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Georgia is the NRA’s lapdog

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Posted on March 14 2018

 Georgia Governor Deal:

Your application March for Our Lives Application is: DENIED

Swiftly served with a federal lawsuit.

March 24th 2018 March for Our Lives

After the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, many of us felt compelled to advocate for “commonsense gun reform”.

Grief can be messy. Sometimes grief can act as a catalyst for “doing good”. My personal Opinion is: those young adults from Parkland started a movement. Where children became accidental activist. No child, parent, teacher or school administrator should have to endure what so many are forced to in our Country.

Yet some how, the state of Georgia has emerged as NRA’s best friend. On March 2, 2018 Governor Deal signed a “sweeping tax bill” after the Georgia State Legislators voted to approve said bill. There was one gnarly catch, Delta’s separation from the NRA. So Governor Dean & his cabal stuck a nasty amendment that putatively punished Delta for ending their  relationship with the NRA.

You can read more about Georgia Governor Dean & Lt Gov Gage’s twitter threats here

Georgia opts to putatively punish Delta $38M tax cut, yanked

The essence of Georgia State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver & Ms. Janel Green’s lawsuit is:

  • Georgia Governor has wide ranging power to approve/deny applications for “permits”.
  • Gov. Deal still has “complete, unbridled and unreviewable discretion” to withhold a permit based on the vague language in the statute concerning “statewide significance” and partisanship.
  • that the GA Constitution is, overly broad Section 2.5(4) applies to all “constitutional officers.”
  • Georgia Constitution identifies “constitutional officers” in Article 9, Section 1, Paragraph III (see paragraph 13)
  • the applicant followed all the application steps
  • Governor Dean decision to decline the March permit was caprious and arbitrary.
  • in denying this application the Governor  & Georgia Building Authority violated the applicants First & Fourteen Amendment Rights.
  • Specifically freedom of speech and  due process.

Once Governor Deal was served with this federal lawsuit, now his office “is working with the applicant” and “instructed his staff to find a pathway to accommodate the March 24th request”

<insert serious eyeroll, sure Gov Deal, sure>

Link to Rep Oliver & Ms Green’s Lawsuit here

Georgia State Rep & March Organizer sue Georgia Governor Deal

And then for good measure Rep. Oliver sent the following letter to the Georgia Attorney General. Informing him that in her legal opinion, the permitting rule is unconstitutional. 

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