoenas today to two critical witnesses who have worked closely with the President. We are seeking the information in order to conduct proper oversight, consider potential legislation and perform our constitutional duties.”


What you might recall is on March 4, 2019 Chairman Nadler sent a large batch of letters to dozens of from former & current Trump Administration Officials. I’ve taken the liberty of culling the letters for Donaldson and Hicks.


Annie Donaldson letter & document requests 

Hope Hicks  letter &  document requests


I am Orange President Bigly & you’re not



If you recall, just a few days ago I married Flynn’s nonsense and matched it up with the Special Counsel Mueller Report. And I’m actually super relieved that Judiciary Chairman Nadler has subpoenaed both Hope “White Lies” Hicks and Annie “McGahn’s Lt” Donaldson.


So let’s do this again. Strap in and chug a Red Bull of three




For your edification and reference, I’ve provided you with a cheat sheet so you can know where to look in the Special Counsel’s Report. As detailed on the DOJ -Special Counsel webpage:


On May 17, 2017, Robert S. Mueller III was appointed by acting Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to serve as Special Counsel by the order below.

Order 3915-2017

Statements of Expenditures

Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election


Annie Donaldson & Hope Hicks


Again the format is page # x=mentions on said page. Also the page # is not the page number marked on the page. Rather what sequential page number of the report, as a whole. And boy oh boy was Donaldson and her notes used, liberally in Special Counsel Mueller’s Report:


Almost exclusively in Volume II


You know where Mueller itemized and particularized the 10+ Obstructive Episodes. Like a bad Russian Telenovela. For ease of reading I’ve also highlighted various pages that there’s a high concentration of mentions. You’ll note that both Hicks and Donaldson have several 302 dates listed...


Annie Donaldson SCO Report


(page) 250 x 9 (mentions on page), 261 x 30, 262 x 5, 263 x 2, 264 x 14, 265 x 27, 266 x 54, 267 x 2, 274 x 9, 280 x 36, 281 x 2, 282 x 9, 284  x 9, 285 x 2, 293 x 27, 294 x 2, 298 x 72, 299 x 54, & 329 x 1



Hope Hicks SCO Report 


(page) 232 x 5 (mentions on page), 233 x 30, 235 x15,  244 x 20, 256 x 2, 271 x 15, 282 x 5, 283 x 3, 291 x 20, 292 x 2, 305 x 5, 306 x 11, 311 x 2, 312 x 24, 313 x 150, 314 x 105, 315 x 11, 316 x 35, 317 x 5, 318 x 40, 320 x 20, 326 x 4, 327 x 2, 333 x 1 & 335 x 2



My favorite Annie Donaldson “notes” and 302s (yes I still maintain that if the House Votes “to start Impeachment inquiry, as this will give the House Democrats the upper hand/leverage over the Rule 6 e - grand jury materials) but the House Ds should subpoena the shit out of the various FBI-302s, as precedence in the Trump Administration has been established via Nunes & FISA Warrant.

Oh shittlestix I shouldn’t say that, my bad.



 SC_AD_00l23 (Donaldson 3/2/17 Notes) (Just in the middle of another Russia Fiasco.").


"No comms / Serious concerns about obstruction" may have referred to concerns McGahn had about the press team saying "crazy things" and trying to spin Sessions's recusal in a way that would raise concerns about obstruction. McGahn l l/30/17 302, at 19. Donaldson recalled that "No comms" referred to the order that no one should contact Sessions. Donaldson 11/6/17 302, at 11.


On page 263 (marked page 51 in Volume II) it’s a two for one both Hicks & Donaldson



Sessions 1 /17/18 302, at 3-4. Hicks recalled that after Sessions recused, the President was angry and scolded Sessions in her presence, but she could not remember exactly when that conversation occurred. Hicks 12/ 8/17 302, at 13.
305 SC_AD _000 I 37 (Donaldson 3/5/17 Notes); see Donaldson 11/6/17 302


BEJESUS page 264 (marked page 52 in Volume II) it’s the mother load and I’m disappointed to see Senator Burr gave Trump a “debrief” of 4-5 targets. But there’s something that all of us (including Moi) overlooked, according to Annie Donaldson’s notes and November 6 2017 FBI interview 302 at 14 - THE FBI CONTACTED THE GSA about (presumably) the Trump DC & GSA Contract. Yikes.



 ("POTUS wants to call Dana [then the Acting Attorney General for campaign-related investigations]/ Is investigation I No / We know something on Flynn / GSA got contacted by FBI/ There's something hot")

Donaldson 11/6/17 302, at 14-15. On March 16, 2017, the White House Counsel's Office was briefed by Senator Burr on the existence of "4-5 targets." Donaldson 11 /6/17 302, at 15. The "targets" were identified in notes taken by Donaldson as "Flynn (FBI was looking for phone records"; "Comey & Manafort (Ukr + Russia, not campaign)"; & "Carter Page ($ game)"; and "Greek Guy" (potentially referring to George Papadopoulos, later charged with violating 18 U.S.C. § 1001 for lying to the FBI). SC_AD_00l98 (Donaldson 3/16/17 Notes). Donaldson and McGahn both said they believed these were targets of SSCI. Donaldson 11/6/17 302, at 15; McGahn 12/12/17 302, at 4.

But SSCI does not fotmally investigate individuals as "targets"; the notes on their face reference the FBI, the Department of Justice, and Comey; and the notes track the background materials prepared by the FBI for Comey’s  briefing to the Gang of 8 on March 9. See SNS-Classified-0000140-44 (3/8/17 Email, (Gauhar to Page et al.); see also Donaldson 11 /6/17 302, at 15 (Donaldson could not rule out that Burr had told McGahn those individuals were the FBI's targets). 


Oh. Dear...

At first I totally forgot about good old Dana...and the fact that Trump is so thin skinned and super sensitive about his “public image” because monsters tend to be of superior insecurity (snort)


“McGahn, Donaldson, and senior advisor Stephen Miller recalled that the President was upset with Corney's testimony and the press coverage that followed because of the suggestion that the President was under investigation...

The notes from that day also indicate that the President referred to the "Corney bombshell" which "made [him] look like a fool." SC_AD_00206 (Donaldson 3/21/17 Notes).

 SC_AD _00342 (Donaldson 5/9/17 Notes). Donaldson also wrote "[i]s this the beginning of the end?" because she was worried that the decision to terminate Corney and the manner in which it was carried out would be the end of the presidency. Donaldson 11/6/17 302, at 25.


So based on a very quick re-read of Mueller’s Report Annie Donaldson was extensively interviewed, there are at least three 302s referenced in Volume II of Donaldson along with her fastidious note taking:



McGahn and Donaldson said that after the appointment of the Special
Counsel, they considered themselves potential fact witnesses and accordingly told the President that inquiries related to the investigation should be brought to his personal counsel. McGahn 12/14/17 302, at 7; Donaldson 4/2/18 302, at 5.
540 SC_AD_00361 (Donaldson 5/31/17Notes).



On a side note, yes I know the HPSCI released nearly 645 pages of Cohen’s February & March 2019 deposition but you know my standard rule I don’t blog until I’ve read the entire document (so look for that entry on Thursday) but there’s a hiddden nugget in Cohen’s HPSCI depo...Trump & his attorneys ordered Cohen to take Ivanka and Hope’s name out of Cohen’s first Statement to Congress. This is actually important because I’ve long held:


You want to rattle Trump’s cage?



Those subpoenas will trigger Trump. Hopefully in the most spectacular way possible.  Although now that Hicks has left the Trump Administration and Organization  I’d argue that Hicks may no longer be one of Trump’s actual pressure points. Remember Trump thought of Hicks like a daughter at least more of a daughter than Tiffany because Trump refuses to claim her. /snort


“I don’t want to blow off Putin”

Hicks forwarded the email to Kushner, asking, "Can you look into this? Don't want to get duped but don't want to blow off Putin!" Kushner stated in Congressional testimony that he believed that it would be possible to verify the authenticity of the forwarded email through the Russian Ambassador, whom Kushner had previously met in April 2016.971 Unable to recall the Russian Ambassador's name, Kushner emailed Dimitri Simes of CNI, whom he had consulted previously about Russia, see Volume I, Section IV.A.4, supra, and asked, "What is the name of Russian ambassador?"



But I do not understand why Hicks and Jr were not indicted for Conspiracy to Obstruct and/or Witness Tampering... because what’s spelled out on pages 312 thru 318 specifically the NYTs article surrounding the bullshit AirFarceOne...



Hicks warned the President that the emails were "really bad" and the story would be “massive" when it broke, but the President was insistent that he did not want to talk about it and said he did not want details.689 Hicks recalled that the President asked Kushner when his document production was due.

Oh and I just realized that Hope Hicks was interviewed by the Special Counsel’s officer both before and after her February 2018 Congressional (closed door) Testimony. Also I know this is petty but good lord how is she only 30 years old?



-SpicyFiles Out...imma gonna need to take a break I’m burning the candle on both ends and I’m pretty sure I’m going to crash and burn soon-ish...  


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