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GSA & Trump DC Hotel = Corruption Ground Zero

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Posted on May 04 2018

When the GSA “new” head was named

🇷🇺within hours of Trump’s inauguration

🇷🇺you should have known...

🇷🇺Trump + Constitution = Corrupt AF


January 19, 2017 GSA Denise Turner-Roth


No one and I mean no one paid attention to what was happen at the GSA. This should have been a huge wakeup call but it was overlooked as:

“nothing to see here, she’s an Obama appointee, this is SOP”




And this tweet




If Trump was really serious about his candidacy, “winning” (yes I’m still not convinced Trump won the election, pretty sure Trump cheated with a “little help from a Russian Friend or Bot Army and Cambridge Analytica) the election and most importantly governing,


Trump would have taken these proactive steps:

    • Formally ask for “Congressional Approval” Emoluments Clause
    • Establish an actual Blind Trust not the phony Trust Trump created
    • Actually divested his massive portfolio
    • Adherence to the terms & conditions sethforth in his GSA contract
    • maybe paid his bills from his contractors v $5M in liens
    • emails showed, Trump named a NEW GSA head minutes after his inauguration, no really that’s what happened.


When then GSA Administrator Turner-Roth resigned, at first I was like everyone else. Chalking it up to: oh, a new administration, previous appointees resign en masse. What I should have known was, when it comes to Donald Trump, dig deeper because Trump can not nor should be trusted. Which brings us back to Denise Turner-Roth:


March 2017, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff issued the following press release, link here



 I am totally sure that Ms. Turner-Roth’s didn’t do anything wrong and I am absolutely sure that it’s strictly a coincidence that she landed a high paying job at a firm Trump has a decades long business relationship and specifically Mr. Marcus who’s the chairman of WSP American Operations, bio here


Silvian Marcus, Director of Building Structures, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA




American Oversight (AO):

AO is a nonpartisan watchdog group, they have an ongoing investigation into Trump’s DC hotel and the GSA. They have filed numerous FOIA request. For the most part the GSA has stonewalled and ignored or capitulated why they are not “required to answer AO’s FOIA requests” which resulted in numerous lawsuits.


You can read/search some 3K+ pages of Trump DC & GSA emails, here

In February 2018 American Oversight also obtained:

Unredacted Memorandum of Understanding between the General Services Administration and the Trump transition team, provided to American Oversight in response to our FOIA request and litigation seeking both the MOU and communications between GSA and the Trump transition.” You can read the filing here


AO’s Civil Action No. 17-1267 (BAH)

Late yesterday afternoon DDC Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell issued the following following Order & Opinion. And man, this is what getting bench slapped reads like. Essentially the GSA used Exemption 5 & 6 to withhold the requested documents in AO’s FOIA request. It is B R U T A L. Link to Opinion, here 


See Page 30, which directs the  GSA to:

(1) submit, within twenty days of the issuance of the Order accompanying this Memorandum Opinion, an explanation of the apparent discrepancy between
GSA’s affiant’s acknowledgement that the PTT members’ names were public, and GSA’s response to the plaintiff’s Statement of Material Facts Not In Genuine Dispute, which response stated that the agency lacks “sufficient knowledge to admit or deny” whether PTT members’ names were public and “[t]o the extent a response is required, Defendant denies the allegation[],” Def.’s Response

(2) either, as directed supra in Part III.A, conduct, within thirty days of the issuance of the Order accompanying this Memorandum Opinion, annappropriate search and produce responsive, non-exempt records on a
monthly rolling basis beginning no more than thirty days after completing its search, or properly justify its search; and

(3) produce to the plaintiff, within forty-five days of the issuance of the
Order accompanying this Memorandum Opinion: (a) non-exempt attachments to responsive emails;

(b) responsive records previously withheld under Exemption 5 that have been shared with the PTT or other non-federal agency entities;

(c) responsive records previously withheld under Exemption 5 and the attorney-client privilege, or a supplemental Vaughn Index fully justifying any such withholding; and

(d) information previously withheld under Exemption 6 pertaining to PTT members’ names. Within forty-five days of issuance of the Order
accompanying this Memorandum Opinion, the parties shall submit a joint status report advising the Court whether any disputes remain between the parties and, if so, a proposed schedule to
resolve any remaining issues in this case.”




July 2017 House Dems



🇷🇺Trump DC Hotel & GSA Special Report🇷🇺

This 27 page report continues to be overlooked because the Mainstream Media is super obsessed with Trump’s insane tweets and nonstop salacious scandals. You can read the July 2017 Democrats Oversight report concerning Trump, his 60 year lease for his DC Hotel and GSA.

At the very minimum you should read the Executive Summary. Why? Because everyday since January 20, 2017 Donald Trump has violated our Country’s Constitution and the House Republicans are complicit AND enabled Trump’s unlawful conduct. Frankly that matters more than Trump paying hush money to his paramours.  Link to the report here.



December of 2017

After several news outlets reported that Special Counsel Mueller’s Team had obtained Trump’s emails, a totally random attorney (GD really wish I could simply post one of my many long twitter threads on this topic) sent members of Congress a letter, expressing outrage & “you must step in and protect our president from the prosecutorial misconduct”. I don’t know why, but every time I read this letter, I literally LLOL (hatip to Ambassador Eisen, LLOL= Legal Laugh Out Loud)

 I mean, come on...really Kory? What part of Trump signed a contract with the GSA to manage the Presidential Transition and ALL emails are subject to FOIA? I mean really was it the Flynn emails that caused Trump to lose it or was it the emails where Trump’s staff informed the GSA that he “wants to appoint a NEW GSA administrator, shortly after being sworn in” that cause 

Politico was one of the first outlets to report this now infamous letter. You can reread it here


Since you’ve made it this far down, I would encourage you to read this CondeNast article. Found here

“GSA awarded the restoration contract to the Trump Organization. After a $200 million renovation, the hotel opened on October 26, 2016, and—holy shit!—13 days later Donald J. Trump was elected president“


“December 2017, the Trump SoHo’s owners replaced the Trump management team and changed the property’s name to The Dominick due to declining revenue...”


Donald Trump June 2016 Video Deposition

(June 2016 Deposition was exactly 7 days after Trump Jr , Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort held a meeting with Russians who “had dirt on Hillary Clinton...yet none of them contacted the FBI) - xoxo Spicy


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