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Greg Craig Update 4/16/2019

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Posted on April 16 2019


Ladies and Gentleman


please fasten your seatbelts


....we might hit (a lot) of turbulence...


See April 11th entry found here, a deeper dive into the indictment and events leading up to aforementioned indictment.

See January 2019 entry found here, Skadden Arps Non-Prosecution Agreement surrounding their impermissible FARA related activities, special the Group in which Craig lead. See August 2018 Manafort Trial Exhibits, found here.

See June 2018 entry where I drilled down on Fabrizio, Weber and Craig. I can not properly enumerate how many hours (of my free time) I spent researching this particular topic only to be targeted over and over by twitter trolls. Nearly all of that research is gone, but slowly and surely I’ll rebuild it. Although I’ll admit it is super shitty and ironic that some on twitter are straight up plagiarizing...I digress. 

See May & March 2018 van der Zwaan entry here, for the umpteenth time Greg Craig was the Senior Partner van der Zwaan “serendipitously recorded”..



Greg Craig...Update(s)


It’s been a week...and I have zero idea how I missed this YouTube Video which was released on the day Craig was indicted. I’ve watched this video a few times and each time I find myself shaking my head and exclaiming: 


Why would you one produce such a video?

Why would you then publish it for the (ostensibly) world to see?

What were you and your defense counsel thinking, one could and should view this as an overt attempt to taint the DC Jury Pool, assuming his case makes it to trial...



Because this video is the worst thing any defendant can do. It’s almost cringe worthy. I can’t imagine any Attorney thinking this is the correct manner in which to “open” one’s argument, especially in the Court Of Public Opinion. Given Craig’s case has been assigned to Judge Berman-Jackson who’s previously issued gag orders in the Manafort and Stone matters. I literally can not wrap my head around the “rationale” of why Craig’s legal team gave the green-light for this. Aside from the poor production quality, I suppose I should give them credit for “mic’in’” him but come on. Less than 26 seconds in Craig seeks to blame an attorney that worked under him. 


“...Minister Yulia Tymoshenko it was Doug Schoen  who brought this project to me andhe told me he was acting on behalf of Mr. Victor Pinchuk who was a pro-western, a Ukrainian businessman who helped fund the project at the very start we researched the requirements for registration under fara and we concluded that the law firm did not need to register our report when it was completed was critical of important aspects of the trial which we found to be flawed I never discussed the findings...


With the help of a friend, they assisted in archiving this YouTube video because the internet is forever and even if Craig deletes this video at least it’s archived


Also see the April 12, 2019 ORDER Setting Conditions of Release as to GREGORY B. CRAIG (1) Personal Recognizance. There is just something so deeply disappointing to see a well respected legal giant’s being indicted and RoR’d. I don’t know why this is so profoundly sad. He had a solid reputation and garnered the respect and adoration of many in the beltway legal community. None of this should bring satisfaction or joy...none of it.


🌶SpicyFiles Sidebar🌶 I should probably disclose that I haven’t read the full Transcript from yesterday’s hearing. Given how tight of a ship Judge Berman-Jackson conducts herself in her courtroom, I’m oddly vexed why this particular YouTube video wasn’t discussed or addressed in any way. Remember the same Judge issued a gag order on the Manafort matter, which she was highly critiqued and criticized for ( I am not one to criticize a Judge, if anything I tend to give them a substantial amount of deference). The same Judge gave Stone multiple warnings and ultimately expended the intitial gag order. You don’t need to be an attorney, paralegal or law clerk to know that Article III Judges loathe having any party “trying the case” in the Court of Public Opinion versus in a Court Of Law.


Concurrently on April 12, 2019 the DC-AUSA filed an unopposed motion for a ProtectiveOrder and informs the Court that the Government and Defendant had reached an agreement “as to the proposed protective order” which would govern Discovery and other matters.

In a fairly not unexpected move, given both parties had previously reached an amicable accord as it relates to Discovery and production...Judge Berman-Jackson issued a Protective Order (Document No 10).



The April 15, 2019 ProtectiveOrder, the itemization Of materials under Rule 49.1 Privacy Protection For Filings Made with the Court, open source to Federal Criminal Rules of Procedure 2019 Edition found here. Which makes sense that a Protective Order at this early stage...



(a) Redacted Filings - Unless the court orders otherwise, in an electronic or paper filing with the court that contains an individual's social-security number, taxpayer-identification number, or birth date, the name of an individual known to be a minor, a financial-account number, or the home address of an individual, a party or nonparty making the filing may include only:

(1) the last four digits of the social-security number and taxpayer-identification number;

(2) the year of the individual's birth;

(3) the minor's initials;

(4) the last four digits of the financial-account number; and

(5) the city and state of the home address.


It should be noted that Craig has hired some of the best attorneys money can buy. I believe these are the Attorneys he has hired:


William J. Murphy, April 12th Notice Of Appearance

Adam B. Abelson, April 12th Notice Of Appearance 

Ezra B. Marcus, April 12th Notice Of Appearance

William W. Taylor, III, April 12th Notice Of Appearance



They are pushing for an August 2019 trial. During yesterday’s hearing both the Prosecution and the Court agreed said trial could take up to two weeks. Craig’s Attorney Bill Taylor informed the Court:


“We'd like this case resolved as soon as possible,"...


I would expect that Craig will move to Dismiss at least one Count against him, if not the entire indictment. My understanding is based on yesterday’s hearing Taylor gave us a preview of what Craig’s defense strategy will be. Which can be oddly distilled to the following; You can not be criminally charged for “omission” and I can tell you there’s a split in the Circuit Court Of Appeals but there’s also voluminous legal precedence that “omitting” relevant facts is akin to lying, ergo you can be criminally indicted.


“That is not the law, but that is what this indictment is based on...That is what this case is going to be about.”


That said I don’t say this lightly, the USA v Craig will be one for the record books, it will be a Clash of the Litigation Giants. A trial date has not been set. Moreover the Judge is contemplating a gag order and she ordered all parties to file briefs, which are due within a week. See April 15th Minute Order below



Craig was ordered to hand over his passport and informed that he “must obtain permission from the Court for any International Travel” and that he’s free to travel domestically provided he informs PreTrial Services and provides an itinerary of any domestic travel 48 hours in advance.


“the need for an Order The parties are to submit in writing by 4/23/2019 their positions on the need for an Order under Local Criminal Rule57.7(c) and the need for a juror questionnaire...”


I am also going to point out that you might want to prepare yourself for a protracted legal slog, case in point you might want to reread last month’s Gates and Firtash Update, found here.

This is an archived November 2018 thread of my (now suspended) twitter update on Firtash & the Fertilzer King. See the following Archived thread because no one seems to understand that Craig, Gates, Manafort, Firtash all intersect as it relates to the 2012 Memo that’s at the heart of Craig’s Indictment. 

See archived January 2019 thread here and duplicated here. And lastly I wish a reporter would take the time to carefully review:


SDNY Civil RICO Case No: 1:11-cv-02794-KMW.


This archived link will take you to above entitled case and the third amended complaint:




Dymtro Firtash and Semyon Mogilevich to provide the initial funding for the formation of defendants’ U.S.-based Racketeering Enterprise, the New York and Washington-based defendants Arthur G. Cohen, his wife, Karen Cohen, Brad S Zackson and Paul J Manafort and their various companies:

CMZVentures, LLC, Kallista Investments LLC a/k/a Calister Investments LLC, The Dynamic Group a/k/a The Dynamic Fund, Barbara Ann Holdings LLC, and Vulcan Properties, Inc.—all of whom were part of the Racketeering Enterprise, conducted a series and pattern of racketeering acts within the U.S., including the acquisition of various U.S. companies and businesses in furtherance of their Racketeering Enterprise, in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Practices Act (“RICO”), 18 U.S.C. § 1961 et seq....


On page 4 paragraph 3, this sets part of the predicate of why I believe this SDNY Civil-RICO case is important and we will likely hear and see more of it...


When Yanukovych took office as the President of Ukraine in February 2011, several of Firtash’s close allies were appointed to senior posts in the Yanukovych Administration and other positions of influence. For example, Yuriy Boyko, a close associate of Firtash who was instrumental in securing RUE’s brokerage contracts in Ukraine’s earlier Naftogaz-Gazprom gas deals, was appointed Minister for Fuel and Energy. Another close Firtash associate also replaced Naftogaz CEO Ihor Didenko, who has since been arrested for signing the 2009 gas contracts on behalf of Naftogaz.



Full disclosure on 09/18/15 Judge Wood dismissed the third amended complaint with prejudice...but that doesn’t mean the numerous exhibits attached to document 120 should be roundly discarded...



I would not discount this now dismissed case. Why? Here’s why, see page two of the list of exhibits:



Oh I suppos you would like to read the actual receipt of Exhibits 37 and 38? For the record I believe this actually goes to the heart of the matter that Craig is facing in the DDC...

‘And lastly here’s Exhibit No I really wish the media would take the time to properly research or verify my tiny research because it’s not that difficult to find this publicly available Courts filings and it’s also not my fault that I pegged this at least FOUR twitter accounts ago (that would be November of 2017 in case you are wondering)...


This is why I have become increasingly frustrated with the mainstream media. Yes of course it took me a while to find all of the dots but as I’ve repeatedly said, I am not paid to tweet, blog or research.

Do you see me on twitter asking for a monthly payment? Or pushing for donations that would enrich myself?


That’s a HELL to the NYET-NOPE. 


Although as previously disclosed, Claude and the PAC asked if they could put a blurb on each of my blog entries. I stand by my decision to let them do that because that’s my small token of appreciation to Claude and the PAC. They stepped up when the Twitter Trolls coordinated multiple efforts to mass report my twitter account(s). Both Claude and the PAC ensured that my voice would not be  silenced. Notwithstanding I am not paid by Claude, the PAC or any other entity. Any assertion contrary to that is blatantly false and not based in reality.


I have a job. I know it’s a shocker, given I don’t have a LinkedIn Account (sorry that never gets old). I’m actually paid pretty well. This blog and my twitter activity is a hobby. Something I do in my free time. When Trump took the oath, I knew that I had a skill set and I figured one way I could help was to use my skill-set. Also just Imagine what I’m like if I’m being paid to research and formulate actual legal arguments or drilling down on a murder board. They call me the pit bull at work. One has  to  wonder  if you’re a “freelance journalist” and you haven’t actually written any article (ps plagiarism isn’t journalism) in over 14 months can you actually say you’re a “journalist”? But I suppose that’s none of my business.


So my message to the twitter trolls, haters....bring your A game. I brought mine. And while I’m at it, how about you spend 1/100th of the time to do some original  research or add actual substance to the general conversation.  Unless your only purpose is to dox, harass and be the twitter police.


I mean how damaged in the head are you that your entire twitter existence is to be a troll? Everything and I mean everything I tweet or blog about is sourced to the teeth. Period. 



Thank you for flying SpicyFiles-Airlines...<snort>




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  • Maureen A Donnelly: April 18, 2019

    I love you Spicy Files—the one I first met on Twitter, the redux version, and this version (since I’m done with Twitter).
    I too am known as the “pitbull” at work.
    Thanks for all you bring to the show!

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