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Posted on August 08 2018

Why is Jared Kushner STILL in the White House? 

I’ve said this repeatedly, if anyone of us had updated our SF86 some 40 times or our OGE financial disclosure forms 100+ times:

  • Our security clearance would have been yanked.
  • We would be unemployed.
  • We would also be in jail facing a multicount Federal Indictment.


In March of 2018, 25 House Democrats finally put it in writing. Thereby echoing the exact sentiment of millions of Americans. The lawmakers sent Chief of Staff Gen Kelly the following letter.

“It is impossible for the American people or their elected Representatives to have faith that Jared Kushner will put their interests above his own personal and financial interests,”

“The only path forward is clear: Jared Kushner must resign immediately. If he will not, we believe it is your duty as White House Chief of Staff to fire him,”


Next to Donald Trump being indicted, the day Jared Kushner is cuffed and stuffed, is the day I might unplug as the Mic. The fact that we continue to find out that Jared Kushner has had to update his SF86 form some 40+ times while concurrently having (at least until very recently) unfettered access to our County’s deepest secrets. It makes him a huge National Security risk. That’s not an opinion it’s an actual fact. When other Foreign Countries are caught on intercepts essentially bragging about how they can leverage Jared Kushner, that is a unnecessary National Security risk and that should give all of us serious pause. 

Oddly enough the very same day the Office of Government Ethics sent the following letter to Senator Blumenthal. Link to OGE’s response found here.



How do we know that Kushner didn’t use our Country’s secret as leverage to pressure other Country’s financial institutions to fund Kushner’s family business? Simple answer, we don’t know.

Furthermore what we do know, as a matter of Public record is Jared Kushner was largely the lead for Donald Trump’s digital campaign, micro targeting of voters and various media buys on numerous social media platforms. What we do not know is, if any at point did Kushner receive and subsequently used stolen information from Russia’s third party cutout. We do unequivocally know that Kushner & Parscale bragged to multiple media outlets about their “money ball” tactics and Project Alamo. 

To date there isn’t any conclusive evidence (which may require forensic data experts) in the public domain that shows any direct link between Trump’s Campaign and Russian hackers who stole multiple terabytes of data. Right now it’s safe to say there’s a lot of smoke but we haven’t actually reached the “fire”, with any luck that will happen sooner rather than later. And not to belabor the point Kushner is at the center of the Trump Campaign’s data operations.  


What many overlooked was this March 13, 2018 HPSCI Minority Status of the Russia Investigation. It reads like a cliffnotes and an actual road map of: who, what, when, why, how of the possible intersection of the Trump Campaign and Russia via direct or through third party intermediaries.

One has to wonder, if Trump and by proxy Kushner are “innocent” why are they all acting like they are guilty? Why capitulate? Why obstruct? Why has the “cover” story for the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting changed over and over? And that one fundamental question remains: when the Russian Government’s proxy made the approach to the Trump campaign, why did Trump Sr, Trump Jr, Kushner, Manafort contact the FBI? Don’t tell me “oh they were new to politics” that pathetic excuse fails because Paul Manafort has decades of Federal Campaign experience under his belt, furthermore “ignorance” is not an acceptable defense in the Court of Law. Ignorance may work in the Court or Public Opinion but certainly not in an actual Courtroom or a Congressional Investigation. Again why didn’t Trump et al contact the FBI or NYPD when they received that email which literally said “in an effort by the Russian Government”. Even after the conclusion of the June 2016 meeting not a single person in Trump-land contacted Law Enforcement, that’s a incontrovertible fact, not an opinion but actual fact.


 I now refer you to pages 3 & 4 of the HPSCI Minority Report, which reads in part:


Appendix D outlines more than 15 persons and entities for which the Committee believes compulsory process for appearance and/or document production to the Committee is necessary. Included are witnesses who have refused to appear; who have invoked a nonexistent privilege to avoid pertinent testimony or who have simply refused to answer questions because the answers may be adverse to the interests of the President or his campaign; who have not produced any documentation; or whose production was insufficient and for whom we have a reasonable basis to believe that they possess documents responsive to the Committee’s investigation. This list includes, among others: Donald Trump Jr., Michael Cohen, Jared Kushner, Hope Hicks, Attorney General Sessions, Erik Prince, and the White House.


On pages 12 & 13 the following revelation is made as it relates to Jared Kushner, again Kushner along with Parscale ran Trump’s digital campaign. It has always bothered me that Russia knew who & where to “micro-target” their prolific social media ads and oddly how closely those media buys & ad content mirrored that of the Trump campaign:



other companies who conducted technology-related work on behalf of the Trump campaign or on behalf of other entities being funded through independent expenditures to gain a full picture of whether there was any coordination between Russia’s extensive social media efforts on Trump’s behalf and the campaign itself.

Avraham (Avi) Berkowitz, served as Assistant Director of Data Analytics on the Trump Campaign. He was also an associate of Jared Kushner and Brad Parscale. The Committee has reason to believe that Mr. Kushner may have dispatched Mr. Berkowitz to meet with Russian Ambassador Kislyak in December 2016.

Moving along to pages 14, 15 and 18 respectively, again the Minority sounds the alarm of how entrenched Kushner was in the Campaign, Transition and Administration:

...”advance of a second interview, Jared Kushner’s voluntary cooperation to produce, or compel via subpoena if necessary, additional material responsive to the Committee’s parameters, which the Committee has reason to believe remains in Mr. Kushner’s personal possession or in the possession of Kushner Companies, Observer Media, and any other relevant entities under Mr. Kushner’s ownership or direction.”


Granted if Kushner is “innocent” why is he unwilling to provide the documentation the HPSCI Minority has requested? If he’s innocent why has Kushner one of the top white collar defense attorneys? Why has Kushner updated his SF86 dozens of times? Why did he suggest a back channel with Russia, as in Kushner suggested to former Ambassador Kysliak that the Trump administration could simply use the Russian  Embassy in DC to communicate with Moscow?


EB5 Trump Bay...

According to a February 2018 FOIA complaint filed by: DEMOCRACY FORWARD FOUNDATION.

This complaint presents a cogent argument of WHY we have anti-nepotism laws that precludes family members from serving in the the West Wing. Yet some how both Trump and Kushner believe this law does not apply to them. Based on the (flawed) argument that neither Jared Kushner nor Ivanka Trump draw a tax payer funded salary.  Therefore they are “exempt” from this anti-nepotism laws. No that’s really what Trump & Kushner have told the media, filed in numerous legal filings and purported this rationale to various Congressional Investigations.

Case no: 1:18-cv-00479

On May 5, 2017, President Trump signed Public Law 115-31, reauthorizing the
EB-5 Program through September 30, 2017.

The complaint goes on to allege so, questionable actions by Jared Kushner’s sister:

EB-5 Program in May, Nicole Meyer, Mr. Kushner’s sister and a principal at Kushner Companies, reportedly urged more than 100 wealthy Chinese investors assembled at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Beijing to consider investing in a pair of Jersey City luxury apartment towers that Kushner Companies
planned to build with $150 million in funds obtained from the EB-5 Program.

You really have to wonder why the Trump administration has more FOIA lawsuits on the books than any other Presidential Administration in modern history. Because by all appearances it certainly appears the Trump Administration and Jared Kushner have something to hide or they genuinely believe they are above our Laws and Constitution. I have been in the DC area for several decades, I have never witnessed so much corruption and flagrant disregard for our Country’s laws than I have with Trump’s <18 months in office.*


The Democracy Foundation Complaint goes on to state in detail a widely reported “incident” that occurred in China and literally blew the lid off of Jared Kushner’s scheme:

Qiaowai posted on the popular Chinese social media site WeChat: “Even some members of Trump’s family have participated in the growth of the EB-5 program ... the ‘Kushner 88’ panoramic New Jersey
apartment project
... The lead developer on the now-completed project was Kushner Companies
which is linked to Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. … Given this, in the Trump era, the EB-5
program is likely to receive support and be expanded.”

The Kushner Companies reportedly previously received $50 million in financing from the EB-5 Program for another luxury high-rise tower in Jersey City known as Trump Bay Street that opened late last year.


 As of July 2, 2018 the aforementioned FOIA Complaint is STILL unanswered, that the Plaintiffs filed a motion to ask the Court to set up an additional Status Conference surrounding the FOIA request regarding Kushner & Kushner Companies EB5 “matter”, you can read the July  2018 update via this open sourced link, found here.



With respect to Jared Kushner & EB5 program:

88 KUSHNER-KABR is a mixed-use development located in Jersey City, New Jersey that overlooks the Hudson River and offers panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. Slated to be the sister building of Trump Plaza Residences, 88 KUSHNER-KABR which will stand with Trump Plaza to symbolize Jersey City’s twin towers. Comprised of 417 luxury rental apartments, 217 parking spaces and 371 square meters of retail space, the 48-floor building shares amenities with the Trump Plaza: a residence synonymous with luxury, lifestyle and location. 88 KUSHNER-KABR offers convenience to the diverse and growing offerings of Jersey City


This is Jared Kushner’s 2018 Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Financial Disclosure, link found here. Kushner electronically signed this OGE form on May 15, 2018, at first glance you would assume that Kushner is no longer affiliated with the Trump-Bay project, yes the project linked to the EB5 program. The reason you would assume that Kushner is no longer affiliated with this protect is it was previously filed under:

This entity was previously named GAIA JC, LLC.”

I now refer you to pages 31 & 70 (page 70 is the footnote and deliniates the Corporate heirchy and flow) and pages 51 & 90 (page 90 again delineates the Corporate heirchy and flow). As the 2018 report shows Kushner never divested from this project. Which is vexing to me because multiple articles state that Kushner divested from this EB5 project in 2017. Nothing in the research I’ve done shows that Kushner is “no longer a part of this project” as you can see this 2018 OGE Financial Disclosure, state Kushner has NOT divested.




It should also be noted that Kushner’s EB5 problem isn’t new. Rather it’s been a source of conflict since his sister “misspoke” in May of 2017. What is more appalling and should give all of us pause,  is Kushner nor his namesake Kushner Companies responded to this June 2017 letter. Simply put Kushner fiat out ignored the letter in its entirety and refused to respond much less provide the documentation requested by numerous US Senators.

The lawmakers letter goes on to cite concerns as it relates to Kushner’s complex entanglement and lack of divestiture, while noting that the EB-5 program has recently been under increased scrutiny due the growing number of documented cases of fraud and abuse.  That the “original” intent of the EB5 program was to serve the disadvantaged communities, in an attempt to level the economic & immigration playing field.

Notwithstanding companies like Kushner Companies’ engaged in what can only be described as “aggressive lobbying efforts” to wine and dine perspective “foreign investors”. This aggressive and questionable ethical approach rightly caused numerous lawmakers and watchdog groups to seriously question whether Kushner Companies’ practices, and those of its U.S. and foreign partners, specifically Chinese partners, are actually in compliance with EB-5 program rules and various U.S. securities (SEC) laws.  The lawmakers 2017 letter reads in part: lobbying Congress on issues related to EB-5, and it includes the program among only six “Policy Issues” listed on its website.[23]  The Real Estate Roundtable also describes itself as a “Founding Member” of another EB-5 lobbying group, the “EB-5 Investment Coalition.”[24]  On January 4, 2017, representatives from the Real Estate Roundtable, the EB-5 Investment Coalition, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce met in person with government officials regarding the DHS proposed rule.[25]  These organizations then wrote to the President on the day of his inauguration, and to


Also it seems like every time I turn over a rock, out pops Rudy Giuliani. Remember this January 2016 Greenberg Traurig Press Release? See archived link. FYI Greenberg Traurig EB5 programs for China & Turkey


No really it’s like Rudy Giuliani is the derange pop-up clown that shows up every time I do a deep dive in to Trump or Kurshner or Cambridge Analytica, it’s like playing whack-a-mole. Or the fact that Rudy Giuliani was the Keynote Speaker in Shanghai for The Real Deal...and the same EB5 partner that Kushner Companies partnered with for the Trump-Bay project. Here’s the November 16, 2016 media packet that features Giuliani and US Immigration Fund. 




Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

and EB5 Enforcement..

In the Matter of Serofim Muroff et al, Case 1:17-cv-00180-CWD:


Serofim Muroff raised more than $140.5 million in EB-5 offerings to Chinese investors through his companies Blackhawk Manager and ISR Capital for the intended purposes of acquiring and developing luxury real estate in McCall, Idaho, and investing in gold mining ventures in Idaho and Montana. Muroff allegedly misappropriated more than $5 million in investor funds for such unrelated uses as an investment in a zip line operation as well as his purchase of two personal residences, a Range Rover, and a BMW.


In the Matter of Steve Qi, et al., Case No: Case 2:17-cv-08856, SEC enforcement filing found here.


Qi and his firm also directly or indirectly received over $1.6 million in transaction-based compensation from the entities whose EB-5 offerings their clients purchased, which was not fully disclosed to the clients, in breach of the fiduciary, legal and ethical duties of Qi and his firm. The SEC's complaint further alleges that when an entity selling EB-5 investments refused to pay commissions to U.S.-based persons based on the broker registration requirements in the federal securities laws, Qi and his firm used Qi's overseas relatives as nominees to receive over $1 million in transaction-based compensation on their behalf.

In the Matter of EDWIN SHAW, LLC, File No. 3-18384, see SEC enforcement filing found here.

From approximately April 2014 through March 2017, Edwin Shaw, through the Edwin Shaw Principal, identified and facilitated purchases of LLC Membership Interests by more than 30 foreign investors. The Edwin Shaw Principal facilitated the investments by meeting with prospective investors in the United States, explaining the investment terms to the prospective investors, providing them with substantial information about the Issuer’s business, explaining potential exit strategies, and/or referring the prospective investors to legal counsel.


In the matter of Walsh et al, Case No: Case 9:18-cv-81038-XXXX, see SEC enforcement filing, found here


Walsh raised close to $44 million from foreign investors which, through a loan, was to be used to acquire, develop, and operate a Palm Beach hotel controlled by Matthews. The complaint alleges that Walsh misappropriated more than $13 million of the investor funds and that Matthews misappropriated approximately $8 million, some of which he used to acquire a 151-foot yacht and to purchase his former Connecticut home out of foreclosure. According to the SEC's complaint, Walsh and two companies he controlled - Palm House Hotel LLLP (PHH) and South Atlantic Regional Center, LLC (SARC) - also misled investors about the use of an escrow account that purportedly held investor funds prior to disbursement to the hotel, and about Walsh's and Matthews' backgrounds.


My point? If you’re not following the SEC Enforcement and litigation releases, you should be. And if I were Jared Kushner I’d be speed dialing Special Counsel Mueller’s office because as I previously said beyond Trump being facedown in a pile of his own sick on the White House South Lawn, I can not wait to see Jared Kushner cuffed and stuffed in the back of a U.S. Marshals van. I truly do not understand why Kushner hasn’t been indicted but I suppose patience is in fact a virtue, of which I am growing increasingly impatient. Between Kushner’s business conflicts, his lack of ethics and his ongoing subterfuge, coupled with his father’s vile arrogance, I’m petty when not IF but when Kushner is indicted I will rejoice like a Red Bull chugging nerd.  

*for the record my assertion that the Trump Administration has a record amount of FOIA lawsuits, is not me being hyperbolic, you can go to the FOIA Project’s website and read the various lawsuits and you will see that, yes the Trump Administration is on “record pace” and they are quickly proving to be the lest transparent administration in recent modern history:



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